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Chapter 38: Look, Is The Sun Rising From The West?

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Fu Zhi waited until the silver needles stopped vibrating before putting them away.

All thirteen needles were soaked in a black goo that seemed like a toxin.

After all the needles had been removed from his body, color began to return to Li Nanli’s face.

Fu Zhi took one last look at his face before stuffing her pouch away. Then, she turned around and opened the door.

The moment she emerged from the ward, Secretary Liu hastily went up to her. “How is President Li, Ms. Fu? When is he going to wake up?

Fu Zhi replied coldly, “In about half an hour.”

Secretary Liu was filled with so much joy that he nearly cried. He went forward excitedly and tried to grab Fu Zhi’s hand to express his gratitude.

However, before he could reach out for her hand, Fu Zhi took two quick steps back.

Secretary Liu, who was stumped, could hear his heart shattering when he saw the disgust in Fu Zhi’s eyes.

He soon collected himself and walked over to the bed.

The ward was quiet. Nobody dared speak, as there was an expression of disbelief etched on their faces.

Even though they had already seen how capable Fu Zhi was, they still found it hard to believe when Fu Zhi said Li Nanli would regain consciousness in half an hour.

Some of the doctors still refused to believe her. Only when they went forward to run a check-up on Li Nanli were they finally convinced.

“The patient is over the hump now, and his condition is improving steadily. The Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation is indeed a miracle of Chinese medicine!”

Fu Zhi stole a glance at the doctor and then moved her gaze to the window.

Dr. Zhao had become Fu Zhi’s fan after seeing her perform this technique. With a smile on his face, he approached Fu Zhi and asked, “What are you looking at, master?”

“The sun.”

Dr. Zhao looked in the same direction and saw the light. “Are you studying the effect of weather and the seasons on Young Master Li’s illness?”

‘See, actions speak louder than words. She’s a real master!’

“Nope,” Fu Zhi replied. She put both her hands on top of her forehead and studied the sun through the slits between her fingers. Then, she added plainly, “I’m checking if the sun is rising from the west.”


Dr. Zhao felt like his ears had failed him. At the same time, although he did not know if this was an illusion or not, he felt that Fu Zhi seemed a little… narrow-minded?


Dr. Zhao and Dr. Zhou exchanged a glance, both of them seeing the awkwardness in each other’s eyes.


There was no way the sun could rise from the west. Could Master Fu Zhi not tell that they were just messing with her?

“M—Master…” Dr. Zhao looked as if the cat had gotten his tongue.

Fu Zhi leaned against the windowsill and did not say anything else.

She put one leg on top of the other as she admired the scenery outside the window leisurely.

Looking at Fu Zhi, Dr. Zhou gritted his teeth as if he was fighting against something inside of him. His face was turning redder and redder with each passing second. After a short while, he approached Fu Zhi and bowed his head down apologetically. “Little friend, your medical skills are indeed remarkable. I apologize for our parochial attitude and hope you can forgive us.”


Fu Zhi nodded and closed the window.

Dr. Zhou let out a sigh. He watched as Fu Zhi sat on a couch and began writing down a prescription on the medical history sheet with a black pen.

For a moment, nobody talked. Only the susurration of the pen moving against the paper could be heard in the air.

The girl’s eyelashes were long and delicately arranged. Her eyes sat perfectly on her face, and she looked just like a beautiful lady that had come out of a drawing.

After a short while, she handed the prescription to Secretary Liu. “Give him this medicine three times a day. We will see how it goes after a month.”

Secretary Liu took the prescription and gave it a glance.

Fu Zhi’s writing was beautiful, unlike most other doctors’ handwriting. He could understand most of the words, yet the name of the medicine was alien to him. He thus asked, “What’s wrong with President Li?”

“He has been taking the wrong medicine.”

Fu Zhi looked toward the sickbed and paused halfway through her sentence. “Plus, his diet—”

In front of her was a pair of watery peach blossom eyes that were slightly slanted upward. The pair of eyebrows on top of the eyes were slightly creased, making him look even colder and more heartless.

Li Nanli had woken up earlier than she had expected.

Fu Zhi was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to do.

She did not move for a long while, and it seemed as if someone had pushed the pause button.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds later, Li Nanli’s lips curled upward and he chuckled, shattering the silence.

It was only then that Secretary Liu noticed the changes in Fu Zhi. He turned around but before he could say anything, the man on the sickbed ordered him, “Liu Mi, please see everyone out.”

The man’s voice was deep and mellow. It sounded like well-aged wine or jade. Even though he had just said one sentence, his voice was soothing to the ears.

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