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Chapter 348: A Sick Brother

Gu Yan was brought away by the police in the end.

There were plenty of reporters on the scene, and many of them were jotting everything down as they prepared to write a report about her.

Lu Yumo did not know what to feel right now.

If Gu Yan had not given way to her greediness and coveted what did not belong to her, at the very least, she still could have kept her dream.

However, it was too late to say anything now.

Chu Hao told Fu Zhi, “It’s the Chu Family’s fault for giving Gu Yan the chance to impersonate you to take part in the examination and steal the Thousand Spirit Grass. Given your ability, you don’t even need to participate in the examination. Were it not for your ointment, my disciple would not have recovered so fast. Both my disciple and I owe a great debt to you, and if you ever need our assistance in the future, just let us know and we will do everything we can to help you.”

In other words, the entire Chu Family was supporting Fu Zhi, which meant that if Fu Zhi ever wanted to become a doctor, her career would be smooth sailing! No one would ever dare to get in her way!

The crowd’s eyes reddened around the rims when they heard it.

When Chu He heard what Chu Hao had said, he could not stay quiet anymore and stepped forward. “You can’t do that, senior brother! You don’t know her well. She poisoned me when I was in Yu City!”

“Elder Chu, speaking of poison, have you forgotten that it was you who poisoned Mrs. Xu first?”

Chu He objected. “Don’t you dare change the topic. We’re talking about you poisoning me right now!”

Chu Hao frowned. “Mrs. Xu? Poison? What is Boss Fu talking about?”

“Erm… About that…” Chu He hemmed and hawed, but he could not give an exact answer.

Looking at Chu He’s red face, Fu Zhi just felt that he was wasting her time. She waved her hand and said, “Alright, alright. It’s not poison at all. It’s just some soil.”

Fu Zhi only fed Chu He a little. Chu He was old, so his body’s immune mechanism was not as good as before. He only felt bloated in the abdomen, but there was nothing wrong with him. That’s why he thought that Fu Zhi had done something to him.

Nothing would happen to him even if he did not consume the powder that Fu Zhi gave him every month.

However, due to the fact that Chu He cherished his life a lot, he did not dare go against Fu Zhi. That’s why Fu Zhi could mess with him.

Chu He felt embarrassed after he heard what Fu Zhi had said.

Fu Zhi did not want to waste her time on him anymore. She turned to Chu Hao and said, “You’re the buyer, and I’m the seller. You don’t owe me anything.”

The last thing Fu Zhi lacked was connections, and she had gotten used to being a lone wolf. There were two reasons Chu Hao had offered her such benefits. One was that he was grateful to her, and second, everyone would get sick from the moment they were born. Thus, a good doctor had a lot of support and was highly coveted.

For example, Z God…

Most of the people in the crowd could not see through. They just thought that Fu Zhi was the one who got all the benefits, but in reality, the one that had gained the most benefits by befriending a good doctor like Fu Zhi was the Chu Family.

Chu Hao couldn’t help but nod in admiration for Fu Zhi’s character. He did not press on after Fu Zhi rejected him and said, “Then please follow me to claim your prize.”

Fu Zhi nodded.

The Chu Family was indeed an elite family with more than 100 years of history. There were plenty of exotic and rare herbs in Chu Hao’s garden.

Chu Hao nearly fell to the ground when he heard that Fu Zhi was going to make the Mind-Tranquilizing Minor Exchange Pill. “Isn’t that an ancient prescription? I remember that the prescription is incomplete, and the process to make one is extremely tedious. Up until now, the only person who’s managed to make this pill is Z God! Do you need my help? Or do you want me to help you get in contact with Z God?”

Fu Zhi replied, “Nope. Just don’t let anyone disturb me.”

Chu Hao was speechless.

He had no idea why, but an unrealistic idea suddenly surfaced in his heart.

‘Fu Zhi, FZ, Z…’

Then, Chu Hao slapped himself on the cheek.

‘Are you crazy? Boss Fu Zhi is still so young!’

It was close to the evening when Fu Zhi came out of her room and took Lu Yumo for a walk around.

She needed another two or three days before the Minor Exchange Pill could be completed. At the same time, Lu Yushen would continue to get psychological treatment from Li Nanli online, and he had hired a professional psychiatrist to check on his condition from time to time as well.

Lu Yumo felt that Fu Zhi loved Lu Yushen more than him.

The reason was that he could jump around, he was mentally healthy, and whenever he cried, he would not cry silently like Lu Yushen but very hard, like a pig that was about to get slaughtered.

Thus, to make his sister love him more, Lu Yumo scooped Fu Zhi into his arms and said, “You’re tired, Zhizhi. Let me carry you!”

Fu Zhi, who nearly vomited the milk she had drunk just now before coming out for a walk, did not know what to say.

‘You’re really courting death!’

Meanwhile, the Chu Family received two unexpected guests.

A black luxury car with a Yu City number plate was stopped in front of the quaint mansion. The driver, who was wearing white gloves, got out of the car first and then went to the back of the car to open the door.

The first person that emerged from the car was a woman. Her eyes were sharp like an eagle’s, and she had a domineering aura as she walked in her black dress.

The next person to get out of the car was a teenager about 13 or 14 years old in a wheelchair.

He was wearing a beige trench coat, black pants, and a pair of canvas shoes. He looked well-behaved, but his eyes were gloomy.

The driver got all the luggage out of the car.

A few meters away, Lu Yu’an looked at the girl on Lu Yumo’s back.

Lu Yumo was yelling to throw Fu Zhi off his back, while Fu Zhi was smiling and ordering him to run faster. If he did not, she was going to tell Lu Jingqing to break his legs.

Anyone who saw this scene would feel that Fu Zhi was bullying Lu Yumo. However, Fu Zhi looked harmless, and she was sending text messages to someone right now.

Her eyes were bright like the stars in the sky, but Lu Yu’an knew she was not that innocent at all.

She was the one who had sent his cousin to jail, and she…

Lu Yu’an frowned and stopped thinking.

It was only now that Fu Zhi noticed his unfriendly gaze. She wriggled uneasily on Lu Yumo’s back and raised her head.

There was quite some distance between her and Lu Yu’an. When she finally locked eyes with him, she was stunned, and it took her quite some time to finally remember who the young man was.

‘Ah! He’s Yubai’s sick brother who needs protection!’

Fu Zhi jumped down from Lu Yumo’s back and walked up to Lu Yu’an with the milk tea she had bought just now.

Chu Hao was talking to the woman beside him.

The disciple of the Chu Family greeted her. “You are still helping your brother exercise at this late hour?”

“As expected from a genius doctor, you would rather sacrifice your own exercise time so that your brother could exercise longer!”

“This is unlike my sister, who never let me carry her on my back. It’s as if she’s afraid that I would live longer than her!”

They had seen Fu Zhi’s medical skills, so they all admired her a lot.

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

She instinctively ignored them and looked at Lu Yu’an. Then, she looked at Lu Yumo, whose face had turned grim from the moment Lu Yu’an had shown up.

She raised her hand, and just as she was about to share the milk tea with Lu Yu’an, he moved his wheelchair away from her.

Then, his clear voice that seemed to be dripping with poison rang out. “Don’t touch me.”

Fu Zhi was stunned for a few seconds. The milk tea in her hand swung in midair and gave off a gentle hue under the moonlight.

She said, “I’m sorry.”

Then, she took a few steps back to increase the distance between them.

It seemed to her that Lu Yu’an did not like people to get too close to him.

Lu Yu’an had not expected that Fu Zhi would not get angry.

He had heard of her before. She was supposed to be just like his classmates at school, a vicious and selfish girl who looked down on disabled people like him. He pressed his lips firmly, subconsciously touched his knees, and averted his gaze.

After the woman finished talking to Chu Hao, she noticed Lu Yumo and Fu Zhi.


This was the first time Fu Zhi had come across Lu Yubai’s mother.

The woman was as smart as a new pin. After she ascertained that Fu Zhi was her niece, she rubbed her head and said, “You’re so adorable.”

Fu Zhi felt a little awkward, which was pretty rare for her. Raising her head to meet her gaze, she said, “Aunty Zhou.”

Zhou Qiong found her niece really cute. She pulled a bank card out of her purse and said, “I asked your cousin about you. He said you like to keep money, so this is for you. You can spend it as you like!”

‘What a nice gift!’

Fu Zhi’s eyes glowed, and she pushed all her unpleasant experiences with Lu Yu’an to the back of her mind. She took the card from Zhou Qiong and gave her the milk tea in her hand.

Zhou Qiong had not expected to receive a gift from her niece, so she was surprised. “Did you buy this specifically for me?”

Fu Zhi nodded. “Yes!”

Lu Yu’an did not know what to say.

Zhou Qiong brought Lu Yu’an to the Chu Family, hoping that they could help him. After she took him there, she had to go back to her workstation.

Chu Hao settled Lu Yu’an in his courtyard as well, but Lu Yumo suddenly packed all his stuff up.

Fu Zhi was fanning the fire, and when she saw what he was doing, she raised her head and asked, “Are you not going to sleep?”

Lu Yumo pouted his mouth and said, “I don’t want to sleep, and…”

He seemed rather hesitant to say what was on his mind. He hummed and hawed for a long while before finally deciding to say it out loud. “I decided to stay at the hotel and wait until you finish making the pill.”


“Lu Yu’an is here, and I don’t like him. Besides…” Lu Yumo did not know how to describe it. “He also doesn’t like physically healthy kids, and I think he’ll bite my head off while I’m sleeping so that he can claim my legs as his own.”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

Lu Yumo wanted to take Fu Zhi with him as well, but the pill had not yet been finished.

He said, “Aunty Zhou works for Interpol. She works on major criminal cases, so she often gets targeted by her enemies. There was this one time when they abducted Lu Yu’an. Although he was saved in the end, his legs…”

Fu Zhi replied, “He’s strong…”

“That’s not what I meant. Anyway, forget about it. You won’t understand.”

Lu Yumo threw himself on the bed and continued to speak. “He’s very close to Lu Chuwan, so that’s the reason he doesn’t like you. In any case, stay away from him, and I’ll be leaving tonight. You hear me?”

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