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Chapter 35: Do You Think This Is An Embroidery Workshop?

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Dr. Zhou took stock of the situation and said sternly, “We can’t wait anymore. Professor He is not here, and Young Master Li can’t hold on much longer. We have to carry out the operation right away!”

Dr. Zhou was the vice president of the Capitol’s First Hospital. His healing skill was remarkable, and he had obtained many awards in the medical field. He was also known as God’s right hand.

A doctor standing next to him said, “But Vice President Zhou, he is… Besides, if we don’t have complete confidence and carry out the operation rashly, there is a huge chance that a medical accident will occur.”

Dr. Zhou frowned and objected. “I have already said that the main cause of the hematemesis and coma is in the stomach. Only by carrying out a laparoscopy will we be able to stop gastrorrhagia. If we don’t do the operation now, things will become even more complicated. Then, no one will be able to save him!”

The rest of the doctors relapsed into silence, and their expressions were grim. Dr. Zhou added, “Even if my judgment is wrong and we don’t find out the main cause of his illness during the operation, we can just stitch up the wound. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, so it won’t put his life in danger!”

The other doctors did not know what to say, as they were not sure whether they should take this risk or not.

Glancing across the group of doctors, Vice President Zhou waved his arm and added, “The reason we put our whole heart into studying medicine is to save lives. I will bear all the possible consequences Young Master Li might face during the operation.”

A doctor chimed in, “I agree with Dr. Zhou. If we don’t do the operation now, Young Master Li might not be able to make it through the night.”

After a short silence, they all reached a consensus.

The villa was well-prepared. Dr. Zhou immediately ordered a few doctors to prepare for the operation.

Suddenly, Fu Zhi’s indifferent voice rang out from behind, reaching everyone’s ears. “Despite his current state, you guys are still choosing to perform an operation on him? Are you trying to kill him?”

Her voice trailed off toward the other side of the corridor. A hushed silence descended, and everyone went still from shock.

Dr. Zhou was the first one to come back to his senses. With a frown, he turned toward the source of the voice and his eyes landed on Fu Zhi, who was walking beside Secretary Liu.

When he saw that she was a young girl around 16 or 17 years old, his face sank and he hissed, “Who are you, kid? Do you know that this is not a place where you can mess around? Get out of here!”

The rest of the doctors also looked furiously at Fu Zhi. They had been working under high pressure for several days straight. Their nerves were tightly wound, so they could not say anything right now.

“Secretary Liu, we already found a way to save Young Master Li. Please kick her out, as her presence would only affect the procedure.”

Looking at the impatient Dr. Zhou, Secretary Liu shook his head. “Vice President Zhou, she is the famous doctor invited by Professor He and Old Master Li.”

‘She is the famous doctor? How is there any possibility a young girl would know anything about Chinese medicine?’

Dr. Zhou was annoyed by Fu Zhi’s sudden appearance. Plus, he did not have much confidence in the operation, and Fu Zhi had now thrown a wet blanket over his plan…

Therefore, when Secretary Liu said that Fu Zhi was the famous doctor, he refused to believe it. “She is the famous doctor? Has she reached adulthood yet? Secretary Liu, you should know very well that it takes at least 10 years of experience for one to be considered a famous doctor in Chinese medicine.

“In my opinion, you’ve either picked up the wrong person, or this lady over here has been practicing Chinese medicine since she was in her mother’s womb.”

It was very apparent that Dr. Zhou was dissatisfied with Fu Zhi.

Secretary Liu hesitated for a moment before he turned around to look at Fu Zhi.

“40 minutes. I can wake him up in 40 minutes,” Fu Zhi said. There was a smirk playing at the tips of her lips, and her eyes were cold.

Dr. Zhou was tickled pink by her response. “You are going to wake Young Master Li up in 40 minutes? You and whose army? Hah, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard!”


“That should be my line.”

Fu Zhi threw a glance at him. “You said you’re going to perform an operation on him, yet if you don’t find anything wrong, you’re going to stitch the wound up and act as if nothing happened? Do you think this is an embroidery workshop?”

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