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Book 6 Chapter 50 Ascending the Island

Northern Sea Thunderwhale?

Teng Qingshan increasingly felt that the record of demonic beasts that he read in the past was incomplete.


The enormous Northern Sea Thunderwhale was like a warship, breaking through the water and charging towards the warship at the left side of Teng Qingshan’s group. “How unlucky!” With his eyes wide open, Borileimu stretched his hand and took the long spear off the hands of the soldier beside him. 

“Hmpf!” Grunting a deep humph, Borileimu gripped the long spear and fiercely threw it out!

Woosh! The long spear shot out like lightning towards the Northern Sea Thunderwhale——

“Bzzt bzzt ~~” A clear azure color started to flow throughout the Northern Sea Thunderwhale’s body, from the head to the dorsal fin, and gathered on top of the dorsal fin.—— A“Pu” sound was made as a thick and long streak of thunderbolt shot towards the incoming long spear.

Bang! The long spear got split by the lightning 

The Northern Sea Thunderwhale that was charging at lightning speed suddenly stopped and stared at Borileimu, who was on the warship, with pitch black eyes. With its bloody mouth opened widely and its staggered rows of sharp teeth, it let out a deep roar——

“Vile creature, are you courting death?” Borileimu roared in rage!

“Hou~” A sudden roar sounded on the warship.

Teng Qingshan turned his head around and saw Li Jun emitting deep roars towards the Northern Sea Thunderwhale, however, the volume of her roars was weaker than the whale’s.

“Hou~” Northern Sea Thunderwhale stared at Li Jun and happily responded back to her before immediately turning around. It flapped its tailfin on the water and disappeared into the sea, leaving only the rippling waves of water.

Seeing the Northern Sea Thunderwhale leaving, the soldiers on top of the deck heaved a sigh of relief. If they had fought against the Northern Sea Thunderwhale, the innate experts wouldn’t mind. However, if the armored soldiers were to fall into the sea, then that’d be terrible. 

On top of the deck, Borileimu was laughing, “This time would be all thanks to the Goddess”

“Even if I wasn’t here, Big Brother Borileimu could easily deal with this Northern Sea Thunderwhale,” Li Jun modestly proclaimed.

Borileimo shook his head: “It’s not that easy, although this Thunderwhale’s strength wouldn’t count as strong, comparable only to a Hollow Dan innate expert. If we were desperately trying to kill it, a True Dan innate expert would be able to kill it. But in the water, its speed would be several times faster than us humans. We wouldn’t be able to catch it even if we wanted to chase it. If it wanted to launch a sneak attack….all it needed to do was to hit us from under the sea, then it would cause the warship to crack and sink. thus, easily destroying a warship.

“To deal with a Northern Sea Thunderwhale, it's better to threaten it!” Borileimu laughed, “just like what I did before, let it know my strength! However, even after it knew, it still bitterly struck me with a thunderbolt twice before it escaped….. if we got hit twice by the thunderbolt, we would lose some people, and our whole warship might even sink! Goddess! Do tell me if I should thank you or not!”

A Northern Sea Thunderwhale was a demonic beast and possessed intelligence.

The moment it saw Borileimu’s hurl, it could guess how powerful Borileimu was.

“Big Brother Borilemu, we’ve only been out here for a little more than a day and we’ve already encountered a Northern Sea Thunderwhale. It seems like the North Sea has quite a number of demonic beasts.” Teng Qingshan suddenly realized that…. his voyage in the future probably won’t be as easy as what Emperor Yu said that it would be! 

Borileimu laughed: “Northern Sea Thunderwhales occasionally appear in the seas surrounding Heavenly Rock Island! But they only appear occasionally. We were unlucky to have encountered one.  Usually, we wouldn’t come across any.”

“Of course, this is the coastal waters.” Borileimu said, “If the ship continuously drifted northward and entered the boundless North Sea, it would be weird if the ship did not encounter a powerful demonic beast!”

Teng Qingshan listened while nodding

The Spiritual Qi in this era was abundant, giving births to demonic beasts. The great land of the Nine Prefectures had many demonic beasts, while the North Sea spanned a much greater area as compared to the great land of the Nine Prefectures… so even though the population density of the demonic beasts was much smaller, the total number of the demonic beasts would be even more astonishingly great. 

“I reckoned that Emperor Yu hoped that the person who obtained the Godly Mountain Axe would proceed towards the Northern Sea Continent, so he completely neglected to mention the dangers of the voyage.” Teng Qingshan shook his head. 


A fleet of ten warships cuts through the wind rapidly toward Heavenly Rock Island. 

During the voyage, the fleet of ten warships used a few islands as references and occasionally adjusted their course, navigating toward the correct direction. With the exception of the previous appearance of the Northern Sea Thunderwhale, there hadn’t been any danger on the voyage. 

At daybreak, the surface of the sea was covered with a layer of fog.

With great strength and vigor, the fleet of ten warships arrived at Heavenly Rock Island’s southern coast.

“Honorable Godly General, the soldiers can disembark within fifteen minutes,” said a burly black-bearded man at Borileimu’s side. Soon after, the warship stopped one after another and  landed on the shore with the use of the long and thick wooden planks

The soldiers started to disembark. 

“General Liu.” Teng Qingshan looked at the burly black-bearded man at the side. 

“Lord,” this soldier said respectfully.

Teng Qingshan nodded: “This Heavenly Rock Island’s circumference is close to a hundred Li, there must be a few small ships there, right?

The burly black-bearded man nodded: “This is an island. Of course there will be many ships around.”

Teng Qingshan commanded: “After you disembark, prepare a sturdy small ship, I’m planning on using it when I set sail by myself. Remember, the small boat must be of good materials, and the sail needs to be sturdy as well. It better not crack after hitting a rock.”

“Brother Huhe, why are you in such a hurry?” At the side, Borileimu asked with surprise.

“The battle in the Heavenly Rock Island will definitely be easy. After the battle ends, I prepare to set sail immediately. I just wanted to prepare things beforehand,” Teng Qingshan explained with a faint smile. Li Jun, who was at the side, stared at Teng Qingshan silently. 

Borileimu then said to the burly black-bearded man, “Did you hear that? Find the sturdiest ship! It doesn’t have to be large, but it has to be sturdy. As for the sail… it would be better if it was made with wild silk yarn so that it can be strong and tensile enough!” 

“Don’t worry Lord.” The burly black-bearded man continued, “Since it’s a one-person ship, even if this underling were to arrange for some people to build a new one, it still wouldn’t take more than a few days! Besides, there are lots of boats on the island. There are even boats with hulls made of steel. As long as there isn’t much cargo, you could still use it.”

Teng Qingshan listened and nodded

Right at this moment——

Da! Da! Da!

Through the wooden plank, a silhouette quickly rushed up the ship. This person was wearing an all grey cloth robe with a tattered felt cap. He was a very lean and tanned man with very energetic eyes. 

“Honorable Godly General,” the lean man greeted respectfully.

Facing Teng Qingshan, Borileimu laughed: “This is Wuerhan, the leader of the intelligence agency stationed at Heavenly Rock Island under the command of our God of Heaven Mountain. Wu Erhan, tell us about the situation of Snow Hawk Hall’s men on the island.” 

The lean man respectfully answered: “Snow Hawk Hall has 3000 elite soldiers on the island now with up to 10,000 ordinary soldiers, not including the miners! The stationed Elder of Snow Hawk Hall is called “Wan Tuyou”. He is a Golden Dan innate expert!”

“Wan Tuyou?” Teng Qingshan frowned.

“Correct, Wan Tuyou!” The lean man answered.

“What’s wrong, Brother Huhe?” Borileimu looked toward Teng Qingshan.

Teng Qingshan shook his head: “It’s nothing.” At the side, Li Jun took a glance at Teng Qingshan. Other people doesn’t know, but she knew clearly… Back in the Great Yan Mountain, the leader of the group that Snow Hawk Hall dispatched was called “Elder Wan”. His full name was “Wan Tuyou”!

“Could it really be such a coincidence that he’s here?“ Teng Qingshan thought to himself.

“Come! Let’s disembark!” Borileumu said.

Li Jun smiled: “Brother Huhe, you and I can ride on Blacky and White. This way, we can easily see what’s happening on the ground.” Hearing this, Borileimu stopped and smiled: “You guys sure are making yourselves comfortable. Well, I’ll disembark first!”

Borileimu led the troops down the ship, whereas Teng Qingshan and Li Jun sat at the back of Fierce Wind Divine Eagles. 

The black and white Fierce Wind Divine Eagles that had been on the ship for two days rocketed into the sky without making a screech and arrived the high altitude sky right above Heavenly Rock Island. 

At the second floor of an exquisite pavilion on Heavenly Rock Island.

“Woo~~” A cold wind was blowing outside.

On the bed inside the room sat a shirtless, eagle-nosed, grim-looking elder who was leaning on the bed column with a warm blanket covering his body. Beside him slept a beautiful woman with snowy white skin. The young woman opened her droopy eyes and looked around, giggling as she extended her hand to touch the grim-looking elder’s chest.

“You can sleep longer!” The old man whispered.

“Okay.” The girl was very obedient and shrunk inside the blanket

The eagle-nosed elder grabbed the saber by his bed. As a Golden Dan innate expert, although there was no need for him to give up on having a sexual life, he must have great sincerity towards martial arts to be able to reach the Golden Dan Innate Realm.

"Zhuge Yuanhong's sword...." The eagle-nosed man recalled back when he was in the Great Yan Mountain.

That dreamy, misty, and silky slash actually cut off Zhao Danchen’s arm, forced Gu Yong back, and heavily injured Wan Tuyou himself at the same time.

“If I was the only one being slashed, I'm afraid I would have died already.” The eagle-nosed elder touched the scar on his chest, the mark left by Zhuge Yuanhong’s slash. “The new 《Heavenly Ranking》 already listed Zhuge Yuanhong as third in rank. As for me…..Will I, Wan Tuyou, ever enter the Emptiness Realm?”

This Wan Tuyou gently waved the saber on his left hand. 

The surface of the saber beamed a chilling light  "Hoo!" "Hoo!" The saber in the hands of Wan Tuyou seemed to have gained life as it fluttered through the air, but Wan Tuyou’s eyes were closed, and his expression had not changed in the slightest.

“Hm?” Wan Tuyou’s ears twitched. 


Wan Tuyou pushed the blanket away and quickly got up from bed. He grabbed some clothes and threw on his clothes . The beautiful young woman sleeping on the bed wrapped herself tightly in the blanket as she muttered: "It's not even dawn yet."

“Elder! Elder!” A cry was heard from outside. 

"Creak!" Wan Tuyou opened the door and leaped down from the second floor. He looked at the panicking people on the bottom floor with a frown and shouted, "What's going on in the south? Why am I hearing so much noise from there?” The dominion that the Snow Hawk Sect had held over the islands in the northern seas had already exceeded a thousand years.

Even after the God of Heavenly Mountain was established, they had never openly confronted Snow Hawk Hall. Because such a long time had passed, the people of Snow Hawk Hall never expected that the God of Heaven Mountain would have the audacity to attack them. 

This was also because...

The reason as to why Snow Hawk Hall dared to occupy sixty percent of the mining products when it was a distant sect from the Nine Prefectures and only gave the God of Heaven Mountain forty percent of the mining products was simply because they had gotten used to being superior. Even though they knew that the God of Heaven Mountain was very powerful and even though they also knew that the God of Heaven Mountain had an Emptiness Realm Expert, they simply didn’t give them face!

"It's the God of Heaven Mountain!" One of the black-armored men panicked, "Elder, a large number of people from the God of Heaven Mountain are killing their way here!"

"What?!" Wan Tuyou's face changed. "How is that possible?"

"Earlier, a fleet of ten ships arrived on the island. We were only slightly suspicious at that time, but they took action very quickly. Elder, we only have 3,000 elite soldiers with us. How will we be able to fend them off?" Another balding man with a single braid asked anxiously.

Wan Tuyou's facial expression changed: "The people from the God of Heaven Mountain are being too audacious!"

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