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The Paston Letters.

Volume V.

by James Gairdner.


_Edward IV_


_To my moost worshupfull maister, Sir John Paston, Knyght._

[Sidenote: 1469(?)]

My moost woorshupfull and moost speciall maister, with all my servyce moost lowly I recomande unto your gode maistirship, besechyng you most tendirly to see me sumwhat rewardid for my labour in the Grete Booke[1-2] which I wright unto your seide gode maistirship. I have often tymes writyn to Pampyng accordyng to your desire, to enforme you hou I have labourd in wrytyngs for you; and I see wele he speke not to your maistership of hit. And God knowith I ly in seint warye [_sanctuary_] at grete costs, and amongs right unresonable askers. I movid this mater to Sir Thomas[1-3] late, and he tolde me he wolde move your maistirship therein, which Sir Thomas desirid me to remembir wele what I have had in money at soondry tymes of hym.[2-1]

And in especiall I beseche you to sende me for almes oon of your olde gownes, which will countirvale much of the premysses I wote wele; and I shall be yours while I lyve, and at your comandement; I have grete myst of it, God knows, whom I beseche preserve you from all adversite. I am sumwhat acqueyntid with it. Your verry man,


Folowyng apperith, parcelly, dyvers and soondry maner of writyngs, which I William Ebesham have wreetyn for my gode and woorshupfull maistir, Sir John Paston, and what money I have resceyvid, and what is unpaide.

First, I did write to his maistership a litill booke of Pheesyk, for which I had paide by Sir Thomas Leevys[2-2] in Westminster xx_d._

Item, I had for the wrytyng of half the prevy seale of Pampyng viij_d._

Item, for the wrytynge of the seid hole prevy seale of Sir Thomas ij_s._

Item, I wrote viij. of the Witnessis in parchement, but aftir xiiij^d. a peece, for which I was paide of Sir Thomas x_s._

Item, while my seide maister was over the see in Midsomerterme

Calle sett me a warke to wryte two tymes the prevy seale in papir, and then after cleerely in parchement iiij_s._ viij_d._

And also wrote the same tyme oon mo of the lengist witnessis, and other dyvers and necessary wrytyngs, for which he promisid me x^s. whereof I had of Calle but iiij^s. viij^d. car. v^s. iiij^d.

v_s._ iiij_d._

I resceyvid of Sir Thomas at Westminster, penultimo die Oct., anno viij.

iij_s._ iiij_d._

Item, I did write to quairs of papir of witnessis, every quair conteynyng xiiij. leves after ij^d. a leff iiij_s._ viij_d._

Item, as to the Grete Booke--First, for wrytyng of the Coronacion, and other tretys of Knyghthode, in that quaire which conteyneth a xiij. levis and more, ij^d. a lef ij_s._ ii_d._

Item, for the tretys of Werre in iiij. books, which conteyneth lx. levis aftir ij^d. a leaff x_s._

Item, for _Othea_[3-1] pistill, which conteyneth xliij. leves vii_s._ ij_d._

Item, for the Chalengs, and the Acts of Armes which is xxviij^ti lefs iiij_s._ viij_d._

Item, for _De Regimine Principum_, which conteyneth xlv^ti leves, aftir a peny a leef, which is right wele worth iij_s._ ix_d._

Item, for Rubrissheyng of all the booke iii_s._ iiij_d._

Summa rest'

xxij_s._ iiij_d._

Summa non solut'

xlj_s._ j_d._, unde pro magno[4-1] libro scripto xxvij^s cum diu' chal.[4-2]

Summa Totalis iij_li._ iij_s._ v_d._


In further illustration of the payments made in that age for writing, etc., Sir John Fenn gives the following extracts from an original quarto MS. then in his possession, containing--

The various expences of Sir John Howard, Knight, of Stoke by Neyland, in Suffolk (afterwards Duke of Norfolk), page 136.

Item, the vij^th yere of Kynge Edward the iiij^th, and the xxviij. day of July (1467). My master rekened with Thomas Lympnour of Bury, and my master peid hym--

For viij. hole vynets ... prise the vynett, xii_d._, viij_s._

Item, for xxj. demi vynets ... prise the demi vynett, iiij_d._ vij_s._

Item, for Psalmes lettres xv^c. and di' ... the prise of C. iiij_d._ v_s._ ij_d._

Item, for p'ms letters lxiij^c... . prise of a C., j_d._ v iij_d._

Item, for wrytynge of a quare and demi ... prise the quayr, xx_d._ ij_s._ vj_d._

Item, for wrytenge of a calender, xij_d._

Item, for iij. quayres of velym, prise the quayr, xx_d._ v_s._

Item, for notynge of v. quayres and ij. leves, prise of the quayr, viij[_d._]

iij_s._ vij_d._

Item, for capital drawynge iij^c. and di', the prise, iij_d._

Item, for floryshynge of capytalls, v^c.


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