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Chapter 88: Zhizhi Is Furious- 1

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Zhou Tingting had never been so furious before. She stormed out of the coffee shop in a huff and stood under the shade of a tree.

She was waiting for Lu Yumo to comfort her. However, Lu Yumo did not come out.

From Zhou Tingting’s perspective, Lu Yumo was her boyfriend. He should put her first and satisfy all her demands. How could he use the money to buy Fu Zhi a gaming console and not give it to her? Was he taking their relationship seriously?

“You mustn’t proceed with the balance payment. I need the money to save my mother.” Zhou Tingting sent a message to Lu Yumo, sounding pitiful.

After 10 minutes, Lu Yumo replied, “No.”

Zhou Tingting’s eyes widened in disbelief when she saw Lu Yumo’s response. She could not believe that he would say no to her. Gritting her teeth, she sent another message. “Lu Yumo, am I still your girlfriend or not? Just because I asked you for money to save my mother, you’re already tired of me? Do you still remember the day when you ran away from your house for me? How could you be so cold to me right now?”

Lu Yumo did not reply.

He had experienced the feeling of getting bossed around during the past week while he had been working as a training partner. He had matured a little bit, and he finally understood how terrible Fu Zhi had felt when he had run away from home the other day.

He gazed blankly at his phone for a long while before picking up the coffee on the table and gulping it down in one sitting. The coffee coursed through his parched lips, moisturizing his throat and clearing the fog in his brain.

He did not plan on telling Zhou Tingting what he had done and what he had experienced in the past week in order to get the money for her. Feeling a little dejected, he replied, “Getting donations from society is the best solution for you right now.

“Besides, Fu Zhi was brought to the Lu Family by my mother. The Lu Family decided to take her in, so she’s my family and I have to take care of her. Please don’t forget that, even though I’m your boyfriend, I’m also her elder brother.”

Even Lu Yumo had begun to side with Fu Zhi.

When this realization hit Zhou Tingting, she felt so aggrieved that she nearly started crying.

She stared daggers at the coffee shop. After a short while, she flagged a cab and left, as she did not want to see him anymore.

On Sunday, Madam Lu sent a message to Xu Wei and Lu Jingqing, telling them she was not feeling well. Xu Wei and Lu Jingqing rushed to the hospital at 3 o’clock in the morning to take care of her.

After Lu Yushen had his breakfast, it was time for his psychological rehabilitation.

Xu Wei called back home and asked Lu Yumo to bring Fu Zhi to visit Madam Lu at the hospital.

Fu Zhi was drinking bubble tea, so Lu Yumo waited for her on a bench in the hospital.

It was at that moment that he saw two familiar incoming figures.

They were Zhou Tingting’s mother and brother.

“Mrs. Zhou?” Lu Yumo thought his eyes had failed him. He approached Mrs. Zhou and said with confusion written all over his face, “Tingting said you were seriously ill. How could you get out of your sickbed so soon?”

Lu Yumo had known Zhou Tingting since ten years old. He had helped the Zhou Family many times during the past eight years, so the Zhous knew him as well.

Mrs. Zhou was stunned, as she had not expected to bump into Lu Yumo there. However, her son, Zhou Rui, had a different reaction. He held Lu Yumo’s gaze, but there was anger flowing behind his eyes.

His sister had told him that the Lu Family had refused to help him buy a house. What’s more, Lu Yumo had used the money that had been meant for his mother to buy a gaming console.

He believed that the Lus were really a bunch of cold-blooded, heartless creatures.

He went closer and mumbled “gaming console” in Mrs. Zhou’s ear, snapping the latter out of her trance.

There was no need for her to feel so anxious, as she had done nothing wrong!

Therefore, she stared at Lu Yumo angrily and snarled, “It’s none of your business considering that you just want me dead. I’m sure you’re very disappointed to see me alive and kicking, right?!”

No members of the Lu Family were sick, so Mrs. Zhou figured that Lu Yumo had to be there to laugh at them. She raised her voice and shouted, attracting the attention of the people in the corridor, “I’m telling you Lu Yumo, I’m not as naive as my daughter! You can dismiss her by giving her 40,000 yuan, but it won’t work on me. If you don’t give me 500,000 yuan, I’ll sue you for trying to kill me!”

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