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Chapter 62: She Is Drunk

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Lu Chuwan’s old dresses were all piled pitifully on Fu Zhi’s vanity. Xu Tongtong had never in her wildest dream imagined that her favorite designer would actually design a dress for a hick like Fu Zhi.

While listening to the discussion around her, she felt a burning sensation on her cheeks as if somebody had slapped her.

“This isn’t my fault! Who would have thought that a country bumpkin like her could afford a dress comparable to an art piece in a museum?!”

Xu Tongtong forced herself to calm down as she said, “It’s just a dress. What’s the big deal? I heard that Li Luo is an orphan and likes to help the poor. I’m sure she took pity on you, so she…”

“Can you please shut up?” Fu Zhi interjected forcefully. She took some milk candy from a container and popped it into her mouth. The light yellow dress on her arm made her skin look even fairer.

She crunched on the milk candy and said slowly, drawing out her vowels, “Now it’s time for you to fulfill your promise. Kneel.”

Lu Chuwan and Bai Yao were stunned.

The dressing room fell silent.

Standing there frozen stiff, Xu Tongtong opened and closed her mouth several times. After a short while, she shouted in disbelief, “You want me to kneel?!”

“That’s what you said you would do just now, so you have to run with it.”

After Fu Zhi finished speaking, everyone then turned their heads in unison and zeroed in on Xu Tongtong. She looked hesitant. Gone was that arrogant little girl.

A contemptuous expression crossed everyone’s faces as one of them said, “Xu Tongtong, didn’t you say that Fu Zhi had bought her dress off the rack? I think you’re the one who doesn’t know what’s what here. You’re such a narrow-minded person!”

“Yeah. Since you said you would get on your knees and apologize to Fu Zhi, you have to keep your promise.”

“You keep saying that Fu Zhi is a country bumpkin, but it turns out that you’re the real country bumpkin. Hah, you brought this upon yourself. Shame on you!”

All the girls began showering Xu Tongtong with all sorts of offensive remarks. Xu Tongtong had been the star of her group until now and had never experienced such humiliation in her life before. She gnashed her teeth tightly, and her eyes were turning red around the rims.

Refusing to go down just like this, she took a deep breath and said, “Fu Zhi, you’re the most vicious and despicable person I’ve ever met. Why did you have to set me up like this? Why didn’t you tell us your dress was the real deal, huh? Wanwan and I just wanted the best for you because we know that you come from a poor place, yet this is how you pay us back?!”

Fu Zhi raised her eyebrows and replied after some contemplation, “Are you drunk?”

Xu Tongtong was stumped. Feeling as if this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, she couldn’t take it anymore. She turned around and rushed toward the door.

Shen Cizhou was standing beside the door, half of his face veiled under the light in the room.

It was only when Xu Tongtong went closer that she saw his well-chiseled jaw hidden under the brim of his black cap thanks to the flitting light.

A long, slender finger slipped out of the pocket.

Xu Tongtong ran past him with tears in her eyes.

However, before she could run far, she heard a crack from her knees. Then, before she knew what was happening, her knees gave way and she fell flat on her face.

She did not have the time to care about the searing pain in her knees, as she felt something sticky and tickly on her nose.

She touched her nose with her hand and only then realized her nose was bleeding.

“Ahh—It hurts!”

Xu Tongtong let out a pained scream as Shen Cizhou’s white canvas shoes walked past her.

A teacher rushed toward Xu Tongtong when she heard the commotion. “What the heck just happened here? Why is she bleeding?”

As she was talking, she looked at Fu Zhi and her group.

Fu Zhi then replied out of courtesy, “She’s drunk.”

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