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_The Chambure there Margaret Hodessone laye._

Item, j. fedderbedde. Item, j. bolster. Item, ij. fustians.

Item, j. chayre withe j. pece of palle white and grene.

_The utmost Chambur nexte Winter Halle._

Item, j. fedder bedde. Item, j. bolster.

Item, j. coveryng of grene worsted. Item, ij. staundyng aundeirys.

Item, j. hangyng candylstyk of laton.

Item, j. cobbord clothe. Item, j. rede chayre.

_The White Draught Chamber for Lewys and William Worcester._

In primis, j. fedder bedde. Item, j. donge. Item, j. bolster.

Item, j. hangyd bedde. Item, j. testour.

Item, j. selour of rede worsted, i-hangyd with clothe of pale, blake, white, and grene. Item, j. arstellawe.


In primis, ij. pecys of satayne after the fassion of a dowblet to were under gownes.

Item, viij. quarters of silk, the slevys of the same rolled to gedder for jakketts.

Item, j. jakke of blakke lynen clothe stuffyd with mayle.

Item, vj. jakkes stuffyd with horne.

Item, j. jakke of blake clothe lyned with canvas mayled.

Item, xxiiij. cappes, stuffed withe horne, and sum withe mayle.

Item, vj. payre glovys of mayle, of schepys skynne, and of doos.

Item, iij. grete crosbowes of stele, with one grete dowble wyndas ther too.

Item, j. coffyre, full of quarrellys of a smale sorte.

Item, xij. quarrellis of grete sorte, feddered with brasse.

Item, vj. payre curassis. Item, j. payre of breggandires.

Item, iij. harburyones of l'Milayne.

Item, v. ventayletts for bassenetts. Item, vj. peces of mayle.

Item, j. garbrasse. Item, j. polleson. Item, vj. payre grevys.

Item, iiij. payre thyes. Item, xj. bassenetts. Item, j. payre coschewes.

Item, j. payre bregandines, helyd with rede felwet. Item, j. spere.

Item, ij. bassenetts. Item, ij. saletts withe ij. visers.

Item, viij. saletts, white, withe oute vesoure. Item, v. payre vambras.

Item, iij. spere heddys. Item, j. swerde with a gyld chape.

Item, j. prikkyng hat, covered withe blake felwet.

Item, ij. tarcellys on hym be hynde. Item, iij. gonnes, called serpentins.

Item, ij. white payre of brigaundiris. Item, ij. payre hosyn of blak kersey.

Item, payre bounde wyth lether. Item, ij. payre of skarlat.

Item, j. payre of blake vampayed withe lether.

Item, ij. jakketts of russet felwet. Item, ij. aundyrys, grete, of one sorte.

Item, ij. lasse, of anothyr sorte. Item, iij. lesser aundiris.

Item, xi. aunderis for lecchen. Item, j. iren spitte.

Item, ix. barrys of iren for curtaynes.

Item, ij. chaynes for the draught brigge.

_Magna Aula._

xj. crosbowes whereof iij. of stele, and v. wyndas. Item, j. borespere.

Item, vj. wifles. Item, j. rede pavys. Item, j. target.

Item, xxj. speris. Item, j. launce gay. Item, iij. pecys of rede worsted.

Item, j. grene chayre. Item, j. red chayre.

Item, j. pece of rede worsted in the toure parloure.

Item, j. banker of tapestry worke.

Item, j. nothir of tapestry warke newe, in the hall wendewe.

Item, vij. cosschenys of tapestre.

_Aula Yemalis._

Item, j. clothe of arras, of the Morysch daunce.

Item, ij. chayrys fraungyd. Item, j. rede chayre di. dos (?).

Item, di. dosn. of tapestrye warke. Item, j. banker of aras.

Item, ij. andyris stondyng.


In the seler, certayn vessell whiche John Ouresby is chargid withe by an endenture, wherof the copy is annexed to this lese.

Item, ij. pypes of rede wyne.

_The Bottre._

Item, ij. kervyng knyvys.

Item, iij. kneyves in a schethe, the haftys of every, withe naylys gilt.

Item, j. payre galon bottels of one sorte.

Item, j. payre of potell botellys of one sorte.

Item, j. nother potell bottell. Item, j. payre quartletts of one sorte.

Item, iiij. galon pottis of lether. Item, iij. pottelers of lether.

Item, j. trencher knyfe. Item, j. grete tankard.

Item, ij. grete and hoge bottelis. Item, xiiij. candylstykkys of laton.

Item, certayn pecys of napre, accordyng to a bylle endentyd annexed to this lese.

Item, j. quartelet for wine.

In primis, iij. chargeres argenti de parvo sorte. Item, v. platers argenti.

Item, xij. dissches argenti unius sortis.

Item, viij. dissches argenti minoris sortis.

Item, xj. sawseris argenti unius sortis.

Item, iij. crateras argenti, quarum, j. data Margaretae Hoddsone.

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