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Published at 16th of August 2020 01:32:59 PM
Chapter 122
Isekai Shokudou Chapter 122 – Hot Sandwich

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Outside the ruins, which is not popular .

(Ah, it’s dawn…)

Gordon once again thought that the world was unfair as he was exposed to the light of the morning sun, which grew brighter at dawn .

……The door which was written in master’s letters, 『Otherworld Restaurant Nekoya』 appeared before I knew it .

(Hey, have you finally returned?)

Clinking and ringing the sound of a bell, I saw a girl coming out of the door of the store, muttered in a whisper so as not to be heard, and then I turned off .

This area has been ruined for about 100 years, demons and ghosts have appeared, so it is an abandoned ruin in the royal capital where only few live .

The ones that live here are probably the ones who are very confident in their ability or who know nothing .

Therefore, Gordon is secretly escorting her at the command of his master .

According to his master, he has been blessed with something akin to a powerful curse, it seems that it happens in some cases .

(The world is unfair)

Seeing the girl’s beautifully washed clothes and the black goat’s horns sticking out of her golden, frivolous hair, Gordon strokes his forehead .

The feel of the cross-section of the smooth corners that is different from that of human skin and hair .  This is proof that Gordon is a 『demon』 .

(But I couldn’t be a magician, could I have lived properly before that…it’s no use) (TL: probably wrong)

He sighed .  It is a question that he has asked himself many times .

Apparently his father was a demon .  Gordon heard that his mother, who died when she was young, said so .  He don’t know if it’s true or false .

Seventy years have passed since the demons lost to human heroes, and now there are two types of demons .

Those who do not hide the fact that they are demons, and those who hide it .

The demons who do not hide the fact that they are demons mainly live in the empire…in the territories and empires governed by the 『Demon King』who is said to be the greatest aristocrat other than His Majesty the Emperor .

Yes, the empire, a gathering of such terrifying bloody barbarians, spread by rushing into battle, so even demons are treated equally with humans .

Although the continent is wide and there are as many countries as the number of stars including small countries, only the empire and its nations treat demons and other demons as aristocrats .

And the kingdom and the dukedom, which continue to confront the empire, do not recognize the demons as 『equal』 .

They “accept” the existence of demons among low-class people, slaves, out-of-order adventurers and mercenaries, but they are never accepted as the nation’s people .

No matter how successful you may be, you can’t get it on the side that moves the country, and it’s not uncommon for a heartless person to persecute you for being a demon .

It is unavoidable because of the fear of the demons who have been repeatedly destroyed and slaughtered in this human society for a long time, and the threat of an evil empire that tries to make this continent their own in cooperation with such demons . It may be unavoidable .

However, it is a shackle for demons who were born as demons outside the empire and who had little protection from their gods .

……If you are not recognized anyway, you can hide that you are a demon .

Some of the demons who intensified their feelings in their hard, bitter, and poor lives eventually “discarded” themselves .

If the parts that can be cut off, such as horns, tails, and wings, appear as proof of the demons, they can be cut off to pretend to be human .

And they abandon their hometown where there are people who know that they are demons, and live as mere humans in a strange city .

Awkwardly, the demons make the child a demon, regardless of who they interact with .

Therefore, it is not unusual for a child to be born as a demon and to realize that the parent was an demon .

Gordon was also the same .  When she was born as a child of a prostitute in a slum, she certainly had horns on her forehead .  (TL: The MTL said Gordon was also the mouth . Mistake? Expression?)

Then, the mother, who was a human, saw Gordon’s little horns and decided to raise him as a human .  The horns were cut off shortly after they were born, leaving only traces of them on the forehead .

Nearly 20 years have passed since then, and few people have lived since then, and the number of people who know that Gordon is a demon is very limited .

Specifically, there is only the tough midwife who picked him up, and his master, the great sage Artorius, who discovered that he was a demon from his magical powers .

After accidentally discovering that Gordon, a slum-raised thug, had the talent needed to be a sorcerer, he was beaten up and made to be Artorius’ disciple .

As a human magician, I didn’t reveal to the many other disciples that I was a demon .

From the beginning, the wise man Altorius was a man very enthusiastic in studying magic knowledge and techniques, and to nurture the younger generation so that the magic would develop even after his death .

Therefore, it was his bad habit to make even half-elf princesses from other countries disciples if they were considered talented .

Master Artorius said that Gordon’s innate magical power was probably due to the horns he received as blessings for the demons .

According to the “rule of thumb” that has defeated countless demons, including the demon king, demons with strong magical power often have horns .

However, it seems that this is not always the case because the unknown girl in front of her eyes has a little horns, but while her magical power is a little higher than that of ordinary people, and she cannot be a magician .

(Well, let’s escort her today)

To escort such a girl, a demon who is no different from an ordinary human being .  That was the job given to Gordon, who is probably the only demon in the disciples of Altorius .

Gordon secretly sent her off to the adventurer’s house, where the girl seems to be currently living .

Seven days after that .

(…Again . After all, it seems that the night is over)

Gordon saw the rising sun at dawn, feeling a little irritated and anxious about the girl who never returned even at dawn .

Apparently, the road at midnight is dangerous, so she decided to go home after dawning in the other world behind the door .

(Next time, I’ll go back and come before dawn)

Yes, Gordon secretly made a decision .

A sound echoed in the dawn sky .

(Oops, are you back?)

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What came out was the usual demon girl .  She has a basket in her hand .

Is the girl looking for someone? She looks around…

“…Ah, you! Are you Gordon?”

……For some reason she approached Gordon and talked to him .

“…Yes, but why?”

Strangely, Gordon, who was terribly hungry, with drool on him, asks the girl .

This girl was secretly escorted and set up quite well, but this was the first time they had talked about more than a greeting .

“Actually, Roskatsu-san… Well, I was asked by a regular grandfather at the shop . He handed me Gordon-san breakfast .

 Oh, grandfather gave it, so It’s okay!”

In that word, I remember that the different world that this child went to was a restaurant called “Otherworld Restaurant Nekoya” .

And master seems to like the dish very much .

“…This time” (いただこう TL: I dunno)

A magician is also a scholar who holds the scholarship of magic .  Curious about what kind of food would come out, Gordon receives the food from the girl .

It smells good… Is this the smell of fresh bread?

With that in mind, I uncover the basket and look at the food inside .

“…Is this silver?”

The food in the basket was covered with a thin silver cloth, like paper .

“No, everything is made of aluminum, and it looks like silver, but it’s completely different . It’s so hot in your mouth, so please peel it off and eat . ”


Gordon grabs one of the parcels as he nods to the girl who smiles and says a little scary .

The heat of the package slowly soaks into the cold body due to being out of the night for a long time, and the chewy hands become loose .

(…A mysterious metal . What is it like?)

With that in mind, I peel off the silver cloth .

Even though it’s thin like a cloth, it feels like metal and it feels stiff and easily tears .

At the moment when the package broke, what I saw was a freshly baked bread with the heat .

A brown bread that looks like a square cut in half .

Considering that bread that has been baked and the days have stiffened is common, bread with the unique heat of baking is a treat even in the royal capital .

(It looks like good bread from the smell…)

The bread you see under the morning sun has a smooth surface .  Maybe it’s bread with the surface re-baked?

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It seems that the streets of the fire are uniform, there is no charring, and it has a beautiful wheat color .

I remember feeling hungry due to the floating scent .

After eating yesterday evening, I woke up until dawn and my stomach was completely empty .

Carry the bread to your mouth as it flows… bite .

(Hmm!? It’s full of ingredients!)

The bread was much thinner than I expected .

At the moment when the teeth are attached to the hard and brittle surface, it shatters with a tactile sensation and the ingredients contained inside pop out .

It tastes like it’s never been eaten .  It seems that minced Oranje and cullet are mixed in finely greasy meat with a slight sourness and spiciness .

The bread on the surface side is fragrant like baked bread, and the inside is soft by absorbing the moisture of the ingredients .

What comes along with such a savory bread flavor is the freshness and bitterness of the slightly cooked vegetables, and the crispy texture and taste .

What was complemented by this was the seasoned meat .

(What kind of meat is this?)

Gordon unintentionally looks at the surface of his unknown but delicious meat .

The meat has a flesh tone, seasoned with white and sour seasonings .

(It’s a color like raw pork or chicken… but the texture was definitely cooked . Is this one?)

“Oh, it’s a tuna hot sandwich made from fish meat . It’s delicious . ”

The girl utters the answer when she is trying to figure out what this is like as a magician .

“…Oh, fish? Fish was a delicious food . ”

For Gordon, who had hardly left the royal capital, fish was an unknown food .

It’s not that you can’t get it even in the royal capital, but fresh food is so expensive that it doesn’t get in the mouth of the common people, and I hear that dried food and things that can be obtained by the river are not so delicious . . .

That’s why I never thought of eating it .

“Yes, I also knew for the first time there . ”

The girl answers Gordon’s words with a smile .  She also knew that fish would be a delicious dish only after she went to the other side .

While talking like that, the hot sand, which is about the size of a palm, disappears into Gordon’s belly in an instant .

“One more…”

Of course, Gordon, who is still a young man, can’t get enough of his stomach, so he picks up some hot sandwiches .

“Oh, yes . Today’s hot sandwiches have two different flavors of hot sandwiches alternating, which is a different taste than before . ”

“Oh really”

With that word, I broke the package, wondering what the next taste was .

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And the hot sand that came out had a different taste .  It can be seen through the gap between the pink meat and the pale yellow bread that has been baked .

(Well, what kind of taste…)

While thinking so, carry it to your mouth and bite .

With the crisp texture of bread, the soft and rich taste spreads .

Among them, the pink one was smoked meat and the pale yellow one was cheese .

Smoked meat sliced ​​thinly .  Smoked meat, which is much less salty than what is sold normally and is not suitable for storage, will be delicious to eat as it is .

It mixes with the salty, heat-melted cheese and spreads in the mouth along with the aroma of bread and the spicy spiciness that seems to be mixed .

In a sense, it tastes like cheese and smoked meat .  It sounds hungry .

Eat one and get another .  Eat one more and one more .

Without stopping my hands, I quickly eat up the hot sand in the basket .

“Go ahead . It’s tea . It’s warm . ”

After eating all and taking a break, the girl handed me a drink in a small bowl .

“Oh, thank you”

I took it casually and drank it .

The heat of hot tea goes through my throat .  It flies the dawn cold .

The warm food and drink, the warmth warmed Gordon’s body and relaxed him .

Exhale .  The feeling that the stomach is full of delicious food is pleasant .

The girl who was watching Gordon soaked in it smiled .

“That’s the person who is always watching over you, right?”

“…Did you notice?”

Gordon was a little surprised at the words .

Gordon grew up in a downtown area of ​​the city .  He intended to be a sign of some ignorance, though not as good as a professional bandit or scout .

“Um, yes . I have passed each other many times . I’m Aletta . Thank you always . ”

But a girl…Aletta is a full-time servant .  Meet and memorize customers, memorize cooking orders, serve quickly and clear up .

It has been repeated .

That’s why I noticed .  There is always someone passing by .

“…Gordon . Don’t worry . It’s my teacher’s request . ”

And Gordon turned his eyes and glanced at Aletta for the first time .

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