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[Sidenote: 1451 / SEPT. 14]

As the _oyer and termyner_ is to be at Norwich on Thursday next,[253.4]

sends John Bokkyng to wait upon his counsel there to see to his matter against Appulzerd. They are to spare no cost to bring it to a good end, especially the bill of maintenance against Appulzerd, who was the greatest cause that the inquest passed against F. so untruly.

(_Signature not F.'s own._)

London, 14 Sept. 30 Hen. VI.

[Footnote 253.3: [From MS. Phillipps, 9735, No. 251.]]

[Footnote 253.4: 16th September.]



_To my trusty frendys, Sir Thomas Howys, Parson of Castellcombe, beyng at Castre._

[Sidenote: 1451 / SEPT. 23]

Ryght trusty frendys, I grete you well. Item where as the Bysshop of Norwych[253.6] makyth but delayes in my resonable desyre for an eende to be had in the xxv. marc of Hykelyng, y am uppon a appoyntement and throw wyth the heyr of Clyfford, that he shall entree in the hole maner that ys chargeable wyth my xxv. marc rent, which the Pryour and Convent have forfeted the seid hole manor to the heyers undre her Convent seele of record, because of myne nonne payment of xxv. marc; and so then the Pryour shall lese for ever iiij^xx [_four score_] marc of rent, and that wythout onye concience, for they have be fals both to the Clyffordys and to me thys vij. yeere day. And y trust to God to correct hem so by spirituell law and temporell law, that all othyr Relygyoux shall take an example to breke the covenant or wille of anye benefactor that avauncyth hem wyth londs, rents, or gode; and my confessours have exorted me gretely ther too. And Almyghty God kepe you. Wryt at London, the xxiij.

day of September anno xxx R. H. VI.


There is one Walsam wold desyre acquitaunce of pardon for the wydow of Hygham, I hafe no cause, for hyr husband left hyr whereoff to pay hyr debts suffisaunt, and for me he ferre the better. The wydow noysyth you, Sir Thomas, that ye sold a wey salt but for xx_s._ that she might hafe had xl_s._ for every wey, I pray you aunswer that for your acquytaille.

Item, sende me the value of Goold ys tenement in Drayton, wyth xx. acres lond therto, what it was worth yeerly when it stode hoole; for Sellyng seith it was worth but j. noble by yeer.

[Footnote 253.5: [From Fenn, iii. 132.]]

[Footnote 253.6: Walter Lyhart or Hart.]



_To my mastir, John Paston, Esquier._

[Sidenote: 1451 / DEC. 18]

Right worshippful sir, I recomaunde me unto you. And please it you to witte of oure newe tydinges here; as this day com writing both to my Lorde[254.2] and to my Lady from London, that there be certein lettres directed to my Lorde from my Lady his moder,[255.1] and diverse other Lordes for to have Danyell[255.2] in his favour a geyne, and as it is supposed by the meanes of the Duc of Somersette,[255.3] for he hath ben right conversaunte with hym all this quarter of this yere. And also thei that sente this writing sayn playnly that the Lorde Skales is gode lorde to hym, and that he hath promysed hym to make Sir Thomas Tudenham, Heydon, and hym accorded, and other men in the cuntre, and that he shall be suffred to entre in to Brayston, and kepe it to th'entente that the cuntre shall thinke, and my Lord also, that he hathe grete favour amonge the Lordes of the Counsell, and cause men to fere hym the more. Whethir it be thus or non I can not say; never the lesse me thinketh ye shall sone knowe if Mounford will agree that he shall entre in to Brayston, and if that be trewe, all the remenant shall seme the more likly.

I pray you brenne this letter when ye have redde it. My Lorde and my Lady sayn ye shall be right welcome and ye will se theym this Crisemasse. I reporte me to your wisdom, and God have you in his keping.

Writon at Framlyngham, the xviij. day of Decembre.


[Footnote 254.1: [From Fenn, iii. 366.] This letter must have been written in 1451. It appears from No. 119 that Daniel entered the manor of Brayston or Braydeston during the sitting of the Parliament at Leicester in the spring of 1450. He was dispossessed by Mundford and Heydon on the 7th September following, but he entered the place a second time in the 30th year of Henry VI., _i.e._ some time between the 1st September 1451 and the 31st August 1452. In this letter it is anticipated that he will be enabled to enter the place by his influence with Lord Scales and the Duke of Somerset. This cannot refer to his first entry, as Somerset was in France for a long time before.]

[Footnote 254.2: John Mobray, Duke of Norfolk, married Ellenor, daughter of William Bourchier, Earl of Ewe, in Normandy.--F.]

[Footnote 255.1: Catharine, daughter of Ralph, Earl of Westmoreland, and widow of John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk.--F.]

[Footnote 255.2: Thomas Daniel, Esq., was Constable of Rising Castle, and married Margaret, sister of John Howard, afterwards Duke of Norfolk.--F.]

[Footnote 255.3: Edmund Beaufort.]



_To John Paston dwyllyng in the Tempyll at London be this letter delyverid in haste._

[Sidenote: 1451 or later / NOV.]

I gret zou well, and lete zou wete that Warne Harman on the Sonday after Hallumesday after ensong seyd oponly in the cherch zerde that he wyst wyll that and the Wall were puddoun, thou he were an hundryd myle fro Paston he wyste well that I wolde sey he ded yt and he xuld bere the blame, seying Telle yte here ho so wyll, thou it xuld coste me xx.

nobyllys it xall be puddoun azen. And the seyd Warnys wyfe with a lowd vosse seyd All the deuyllys of hell drawe her sowle to hell for the weye that she hat mad. And at euyn a sertyn man suppyd with me and tolde me that the patent[256.1] grantyt to closse but a perch on bred, and that I had clossyd more than the grant of the patent is as men seyd. And John Marchall tolde me that there was a thryfty woman come forby the watteryng and fond the weye stoppyde and askyd hym ho had stoppyd the weye, and he seyd, they that had pore to zeue it, and askyd here Wat was freer than zyfte, and he seyd she sey the day that Paston men wold not asofferyd that. And God be with zou. Wretyn at Paston on Monday after Hallumys day.

Be zour modyr,


[Footnote 255.4: [Add. MS. 34,888, f. 76.] This letter is evidently of the same year as Nos. 194 and 196, which must be 1451 at the earliest.]

[Footnote 256.1: The patent granted to her husband in 1443 (21 Hen. VI.). _See_ Introduction.]

[[_See_ Introduction. _printed in Roman (non-Italic) type_]]



_To Right Worshipful sir and my gode maister Johan Paston, escuier, &c._

[Sidenote: 1452 / FEB. 9]

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