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[Footnote 98.4: Added in John Paston's hand.]

[[Sidenote: This is worth ...

Sidenote: Thes be worth ...

_all values (li. s. d.) printed in roman (non-Italic) type_]]



_This is the plate that was in my cofir at Norwich._

[Sidenote: 1464]

A chaleys of goold playne, weyng ij. pound.

Item, a nother chaleys of goold, with this writynge 'Calicem salutaris[98.6] accipiam,' weyng xix. unces.

Item, one table of gold, with an image of Sen James set with precious stonys, weyng xiij. unce iij. quarter.

Item, one peyre of sensers of silver and gilt, with scripture, viz., in the first part, 'Dat' est eis,' &c., and in the second parte, 'Ascendit fumus,' &c., weyng xiij_li._ et x. unc'.

Item, one box of silver and gilt for the sacrement, with a crosse in the heyght, and chased with liliis, weying v_li._ iij. unc' di.

Item, one potte callid a crismatorie to put in holy creme and oyle, of silver and gilt, weying j_li._

[Footnote 98.5: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] This list of articles is in the handwriting of Richard Calle, writing, I presume, as John Paston's secretary, and in his name. It will be seen that it corresponds with a Latin list contained in No. 561, and must therefore be the 'bill drawn in English' there referred to.]

[Footnote 98.6: Salutularis, MS.]



An image off Owr Lady with ij. awngellis sensyng, gilthe, viij^xx. unc', viz., xiii_li._ et. iiij. unc'.

Item, a crosse with a fott, lx. unc', gilthe in to cassys and gilt, viij^xx. & xvij. unc', viz., xiiij_li._ & ix. unc'.

Item, an image of Sent Jon Vangelist, gilthe, weyng vij^{xx.}x. unc', viz., xij_li._ vj. unc'.

Item, an image of Sent Jon Baptist, gilthe, with the Lamb, lviij. unc', viz., iiij_li._ x. unnc'.

Item, an image off Sent Jamis with his staff, gilthe, weyng xxxvj. unc', viz., iij_li._

Item, an image off Our Lady, gilthe, with a crowne and a lely, weyng iij^{xx.}vj. unnc', viz., v_li._ vj. unc'.

Item, an image of Sent Denys, gilthe, weyng l. unc', viz., iiij_li._ ij.


Item, an image off owr Savyowr, gilt, with His crosse, His diademe, and His fane, v^{xx.}xj. unc', viz., ix_li._ iij. unc'.

Summa unciarum xl^{xx.}viij. unc'.

Summa lxvij. lib. iiij. unc'.

Sum in markis Cj. mark ij. unc', di.

Memorandum, j. lib. continet xij. unc'; j. marc continet viij. unc'.

_Endorsed_--Episcopus Cantuariensis.

[Footnote 99.1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] This list is likewise in the handwriting of Richard Calle, and was perhaps drawn up about the same time as the preceding one.]



_To my rygth worchepful broder John Paston Sqwyer._

[Sidenote: 1464 / APRIL 18]

Ryght worshypfull brothyr, I recomawnde me to zow. After all dew recomendacions, &c., plesse it zow to wett that after that I had harde say that the person of Blowfelde[100.2] wasse com to town I went to hym to his in, and he bade the mesenger say that he wasse not within, and I bad hym say a gayn that I come thyder to hym for hys own worchep and avayle and that I wasse sory that I com so fer for hym; and after that he sent for me and he cowde not fynde me, and I harde say ther of. And than I wrott a letter, resytyng how that he wasse sworn yesterday for to say the trowthe of al maner of materis consernyng Sir John Fastolfe, avysyd hym to remember qwat hys wytnesse hadde sayd for hys sake, and wat schame it xwlde be to hym to say the contrary; And also, if he sayde the contrary, ze wold herafter prove the trowthe and contrary to hys sayyng, and prove hym in a perjuri. And also I badde hym remember with wat maner of men he delt wythe; and I rehersyd how untrwly they hadde don. And not with standyng thys, after I met with hym in the strett and spak with hym, and I fownde hym passyng strawngely disposyd and sor mevyd with consiens that ze xwld have the lond and fownd the colage but with an C. marcs, not with stondyng he myth fynde in hys consiens by the well that the colage xwld be fowndyd in a noder plasse but with an C.

marcs, and the reminaunt of the lylode sold so that he myth pwroe the mony; so I felt by hym that all hys strawngenes from zow is for he demythe that ze wold parte from no thyng; and I told hym the contrary ther of to be trwe, az this day he is exaymined up on a bok to sey the trowthe of all thynges as the juge will[101.1] aske hym, for the jugeis informacion; wych I trowe wyll not be good. Also they have pwt in _testes_ azens zow iij^xx or iiij^xx men. Mayster Robard Kent wold sayn that ze xwle gett zow ij. lycens of the prioris of zowre wytnes, Mayster Clement and the monke, with an A[101.2] datt beryng before the comyng up; for that must ye nedis have. Also he wold sayn that ze xwld com to thys towne. Me thowte by Sir Thomas that they have aswerte in maner that ze xall have no lycens for zour fundacion. And [_i.e._ if] they be abowte to gett a lycens to fownde the colage in a noder place, me thynkythe that wold hurte; her colour is for cause ze can gett no lycens to fownde it at Caster; werfor thow zour wyll wer trwe, they myth lawfully fownde it in a noder place. My Lord Chawnceler[101.3] is gone to Zork and wyll not be her of all thys term. Wrytyn on Wednisday nexst be for Saynt George.

The Kyng hathe ben in Kent and ther ben endityd many for Isleis dethe; and he wyll com to town this day azen and he wyl not tary her but forthe to Zork straytt.


[Footnote 100.1: [Add. MS. 34,889, f. 7.] This letter was written in April 1464, when witnesses began to be examined about Fastolf's will. _See_ No. 565. The Privy Seals of Edward IV. show that he was in Kent (at Dartford) on the 15th and 18th of that month, and he immediately after started for York.]

[Footnote 100.2: Thomas Howes.]

[Footnote 101.1: 'will.' In MS. 'w^t,' which ought to read 'with'; evidently a slip of the pen.]

[Footnote 101.2: Apparently meaning an _ante_ date.]

[Footnote 101.3: George Nevill, Bishop of Exeter, afterwards Archbishop of York.]




[Sidenote: 1464 / APRIL-NOV.]

'Primum testes reprobatorii producti per Yelverton, contra testes Paston principaliter productos &c.

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