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Chapter 11 Who are you? 

In the gloomy room, the faint light of the candle was illuminating the room.

Qiao Zhong slumped on the ground. All four of his limbs drooped down helplessly and drops of sweat covered his forehead. His face looked horrifying as he glared at Ma Jinxiao, who was standing before him. He didn’t expect that…..the person before him could be this ruthless and fierce. He actually destroyed his martial arts and broke his hands and feet.

He was completely ruined!

“You hate me?” Ma Jinxiao sneered.

With his mouth stuffed, Qiao Zhong could only emit a bitter humph through his nose. However the look on his eyes could tear the killer before him apart.

“Qiao Zhong, do you remember what happened twenty-one years ago?  When you were still a centurion and you passed by a village around a dozen li north of Xiao Yao Palace? A village called Ma Jia Village?” Ma Jinxiao was staring at Qiao Zhong, refusing to let any expression slip slip past his eyes.

At this moment, Qiao He’s hatred was making Ma Jinxiao feel good! He felt that he had vented his hatred!




















On the rooftop, Teng Qingshan could hear Qiao Zhong’s soft, painful cries, and Ma Jinxiao’s mumbles.

“Twenty-one years. Ma Jinxiao suppressed his hatred for twenty-one years.” Teng Qingshan sighed secretly. From a psychological perspective, normal people would probably suffer a mental breakdown after suppressing their hatred for twenty-one years. If one did not suffer a mental breakdown, he would be mentally distorted and it wouldn’t be weird if he became a crazy killer.

However, Ma Jinxiao’s self-control was obviously quite good.

At least, he only killed only Qiao Zhong. He didn’t slaughter Qiao Zhong’s whole family.

“There shouldn’t be any powerful experts around this mansion, since they would hear, Ma Jinxiao’s mumbles or Qiao Zhong’s soft cries.” With his six senses, Teng Qingshan came to this conclusion. Even though he was at a corner of the mansion, he would still detect their noises here.

Suddenly, Teng Qingshan, who was lying prostrate on the rooftop, glanced into the distance.

“I am really a jinx.” Teng Qingshan shook his head.

Faraway, a white browed middle-aged man was approaching towards the mansion with a puzzled expression. However, the middle-aged man remained silent and went towards the hallway stealthily.

Teng Qingshan uncovered a tile on the rooftop and looked down.

“Bang!” The room door was kicked open!

Ma Jin Xiao, who was venting his hatred as he cut the meat on Qiao Zhong’s body in the room, was shocked.

“Sixth Martial Brother!” When the White Browed Man at the door saw this bloody scene before his eyes, the expression on his face went from shock to anger.


Qiao Zhong, who was already blind, immediately tried to make breathing sounds as soon as he heard the sound.  He knew…..that his Second Martial Brother was here! Even if he died, someone would be able avenge him!

“Only twenty-six cuts. You are lucky.” Ma Jinxiao waved the war saber in his hand and pierced it into Qiao Zhong’s heart.

Splash! Fresh blood splattered.

“Die.” The White Browed angrily roared and the long sword in his hand flashed a silver glow. He was charging towards Ma Jinxiao while leaving blurry afterimages.

“No need to send me off.” Ma Jinxiao sneered as he jumped towards the window at the side.

The white browed man showed an icy expression. With a swirl, he started his pursuit, but Ma Jinxiao suddenly turned around and did a weird a backward thrust. A black light was floating on the war saber on his hand, and his saber transformed into numerous successive shadows, slashing towards the white browed man.

The figure of the saber was extremely fast.

“Your skill in the use of saber is quite good…..” The white browed man’s voice resounded in the room.

“Clang!” “Clang!”

The two successive clashing sounds rang and Ma Jinxiao then humphed as he crashed into the wall behind. “Boom” The walls suddenly collapsed and crushed bricks and rocks flew towards all directions. The tiles on the rooftop and the wood supporting the room collapsed. Because of the loud noises, many people started to arrive.


“The northeast side. Quick go there.”

A large number of patrolling Immortal Guards rushed there. “What happened? What’s wrong?” “ A group of protectors and elders were also heading here swiftly.

“Hmph. How could an Emptiness Dan Innate Expert dare to act arrogantly? You are seeking death.” The white browed man moved like lightning. The bricks and rocks were flying as he darted forward. The glow of Innate True Origin knocked away the bricks flying towards him and trenchant sword in his hand was emitting a silver glow. In just a flash, he arrived before Ma Jinxiao, who was heavily injured.

The parts where Ma Jinxiao’s index finger and thumb were connected cracked and Ma Jinxiao himself had no power to stop the white browed man.

“So fast!”

Ma Jinxiao’s  eyes blurred and the only thing he could see was the silver glow of the sword. With a horrifying expression, he roared angrily as all the strength he possessed bursted out of his body. He actually used the war saber in his hand as a flying knife and threw it with all his might.

“Useless struggles!” The white browed didn’t dare to let this knife wound himself. He only blocked the war saber with his long sword and thrusted his long sword towards Ma Jinxiao’s throat.

“Father, Mother, Sister, Uncles…..Jinxiao avenged you guys! I have no more regrets…….” After twenty-one years of bearing this hatred, he was finally free. Ma Jinxiao was very calm as he faced death. Suddenly, an image appeared in his mind. It was the boy who stood in between his mother and the bandits. Ma Jinxiao then said to himself, “Little He, Teacher wanted to teach you, but unfortunately, you can only rely on yourself in the future.”


A clear sound rang.

The white browed man only felt an illusion-like figure beaming on the edge of his sword. The force was so great that even he himself could not control his long sword. With a surprised expression…..He saw a masked man who was dressed in black appeared in a flash. The masked man gave Ma Jinxiao a forcefully kick, sending him up into the air as he shouted, “Quick go!”

Ma Jinxiao only realized what was happening when he was mid-air. During this moment of life and death, Ma Jinxiao felt waves surging in his heart.

“Thanks for saving my life!” When Ma Jinxiao descended on the ground, he immediately cupped his hand and shouteed. With this, he leaped up and fled.

Seeing that Ma Jinxiao escaped, the white browed man was even more angry. The silver glow of the trenchant sword in his hand brightened and the flood of sword light inundated towards the escaping man dressed in black, forming a sword screen which cornered the man dressed in black. The sword screen produced powerful knives made of air and slashed deep ravines on the ground.


Seeing that he was halted by the sword screen, the man dressed in black humphed angrily and punched the enormous silver sword screen.

“Bang!” The punch blasted the sword screen and smashed the illuminating shield of Innate True Origin on the white browed man’s chest. The white browed man was blasted into the air like a flying meteorite and smashed four walls. He then crashed on the ground helplessly. Coughing out blood, the white browed man looked up.

The man dressed in black had already jumped up. At this moment, the Immortal Guards that have arrived could not stop him.

“Who are you!” The white browed man shouted bitterly.


While the cold and arrogant voice was still resonating, the masked man dressed in black had already disappeared.

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