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Chapter 59: Stop Giving Excuses

While sitting in the audience, Shen Cizhou let out a long yawn. The brim of his black hat covered his slanted brown eyes with its shadow, and his long, slender fingers were clutching his phone tightly.

When the light from the hall shone on him, his hard, well-defined jawline was more than enough to make one’s fancy run wild.

It had only been half a minute when Lu Chuwan grabbed the side of her dress and rushed off the stage with tears in her eyes.

“Ah! What happened to my diva? Why would her dress suddenly pop off? If I ever find out who bullied my diva, I’ll kill them!”

Shen Cizhou patted the student’s shoulder. After the student turned his head, he then said, “Brother, watch yourself when you go out tonight. I’ve hired a person to hit you with a car.”

Then, without waiting for the student to reply, he rose to his feet and left. As he was walking, he sent a message to Fu Zhi. ‘Your cousin is even more demanding than your eldest brother. She’s a typical person who has ideas above her station. Not only is she ugly, but she’s high-maintenance as well. Therefore, to preserve the peace and harmony of the Lu Family, I suggest you kill her off as soon as possible.’

Fu Zhi did not reply.

The dressing room was filled with Lu Chuwan’s heart-wrenching cries.

The bellflower dress had been torn apart from her waist to the lower part of her arm. From her standpoint, Xu Tongtong could clearly see her white undergarments.

Truth be told, Xu Tongtong was not the only one. No matter how headstrong Lu Chuwan was and how hard she tried to hold the fabric together, nearly all of the people in the hall had seen the same thing Xu Tongtong was seeing right now.

Just like Zhou Tingting, Lu Chuwan was considered a cute goddess at school. Unfortunately, now…

As a girl who had grown up in a big family, Lu Chuwan had never suffered such humiliation before in her life. She grasped tightly the flimsy cloth in front of her chest as she bawled her eyes out in Bai Yao’s embrace.

Bai Yao tried to comfort her daughter as best as she could, but it was pointless. She scanned the dressing room, trying to look for help, and her eyes landed on Fu Zhi. Something suddenly popped into her head as she pointed at her and shouted, “It was you, right? You just said that my Wanwan was going to regret it! I knew it. I knew it all along! Poor places nurture terrible people. You must be jealous of my daughter because she looks better than you, so you did something to the dress and humiliated her in front of everyone!”

“The tulle is lightweight and fine, with stiff netting. It doesn’t have much elasticity.”

All Shen Cizhou did was just pull a rhinestone from the dress. Fu Zhi raised her head and said slowly, “Stop giving excuses. She’s just too big for the dress.”

“Fu Zhi, you—”

Fu Zhi shot a glance at her. “I what?”

Bai Yao was so exasperated with Fu Zhi’s attitude that she felt ready to pass out.

She had known that this girl was not simple all along, but she had never expected her to be this good at concealing herself. It had just occurred to her that the innocence this girl displayed in the Lu Household was merely a pretense and this was her real character.

The more Bai Yao thought about it, the angrier she became. Suddenly, she saw the qipao on top of the vanity and her eyes glowed. She darted toward the qipao and picked up a pair of scissors along the way. She grabbed the qipao in one quick swoop and brought it closer to the scissors. Then, with a manic grin on her face, she began cutting the qipao as she shouted, “You’re merely an adopted daughter! Since Wanwan’s dress was destroyed, I won’t let you have a nice dress to wear either!”

Xu Wei quickly went forward to stop her, but she was too late. By the time Bai Yao let go of the qipao, there was a large hole below the collar.

“Bai Yao, what the hell are you doing?” Xu Wei took the qipao into her hands. Her body was trembling from anger.

“It’s none of your business,” Bai Yao said as she tossed the scissors on the vanity. “Since you said the dress was for Wanwan, I can do whatever I want with it. It has nothing to do with you!”

Then, she turned to Fu Zhi and rolled her eyes at her.

“There’s no way I’m going to let you get on the stage all dolled up. No way!”

After Bai Yao finished shouting, Shen Cizhou finally showed up. He opened the door and made everyone’s eyes turn to him. As everyone wondered what this young man in a high school uniform was doing there, he stepped into the room and leaned against the wall.

Then, in a lackadaisical voice, he said, “Fu Zhi, your dress is here.”

Xu Wei, who was stunned by the sudden appearance of the young man, could not come back to her senses for a long while. At the same time, Su Xing rushed to the door.

Shen Cizhou hurled the box toward Su Xing. His body reeked of cigarette smoke, and his voice was deep and cold as he said, “The delivery fees are 200 yuan. Cash or WeChat Pay?”

Fu Zhi paid him no mind, but Su Xing obediently pulled out her phone and paid Shen Cizhou.

‘She must be rich.’

That was the first impression Shen Cizhou had of Su Xing.

“Let’s exchange contact information, miss. I’ll look for you next time if she refuses to pay me.”

Su Xing was excited, as she felt she finally could be useful to Fu Zhi. She grinned at Shen Cizhou and said, “Sure! I wish to help Zhizhi pay all her bills!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Hopping happily like a rabbit, Su Xing put the box on the vanity and asked, “Should I open the box for you, Zhizhi?”

When Fu Zhi nodded at her, Su Xing flipped the box open.

There was a light-yellow dress inside the gold-gilded box. On the hemline of the dress was a depiction of China’s brilliant civilization since ancient times.

On top of the dress was a letter signed by designer Li Luo.

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