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_To Syr John Paston, Knyght, or to Thomas Stomppys, to delyver to the seyd Syr John._

[Sidenote: 1470 / JUNE 25]

As I sent yow woord by a lettyr that John Wymondham browght to London, J. Pampyng is endyghtyd of felony, and Edmund Broon as princypallys, and ye as axcessary, for schotyng of agonne in Awgust last past, whyche gonne kyllyd ij. men; and I trowe that my Lord of Norff. consayll wyll make on of the wedows, or bothe, to swe an apell up on the same endyghtment thys terme. Wherfor I pray yow se well to thys mater, that when it is sertyfyid in to the Kyngys Benche, Broom and Pampyng may have warnyng that they may purvey for hem self, if ther com eny _capyas_ owght for hem. Townysend can tell yow all the mater.

Also ye must in eny wyse be ware, for my grauntdam[75-1] and myn Lady Anne[75-2] and myn Oncyll Wyllam shall be at London within thes viij. or x. dayis, and I wot well it is for nowght ellys but to make myn Oncyll Wyllam swyr of hyr lond, notwithstandyng she hath reryd affyn of it be for Goodreed,[75-3] the Justyse, in my grauntfadyrs dayis, and my modyr tellyth me that ye have the copye of the same fyne; I wold avyse yow to have it redy, what so evyr betyd. I trow they wyll be the more besy abowght the same mater, because they thynk that ye dar not com in London, nor at Westmenstyr to lett [_stop_] them; but if so be that ye have not the copy of the same fynne, look that ye spare for no cost to do serche for itt, for it wyll stand yow on hand, I feell by the werkyng.

Thys day sevennyght I trust to God to be forward to Caunterbery at the ferthest, and upon Saterday com sevennygh I tryst to God to be in London; wherfor I pray yow leve woord at yowr plase in Fleet Strett wher I shall fynd yow, for I purpose not to be seyn in London tyll I have spook with yow.

I pray yow remembyr thes maters, for all is doon to make yow to drawe to an ende with thes Lordys that have your lond fro yow. No more, but I pray God send yow your herttys desyir in thees maters and in all othyr.

Wretyn at Norwyche, the Monday next aftyr Seynt John Baptyst.

J. P.

[Footnote 74-3: [From Fenn, iv. 434.] This letter, it will be seen, refers in the beginning to the same matter as the preceding.]

[Footnote 75-1: Agnes Paston, widow of William Paston, the Judge.]

[Footnote 75-2: Anne, daughter of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, married William Paston, the uncle of Sir John Paston.--F.]

[Footnote 75-3: William Goodrede was created a Serjeant-at-Law in 1425. In 1431 he was appointed King's Serjeant, and in 1434 became a Justice of the King's Bench.--F.]



[Sidenote: 1470 / JULY 3]

Indenture between Sir John Paston and Edmund Shaa, goldsmith, London, concerning 20 dishes and a saucer of silver pledged to the latter, 3rd July 10 Edw. IV.

[Footnote 76-1: [From Paston MSS.]]



[Sidenote: 1470 / JULY 8]

Indenture, dated London, 8th July 10 Edw. IV., whereby Sir John Paston places in pawn to Stephen Kelke, goldsmith, of London, 16 pottingers, weighing 22 lb. 10 oz. Troy weight, for 40, till Whitsuntide following.

[Footnote 76-2: [From Add. Charter 17,249, B.M.]]




[Sidenote: 1470 / JULY 14]

'11. A triparted indenture betweene William Bishop of Winton and John Paston, Knight, and others, touching the intent of two feoffmentes of the Bishop of Wynton, the one of the mannors of Drayton and Tolthorp, in the county of Norfolk and the city of Norwich, which were somtymes Sir John Falstofs; the other of the mannors of Wynterton, cald Bregmiles (?), of Reppys in Bastwyke, the third part of the mannor of Rowneham, londes and tenementes cald Cutts in Haringby, and lands cald Buley in Stokesby, to Guy Fairfax, John Paston, Squier, et aliis. July 14, Edw.

IV. 10.'

'17. Relaxatio Johannis Paston, Georgii Arch. Cant. et aliorum Willielmo Waynflet totius juris de et in omnibus maneriis, terris, &c. quae fuerunt Johannis Falstolf in comit' Norf., exceptis manerio de Castre et Spensers in Haringby, ac terris vocat' Vaux, Redham, et Bosoms, et maner' de Hayleydon, Drayton, et Tolthorp. Julii 14, Edw. IV. 10.'

'28. An indenture contayning mutuall releases of the Bishop of Wynton to John Paston, Knight, et c^a. July 14, Edw. IV. 10.'

'29 and 61. An indenture containing the agreement betweene Wylliam Wainflet, Bishop of Wynton, and Sir John Paston, concerning Sir John Fastolfes landes and goods. July 14, Edw. IV. 10.'

This last document, of which there is another copy or draft, numbered 36 in the Index, is more fully described, as follows, by Mr. Macray, in the Fourth Report of the Historical MSS. Commission:--

1470, 14 July, 10 Edw. IV. Indenture tripartite (very long, in English) between Bishop Wayneflete and Sir John Paston, Knight, containing an agreement for the termination of disputes between the executors of the will of Sir John Fastolf, whereby the property of the latter has been much wasted; dividing the manors between the Bishop and Paston, and providing for the foundation of seven priests and seven poor scholars in Magdalene College; Paston to deliver up all deeds and muniments to the Priory of St. Mary Overy, in Southwark, to be put in a chest, locked with two locks and two keys, of which the Bishop to have one and Paston the other, and the Bishop to bring thither also all his deeds; one part of this indenture to remain with each of the parties, and the third with the Prior of St.

Mary Overy.

[Footnote 76-3: The following entries are taken from the old index of deeds and writings relating to Norfolk and Suffolk, preserved in the tower of Magdalen College, Oxford.]



_To my most reverent and worshipfull master, Sir John Paston, Knyght._

[Sidenote: 1470 / JULY 15]

Right worshipfull sir and my good master, I recomaund me unto yow in my moost lowly wise. And please yow to wete I have with the mony ye sent me by Judy rewardid my felaship as ye comaundid, wretyn in a bille closid herin; and as for William Milsent I lete hym wete hough ye undirstood he was disposed to goo hoom to his fadere, wherof ye were pleasid and wold he shuld do so. He said he intendid not to be with his fadir, ner it was not in his power so to do; nevirthelesse he is home to his fadir and ther abidith, but what he purposith to do I wote not. Davy is at home and takyth heed to his lond. Homeworth is content and gooth to his labour. As for Stompis, I have be with the Abbot of Sen Benetts for hym as ye comaundid. And he recomaundith hym to yow, and said to me he was right glad that ye wold send to hym for any servaunt ye had, saying that if he coud do any thyng for yow, and for any servaunt of yours, he wold do it feithfully. And also he said he wold not fayle yow whill he levid in that he coud and myght do, trustyng heraftir to have your help and favour in that he shall have a do. And he told me and Stompis bothe, whanne so evir he come he shuld be welcome, and that he wold do as welle to hym as to fewe servauntes he had for yowr sake, and that he wold kepe hym for yow. As for my self my mastres saith she woll geve me mete and drynk for a season; nevirthelesse I am warnyd to be ware, for it is told me that ther is processe out upon the appele ayens me and other; wherfore I beseche yow that that mater may be take heed to as ye may, that we myght have knowlech of any processe ther be, that we may be ware, for I thynk verely, and I or any other come in ther hands this world, we shuld not escape without shame at the leest.

Item, as for the remnaunt of the mony biside this bille, ye owe to the parson of Sent Edmondes Caster for iiij. combe malt, and ij. combe whete, x_s._ whiche I promysid hym to pay; and Rob. Newton lymebrenner for lyme, xiij_s._ iiij_d._, calling upon me for it; and Robert Bery for shoyng, x_s._; and if it please yow that I make payment herof there shall remayne in my handes xxiij_s._ iiij_d._ And what ye woll I do herin, I beseche yow to send me word. Judy hath be with Thom Fastolff, he can telle yow answer in that mater. As for the rewle at Caster, they selle and make mony of such stuffe as they fond there, and kepe other rewle that the contre is full sory and irk of, and of my lordes men resortyng to hem, and riden about the contry onknowen, and by berynges on hand[78-1] take large bribys. I pray God be your spede and send yow some good meane for your wele and ease to them that owe yow servise.

Wretyn at Norwich the Monday next aftir Relik Sonday,

Your pore servaunt,


[Footnote 77-1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] Reference is made in this letter to the appeal which the two widows were to sue against Sir John Paston. _See_ Nos. 746, 747.]

[Footnote 78-1: _See_ vol. ii. p. 110, Note 1.]

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