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Book 7 Chapter 20 Celestial Jade Annulus

The Forbidden Area’s mountain peak had an altitude of over a thousand zhangs. 

The mountain’s peak was covered with weeds and wines. It was evident that no one had come to this mountain top for a very long time. “Whew!” A grey figure descended from the sky. It was the Whole Gale Eagle which had been carrying Teng Qingshan and Li Jun.  Li Jun had told the Whole Gale Eagle that they were secretly entering the Forbidden Area, thus, it was also very cautious.

Teng Qingshan and Li Jun hastily jumped down from the Eagle’s back.

“Big Brother Teng, there aren’t any  footprints. It is quite likely that no one has been here.” Li Jun said with her brows furrowed.

“The entire mountain is the Forbidden Area.” Teng Qingshan scanned the surroundings and said softly, “However, it’s impossible for the entire mountain is where the Sword Arts and the Treasures are hidden. The Sword Arts and Treasures should be hidden in a certain location on the mountain. Likewise/Additionally….the Sword Tower probably would never have imagined that someone would enter the Forbidden Area from the sky, and thus, they never guarded the mountain peak.

“Now, we should head down carefully. You and the Whole Gale Eagle should follow behind me at a distance of around ten Zhangs. Remember, don’t make any sounds.” Teng Qingshan whispered.

“Understood.” Li Jun nodded and simultaneously whispered Teng Qingshan’s instructions to the Whole Gale Eagle beside her.

The Whole Gale Eagle was a demonic beast who has reached the innate realm, thus, it wasn’t hard for it to not make any sounds.

“Let’s go.” Teng Qingshan whispered.Promptly, Teng Qingshan walked in front, while Li Jun and the Whole Gale Eagle followed closely behind at a distance of ten Zhangs. The Whole Gale Eagle and Teng Qingshan naturally walked nimbly, while Li Jun, whose inner strength had also reached the peak, moved agilely and elegantly amidst the trees, plants, and weeds as though she was a celestial being.

    ……The Forbidden Area, at the waist of the high mountain.

On a mountain road which was formed due to the incessant trampling of people all-year-long, an azure-cloaked young man held a basket as he strode forward. Drops of perspiration covered his forehead as he mumbled, “Hmph! The other martial brothers think I am easy to bully, making me deliver food everyday! The distance up and down the mountain is great. Plus, the four old monsters who guarded the Forbidden Area have a really irascible temper. I heard that a junior martial brother was killed by these four old monsters last year.”

Delivering food to the Guardian Elders of the Forbidden Area was not a good thing.

On the Bright Moon Island, the eighteen Houses of Generals fought against each other all-year-long while the Sword Tower remained much more superior. Because the Sword Tower had no enemies, it had also embroiled in internal conflict.   

Many families, factions, and some of the men of the eighteen Houses of Generals were a part of the Sword Tower, which caused the strife for authority and power in the Sword Tower to be rather severe. ...As for disciples that have just joined the Sword Tower, they held the lowest status.

“I’ve arrived!”

The azure cloaked young man saw the stone tablet on the mountain path in front and two words could be seen on the stone tablet——Forbidden Area!

The azure cloaked young man stood in front of the stone tablet and did not have the audacity to walk another step forward. He then called out loud, “Elder!”

“Yes?” A stooped white browed elder with cold-looking eyes walked out from the cave in the Forbidden Area in front of the young disciple. After dwelling in the Forbidden Area all year long, the temperament of the Guardian Elder of the Forbidden Area had turned quite strange and violent. “Hand me the food!” commanded the Elder.

“Yes!” The azure cloaked young man hastily handed him the baskets.

The stooped elder took the two baskets and simply glanced at it. He sniffed it and humphed, “Little fella, bring two more bottles of liquor here tomorrow!”

“Understood,” said the azure cloaked young man hastily.

The Guardian Elders were all experts who have reached the peak of the Postliminary Realm. Even if they didn’t eat for three to five days, they would still be fine. During the period of guarding, they just needed to eat a good meal each day. Additionally…this period of guarding was a good chance for the Guardian Elders to cultivate at ease.

Normally, elders who were reaching the end of their lifespan would oversee the Forbidden Area for a few years.

If they were able to reach the Innate Realm, they would be able to live fifty more years.

If they didn’t, then they could only wait for death!

Under such a tormenting situation, some elders’ temperament became extremely strange and violent, which wasn’t weird in the slightest.

“Whew. Thank god it’s not that one-eyed elder.” The azure cloaked young man heaved a sigh of relief and followed the mountain path as he headed down the mountain. The stooped elder carried the two basket and headed into the cave dwelling. Both the young man and elder did not notice that….. There was a pair of eyes which were watching through the vines several Zhangs away. 

After the azure cloaked young man for a period of time, the figure suddenly appeared in front of the cave dwelling.

“This is the mountain peak of the Forbidden Area. The mountain paths at the foot the mountain should be heavily guarded, however, there was no one guarding the path from the mountain peak to this location.” Teng Qingshan Teng Qingshan gazed at the gloomy cave dwelling and thought to himself, “This cave dwelling in the Forbidden Area obviously has powerful experts guarding it!”

At this moment, Li Jun and the Whole Gale Eagle cautiously arrived Teng Qingshan’s side.

“Little Jun, I’ll head in first. You can enter after I do.” Teng Qingshan whispered.

“Understood.” Li Jun nodded silently.

Immediately, Teng Qingshan grasped the Reincarnation Spear and carefully stepped into the cave dwelling. The interior of the cave were rather gloomy and dark, but the cave was square shaped. It was obvious that the cave had been artificially carved into this square shape. Faint voices could be heard from within cave, “Old Vulture, come eat some food. If you don’t come, the food will all be gone.”

“Old Fourth, why do I keep feeling that the sixteenth move and the seventeenth move of the 《Eighteen Nightmare Swords》are so awkward?”

The voices of the elders resounded in Teng Qingshan’s ears.

The corner of Teng Qingshan’s mouth curved into a smile. He walked into the empty cave with ease and as he turned and after following a passageway, he witnessed the elders eating together.

Whew! Whew!

In a flash, Teng Qingshan entered the cavern at the heart of the mountain. When the four elders who were eating noticed this unexpected guest, they were shocked.

“Who are you!?” A tall and muscular elder placed down his bowl and chopsticks as he shouted, “How dare you enter the Forbidden Area without permission?”

The Sword Tower alone dominates the entire Bright Moon Island!

From generations to generations, Sword Tower was already used to it, causing them to be off guard against enemies. This was due to the fact that, besides some demonic beasts in the sea that occasionally passed through Bright Moon Island, the Sword Tower has no enemy.

“Old Fourth, why are you talking nonsense with him? A one-eyed elder said coldly. Simultaneously, he touched his waist, causing a pliable and tough silver-colored curved beam of light to thrust towards Teng Qingshan’s glabella like a silver snake. The other Guardian Elders also grabbed their weapons, just in case the one-eyed elder was not able to defeat the opponent.

The Sword Tower has a strict rule — whoever trespassed the Forbidden Area would be killed without mercy!

With a calm expression, Teng Qingshan moved his right hand.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The Reincarnation Spear instantly divided into four, four streaks of silver lightning pierced through the throats of the four Guardian Elders at the same time.

“Eh~~Eh~~” The four Guardian Elders covered their throats as their eyes widened. Blood flowed out incessantly from the bloody hole on their throat. In the eyes of the four Guardian Elders, terror and fear could be seen. They couldn’t believe that…..they, themselves, the four great Guardian Elders, couldn’t even shout for help in front of their opponent..

It was too fast!

The four Elders collapsed helplessly. A few fell on the ground, while the others bumped against the wooden table and overturned the plates and chopsticks. “Bam!” “Wha!” The sound of bowls breaking and even the sound of the liquor flowing onto the ground could be heard. The smell of alcohol along with a hint of blood pervaded the entire cavern.  

“Whew!” The Whole Gale Eagle and Li Jun had just walked through the passageway and arrived in the cavern.  

The moment Li Jun entered the cavern, she saw the four elders who had died with remaining grievances as they lied on the ground with widened eyes. 

“There isn’t anyone else in this cave.” Teng Qingshan said calmly. “Little Jun, let’s follow the two passages and see if we can find any treasure!” Even if this so-called Forbidden Area was guarded by innate experts instead of these four old fellas, they would still die in Teng Qingshan’s hands.

Even Huangfu Yujiang, the number one expert of the Bright Moon Island, had used up his True Origin and had no other choice but to flee.

“Okay.” Li Jun nodded.

Immediately, Teng Qingshan and Li Jun began searching the private rooms in the cavern. Grassmatt and quilts could be found within all the private rooms in the caverns. 

In one of the private rooms, Teng Qingshan saw images of the sword techniques engraved on the stone walls.

“Some of these stone inscriptions are aged over a hundred years, while some have just been engraved recently.” Teng Qingshan nodded as he said to himself, “Every generation pondered upon the art of the sword and carved the result of their own thoughts onto this stone wall. This was the accumulated research of sword arts done by numerous experts. Additionally, the people of the entire Bright Moon Island practiced sword art. It’s no wonder that the Lord of the Sword Tower could possess such outstanding skills in the art of sword!”

In terms of sword art, no sect in the land of the nine prefectures could have a better foundation than this Sword Tower.

In the heart of the mountain, there were many private rooms.

“Big Brother Teng, Big Brother Teng.” Teng Qingshan had only searched for a short while when Li Jun came to find him.

“Eh?” Teng Qingshan stared at her as he asked.

“Big Brother Teng, come with me,” Li Jun said hastily, “I’ve found a special place.”


Teng Qingshan curiously followed Li Jun as they advanced along a meandering passageway in the heart of the mountain. As this passageway was very long, it was obvious that the Sword Tower had already dug over half of the heart of the mountain.

“Big Brother Teng, there is a very spacious hall up ahead.” Li Jun led Teng Qingshan and walked for a distance of over a hundred Zhangs; she then pointed forward.

The Whole Gale Eagle was within the great hall.

Teng Qingshan stepped into this spacious great hall and noticed that, on the walls of this great hall, there were numerous stone inscriptions of images depicting sword arts.

“Eighteen Flowing Wind Swords…..Heavenly Thunder Sword Art…..Water Snake Sword….” Teng Qingshan gazed at the fine and delicate sword arts. Each of these sword arts contained their own concept. “Eh? Where is the Bright Moon Sword Codex that Huangfu Yujiang mentioned?”

This caused Teng Qingshan to furrow his brows.

“Right. This is the highest-level sword art of the Sword Tower. They wouldn’t let the elite disciples who came here see it that easily.” Teng Qingshan shook his head and felt slightly regretful, Although those fine and delicate sword arts were powerful, they were not much use to Teng Qingshan, who had already stood at the threshold of Dao. All these sword arts could only be used to widen his view.


Teng Qingshan glanced at the few lines of words engraved on the wall beside a side door in the great hall—

“If the one that enters the Forbidden Area, one is able to visit the Celestial Jade Annulus. The Celestial Jade Annulus was left by Senior Li, a benefactor of one of the martial ancestors of Sword Tower. The three martial ancestors have seen this Celestial Jade Annulus, and through the Jade Annulus, they created the 《Bright Moon Sword Codex》. If one has not reached the Innate Realm, one should absolutely not see this Celestial Jade Annulus. It will be of no benefit but will only cause harm!”

As Teng Qingshan read these few lines of words, he was extremely shocked.

“Big Brother Teng, what is this Celestial Jade Annulus. These few lines of words actually said that if one did not reach the Innate Realm, it will only bring harm?” Li Jun was slightly shocked.

“We must believe it.”

Teng Qingshan whispered, “Little Jun, stay outside first.” Following this, Teng Qingshan went through the side door and headed inside.

After walking for only a short distance of several Zhangs, Teng Qinghsan entered a spacious, naturally formed cave. A faint flow of azure light could be seen on the walls of this cave. 

Four lines of huge words, which were written flamboyantly, could be seen on the wall. As Teng Qingshan read these words, he held his breath—

“With a rainbow as clothes and the wind as a horse,The immortals come one after the other down from the clouds.The tiger plays the se and the luan hauls the carriage,

The celestial beings lined up like flax.”


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