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Item, my master gaff her vij. yerdes and di. of fyne grene velvet.

Item, my master gaff here vij. yerdes of cremyson velvet.

Item, my master gaff here a devyse of goolde with xiiij. lynkes and the ton halffe of the lynkes enamyled set with iiij. Rubyis iij. dyamawntes and vij. perles.

Item, my master gaff her an nothe devyse of goolde of the same fassyon with odre xiiij. lynkes, and theryn vij. Rubyis and vij. perles.

Item, my master gaff her a gyrdyll of clothe of goolde and the harneys of goolde.

Item, my master gaff her a gyrdyll of grene damaske and the harneys of sylver and gylte.

Item, my master gaff her iij. edges of blak velvet set with lviij.


Item, my master gaff here a longe gowne of blak velvet furred with martrys and purfeled with marteres.

Item, my master gaff her a longe gowne of murrey furred with menever and purfeled with ermynes.

Item, my master gaff here a coler of goolde with xxxiiij. roses and sonnes set on a corse of blak sylke with an hanger of goolde garnyshed with a saphyre.

Item, my master gaff her iiij. owches of goolde garnyshed with iij.

rubyis, a saphyre, an amytes, an emerawde and xv. perles.

Item, my master gaff here a peyr of bedes for a gentylwomannes nekke gawdeid with viij. gawdeid of goolde and viij. perles.

Item, a rynge with a grete saphyre.

Item, my master gaff her a nother ryng with an amytes.

Item, my master gaff her iij. Agnus Dei of goolde.

Item, my master gaff her a gret sygnnet of goolde with the vernycle.

Item, my master gaff her v. odre ryngis of goolde withowt stones.

Item, my master gaff her a cheyne of goolde with a lokke of goolde gernyshed with a rubye.

Item, my master gaff her a lytell gerdyll of sylke and goolde called a demysent and the harneys of goolde.

Item, my master gaff her a longe of vyolet engreyned furred with martres and purfeled with martres.

Item, the xviij. day of Feverer my master delyverid to my Lady to have to Braye a bed of cremysen damaske embrowdered with Cyle counterpoynte and testour all affter one.

Item, the same day my master delyverid my Lady a bede, a cyle, a counterpeynt and a testor of Aras with out goolde.

Item, a pece of Aras for hangenge conteynenge in length xj. yerdes and iij. quarters.

Item, a nother pece of Aras conteynenge in length viij. yerdis and iii.


Item, a nother pece conteynenge vij. yerdis a quarter and di. in length.

Item, a nother pece of Aras conteyneng v. yerdes and iij. quarteres in length.

Item, delyverd to my said Lady iiij. peces of new Aras wyche cam late fro Caleys wereof on is a covertore fore a bedde and the todde [_sic_]

iij. ar tapettes conteynenge all iiij. peces in flemesh elles square C iiij^xx xij.

Item, my master left at London at his departynge to Braye in his place in Bathe Rowe the xx. day of feverer ij. brede clothes of Blewe.

Item, the vij^th yer of Kynge Edward the iiii^th and the xvj. day of March, my master sent to my Lady to Bray a longe coshon of cremesen velvet and iij. schorte coshones of cremesen velvet. Item, a longe coshon of grene velvet and ij. short cushones of grene velvet.

Item, the same tyme my master delyverd her a cheyne of goold of the olde facyon prise iiij. markis.

Item, the yere above said and the xvj. day of Apryll, my master delyverd to my Lady v. sylver spones.

_Added in Sir John Howard's own hand:_-- And the vij. zere of the kenge and in the monithe of Janever I delyvered my wyffe a pote of selver to pote in grene genger that the kenge gaffe.

On the back of this MS. is the following unfinished memorandum:--

'M^d that I John Legge hawe bownde mey self to John Osberne yn an oblygacyon----'

[Footnote 262.1: [Add. MS. 34,889, f. 51.] The date is taken from the head of the document, but there are additions of later dates to January 1468.]

[[gawdeid with viij. gawdeid of goolde _text unchanged: error for "viij. gawdeis"?_]]

[[my master gaff her a longe of vyolet _text unchanged: missing word "gowne" or similar?_]]



_To my mastyr, Sir John Paston, logyng in Fletstret, be thys delyveryd._

[Sidenote: 1467 / JAN. 27]

Syr, lyekyth it yow to wet that thys day my modyr sent me your lettyrs, wer by I undystand, blessyd be God, all thyng standyth in good wey. Also I undyrstand by your lettyr sent to my modyr and me that ye wold have your lyvelod gadyrd as hastyly as we myght do it. Syr, as to that, and othyr folk do no wers ther dever [_devoir_] in gaderyng of othyr manerys then we have don in Caster, I tryst to God that ye schall not be long unpayid; for thys day we had in the last comb of barly that eny man had owyth in Caster towne, not with standyng Hew Awstyn and hys men hathe crakyd many a gret woord in the tym that it hathe ben in gaderyng. And twenty comb Hew Awstyns man had doun cartyd redy for to have led it to Yarmowth. And when I herd ther of I let slype a sertyn of whelpys that gave the cart and the barly syche a torn that it was fayn to tak covert in your bakhous systern at Caster halle, and it was wet within an owyr aftyr that it cam hom, and is nye redy to mak of good malt all, ho ho!

William Yelverton hathe ben at Gwton and hathe set in a new bayly ther and hathe dystreynyd the tenauntis, and hathe geve hem day till Candyllmas to pay syche mony as he axyth of hem. Also the seyd Yellverton hathe ben at Saxthorpe, and hathe dystreynyd the fermour ther and takyn of hym swerte to paye hym. And thys day the seyd Yelverton and viij. men with hym, with jakys and trossyng dobletis all the felawshep of hem, wer redy to ryd; and one of the same felawschep told to a man that sye hem all redy that they shuld ryd to tak a dystres in sertayn maners that wer Syr John Fastolffys; wherfor I suppose veryly that they be to Gwton and Saxthorp. Wher for to morrow I purpose to send Dawbeney thedyr to wet what they do, and to comand the[266.1] tenauntis and fermors that they pay no mony to nobody bot to yow. John Grey, othyrwyse callyd John Delesbay, and John Burgeys they be Yelvertons kapteyns, and they ryd and go dayly, as well in Norwych as in othyr plasys of yours and othyr menys, in the contre in ther trossyng dowblettis with bombardys and kanonys and chafeveleyns, and do what so ever they wyll in the contre; ther dar no pore man dysplese theym, for what so evyr they do with ther swordys they make it lawe; and they tak dystressys out of mens howsys, hors or catell, or what they wyll, thow it be not on that for that they ask the dwte for. Wher for, me thynkys with esy menys ye myth get a prevy seall of the Kyng to be dyrectyd to the meyer of Norwyche, as for the towne of Norwyche, and for the countre a nothyr prive seall, dyrect to me and to som othyr good felaw, Syr William Calthorp, for he hatyth Grey,[266.2] for to arest the seyd felaws for syche ryot and to bryng hem to the next prison, ther to abyed with out bayle tyll syche tym as the Kyng sendyth othyrwyse woord, and they that the prive sale shall be dyrect to, to be chargyd vpon peyne of ther alegeans to execut the Kyngis comandement; and, this done, I warant your lyvelod that my lord delys not with shall be gadyrd pesybylly. As to that lyvelod that my lord clemys I shall do my dever, our logyng kep, to tak as myche profyt of it as I may by the grase of God, Whom I pray send you the acomplyshement of your hertys desyir, and other por folys thers.

All my felawshep ar mery and well at ease, blyssyd be God, and recomandyth hem all on to yow. Wretyn the Twesday next befor Kandylmas.

Your brodyr,

J. P.

[Footnote 265.1: [Add. MS. 33,597, f. 3.] This letter appears to have been written in the year 1467, like No. 661, which bears date eleven days later. Besides what is said here of Yelverton, note the reference to John Grey and John Burgeys, whose names appear in the other letter also.]

[Footnote 266.1: 'the' repeated in MS.]

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