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Book 6 Chapter 38  Strict

“Junior Martial Sister, you know it as well.” Sun Feng hastily smiled and said, “I am only paying attention to Teng Qingshan because of teacher’s order.”

When Li Jun saw the face of the Senior Martial Brother Sun, who was famous for being frivolous, she knew that he had already succumb. Plus, as Li Jun herself and Sun Feng were both core members of the sect, thus, it would not be good to make the relationship between them too awkward. Li Jun smiled brightly, “Senior Martial Brother Sun, you were just simply asking and you managed to ask the right questions. As expected of Martial Uncle’s most capable disciple!”

As Sun Feng heard this, he couldn’t help but to smile bitterly.

“Hey!” Sun Feng sighed and lowered his head helplessly as he said, “Don’t even mention it! If it wasn’t for the amends I made, teacher would have already kicked me out of the sect!”

“Was it that serious?” Li Jun was astonished, “Wasn’t Senior Martial Brother Wan also stuck in the Postliminary Realm for dozen of years?”

Sun Feng humphed helplessly, “How can I compete with you two? Both of you raised and trained demonic beasts, thus, the sect valued you two because of your ability in the taming of demonic beasts. As for innate experts? The sect doesn’t need innate experts. In the sect, you and your Senior Martial Brother Sun’s status, especially your status, is not lower than the Golden Dan Innate Experts!”  

Li Jun smiled when she heard.

Her Martial Uncle, King of Beasts Wu Hou, had already told her about this. And now, in this God of Heaven Mountain, she was able to control several Golden Dan Innate Demonic Beasts.

Although she wasn’t the one that tamed those demonic beasts, those demonic beasts were now under the supervision of her and Senior Martial Brother Wan. However, in terms of the ability in taming demonic beasts, Senior Martial Brother Wan was indeed weaker than Li Jun. Powerful demonic beasts like the Red Eyed Snow Lion wouldn’t even pay any attention to Senior Martial Brother Wan, but they loved Li Jun.

Maybe it was because of the gender. Maybe women possessed more advantage in the taming of powerful demonic beasts.


“We are different. Martial Sister, you can tame demonic beasts, but I don’t have any other ability. I can only cultivate arduously.” Sun Feng touched his nose helplessly and said, “Look at my teacher, he is a person who strived to be more powerful! He was also the strictest to us disciples. This time, I was lucky enough to get off the hook, but what about next time? There will be no solution!”  

Li Jun smiled and comforted, “Senior Martial Brother Sun! If I were you, I would be using  all my time to cultivate…..Plus, I think Martial Uncle still values you greatly, since he only has three disciples.”

Sun Feng nodded. He had obtained the 《Exquisite Circular Sword Codex》. After receiving this, he could see that teacher still had some expectations for him. Teacher only felt anxious and mad when his disciples weren’t doing well. Sun Feng smiled and said, “I am also prepared to cultivate with all my heart. However, I have no choice this time. I came because I was ordered to deliver a letter to the God of Heaven Mountain, but who could have thought that the moment I arrived, the God of Heaven and the First Godly General started to cultivate in seclusion. I couldn’t deliver the letter to the God of Heaven. Anyway, I am not in a hurry and I can still cultivate here. I will deliver the letter to the God of Heaven and the First Godly General when they come out of seclusion.”

“Letter? What letter?” Struck by a thought, Li Jun asked.

Sun Feng smiled mysteriously and replied, “Junior Martial Sister, you will know soon. This is very big! It’s been a long time since the God of Heaven Mountain has made such big movements, This time, it’s definitely something big. Tsk...I won’t be disturbing Junior Martial Sister.”Sun Feng gestured and walked out the door with a smile on his face.

Seeing Sun Feng leave, Li Jun frowned as she pondered, “What big movement? An absolute great movement?”

The sky had just brightened.

In the spacious room, Teng Qingshan began practicing early in the morning. He first practiced the 《Earth Element Fist》 and then the Three Postures. After practicing for one hour, his body felt more refreshed and he stopped.


Teng Qingshan let out a deep breath slowly, puffing out air like trenchant arrows. After he refreshed himself, Teng Qingshan opened the door and headed downstairs. Two maids were guarding outside the door. When the two maids saw Teng Qingshan, they hastily bowed respectfully as they said, “Lord!”

Teng Qingshan scolded those two maids last night, because those two maids wanted to serve Teng Qingshan. When that happened, Teng Qingshan immediately ordered that “no one was allowed to enter the tower during his stay!”

The two maids were terrified and no longer dared to enter the tower.

Standing in the hallway, Teng Qingshan took a deep breath of fresh air. He had taken a hot bath last night and changed into clean clothes. At this moment, Teng Qingshan was naturally in a good mood.


Teng Qingshan glanced afar and saw a white slender figure waving an azure long whip outside the tall and magnificent Goddess Palace. “Bam” The sound of air exploding rang continuously.  When Teng Qingshan saw this, his eyes brightened as he said to himself, “Her skill in the art of the whip is quite powerful. I didn't expect that Li Jun could actually manage to acquire such powerful whip skills within the short time of one year!”


The rapidly moving slender figure stopped. Because of the practice of the whip skill, the white cloaked young lady was slightly out of breath as a rosy glow could be seen on her beautiful face. She then looked towards Teng Qingshan and shouted, “Big Brother Huhe!”

“Little Jun, your skill in the art of whip is quite adept.” Teng Qingshan praised with a smile.

With a rosy red face and forehead covered with drops of perspiration, Li Jun responded, “I can’t help it. All my Senior Martial Brothers and Sisters are very powerful, so I have to practice my skill in the art of whip arduously! Plus, teacher is teaching me……...Yeah.  Big Brother Huhe, do you feel comfortable living here?”

“The scenery is nice! It is very refreshing.”  Teng Qingshan sighed in awe as he gazed at the surrounding from afar.    

The location of the Goddess is on the upper part of the God of Heaven Mountain. It was surrounded by clouds, mountains, and a sea of mist. The vast grassland could be faintly seen through a sea of mist. This scenery does indeed refresh one's spirit.

“If you like it here, then live here for some time.” Li Jun stared at Teng Qingshan with twinkling eyes.

“Cultivation does not need comfort and enjoyment.” Teng Qingshan responded.

“However, a beautiful scenery is good for cultivation.” said Li Jun with a smile.

Teng Qingshan gazed northward and said, “The North Sea is vast and endless. The endless great sea is also very beautiful. It is on par with the scenery here!”

Hearing those words, a sense of disappointment flashed across Li Jun’s eyes. She then glanced at the sky and said apologetically, “Big Brother Huhe, I usually visit Blacky and White every morning and now’s the time to go so I will be leaving first. I will come back after I have seen Blacky and White.”

“Please go ahead. I will just look around by myself.” Teng Qingshan said with a smile.

Dressed in a white cloak, Li Jun rapidly ran down the mountain.



On the cliffs of the God of Heaven Mountain, there was a gigantic cave where the Black and White Fierce Wind Celestial Eagles were staying..

A white cloaked slender figure was seen grabbing a rope and climbing rapidly along the cliff towards the cave.

“Hey!” Focusing on a spot, the slender figure leaped and descended right in front of the cave.

This slender figure was Li Jun. After she safely descended, she let out a sigh of relief and walked into the cave.

“Blacky! White!” Li Jun shouted loudly. Every morning, she would come here to chat with the black and white Fierce Wind Celestial Eagles and she would occasionally go for a ride on the Celestial Eagle’s back. Just when Li Jun was walking into the cave with a face full of smiles——

“Junior Martial Sister!” A sound came from within the cave.

The voice startled Li Jun.

At this moment, a rather handsome man walked out of the dark cave.

“Senior Martial Brother Wan?” Li Jun glanced at the man in surprise as she asked, “Why are you here?” Indeed. This man was her Senior Martial Brother Wan——Wan Tianyang.

Wan Tianyang smiled and said, “Didn’t Teacher order us to stay in this God of Heaven Mountain to care for the Golden Dan Innate Demonic Beasts and some ordinary demonic beasts? I already felt sorry for always letting you do all the work. Although Blacky and White don’t really like me, I can’t stay idle because of this. I still have to improve my ability in communicating with demonic beasts.”  

“Oh.” Li Jun nodded and replied, “Senior Martial Brother Wan, you can go back now. I will be going in first.”

After saying this, Li Jun headed into the cave.

Hearing this, Wan Tianyang involuntarily froze for a second. He then hastily followed Li Jun and walked by Li Jun’s side. As he walked beside Li Jun, he could smell that faint fragrance emanating from Li Jun’s body which sent shivers of excitement down his spine. Originally, he thought that this Junior Martial Sister was just taciturn and cold to everyone. As he was the only disciple of the same generation as Li Jun that understood the Languages of Beasts, he himself and Li Jun would naturally talk more. Therefore, Wan Tianyang was confident that——he would definitely be able to marry this beautiful little Junior Martial Sister.

Li Jun is indeed the youngest Junior Martial Sister of the sect.

Because of her natural aptitude for acquiring the languages of beasts, it was confirmed that she would be the future Number One Beast Trainer of the sect. Whether it’s because of the ambition for a higher position or because of the desire for Li Jun’s beauty, many people pursued Li Jun. And previously…..the most promising one was this Wan Tianyang.

However, because of the sudden appearance of Huhe, Wan Tianyang felt slightly anxious.

“Senior Martial Brother Wan, you haven’t seen Blacky and White yet?” Li Jun suddenly stopped and turned to look at Wan Tianyang.

Wan Tianyang froze for a second and smiled awkwardly as he replied, “I just went in. By the way, Junior Martial Sister, when is your friend, Huhe, leaving the God of Heaven Mountain?”

“Probably in a few days.” Li Jun answered.

“Junior Martial Sister, actually, I thought it was very weird…...Since when did you know this Huhe person? I heard that this Huhe was the legendary Demon Arada. Junior Martial Sister, you only arrived the God of Heaven Mountain a little while ago, so you shouldn’t have gotten the chance to get to know him.” Wan Tianyang asked in a curious tone.

Li Jun smiled and responded, “Senior Martial Brother Wan, I travelled the Great Prairie with Blacky and White and I went back and forth several thousand times in a day. How would you know all the people who I met? Alright, I still have to accompany Blacky and White. Senior Martial Brother Wan, please go back!” With this, Li Jun headed into the cave without paying any attention to Senior Martial Brother Wan.

Soon, melodious sounds of eagles crying came from within the depths of the cave.

Senior Martial Brother Wan cast a bitter glance and turned as he walked out of the cave.

After strolling in the surroundings of the tower, Teng Qingshan headed down the mountain, wishing to see how marvelous the God of Heaven Mountain is.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

There were patrolling armored guards guarding the mountain paths. When they noticed Teng Qingshan heading down the mountain, the group of people immediately halted Teng Qingshan and blocked his way. The leader of the guard stretched his hand and said loudly, “Guest! Outsiders are not allowed to run around in the God of Heaven Mountain. It will be best for you to stay in the region around the Goddess Palace!”

“Eh? What do you mean? I can’t go up the mountain? And I can’t go down the mountain?” Teng Qingshan asked with his brows knitted.

“Yes!” The leader of the guards said firmly, “This is the rule of the God of Heaven Mountain! You are a guest who was invited by the Goddess, thus, you can only be in the region around the Goddess Palace. As for the other locations which belong to the other Godly Generals or Messengers of God and other important places, guest are not allowed to go near them!”

Hearing this, the good mood Teng Qingshan had been in during the early morning was completely ruined.

According to what the leader of the guards said, if Teng Qingshan wanted to go down the mountain without Li Jun’s help…….he would have to go down by force, otherwise, he would have to jump down from the mountain!


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