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Chapter 336: Dating – 1

Fu Zhi did not switch on her phone.

The reason was that Fu Zhao’s dog, Lunar, had been having a spring fever recently. He had organized a few blind dates for his dog, but Lunar had not been happy about it.

Then, a few days ago, Lunar had been captivated by a Shih Tzu.

Fu Zhao was devastated, and when he was devastated, he would go bother Fu Zhi as if there was a fluttering moth in his mouth.

Fu Zhi found him annoying, so she’d switched her phone off.

By the time Xi Man returned to the company, Fu Zhi had just woken up.

He handed the documents to Fu Zhi and said, “The paid posters were mainly hired by the Jiang Family and a few small companies of the Ouyang Family. Ever since you took over the helm and became the president of the Fu Corporation, you have not shown up in public, so President Jiang wanted to test you and see if he could get any benefits from us.”

In the past, the Jiang Family had been very good at forming relationships with others, for they believed that many hands provided great strength. However, Fu Zhao and Fu Zhi were different. Both of them were the “lone wolf” type, and they did not take the initiative to form connections with any corporations, not to mention that they were suspected of intending to exercise a monopoly over all economic sectors. As a result, many companies were unhappy with them.

The only reason they did not dare do anything while Fu Zhao was the president of the Fu Corporation was that he had built his business empire from scratch, and he was the one who had led the Fu Corporation to its current glorious state. However, Fu Zhi was different. She was a woman, not to mention that she had gotten the company because of her connection to Fu Zhao.

Thus, everyone yearned to get some benefits from her.

It was only now that Fu Zhi saw the light and realized why she did not like Jiang Zong. All the Jiangs were the same. They were stingy and they liked to take advantage of her.

Fu Zhi replied, her voice serious, “Sooner or later, I will find a chance and rob them of everything!”

Xi Man was speechless.

Then, he asked, “What about the Ouyang Family? What are you going to do about them? This is not so convenient for us…”

On the other side of the world, at No.1 High School…

Gu Yan was ordered by the school authorities to withdraw from the school.

When she came out of the director’s office, she threw all her books into the trash bin, keeping only a bag and a withdrawal letter.

She straightened her back and kept a straight face as she walked toward the main gate. When she passed by the guardhouse, the security guard called out to her. “Gu Yan! Your parcel from Hundred Herbs Hall has arrived. Come in and get it.”

Gu Yan received a lot of parcels every day, so the security guard remembered her name.

Usually, Gu Yan did not need these parcels, but the herbs from Hundred Herb Hall were different. She was going to use the herbs to make pills for the Chu Family’s entrance examination.

With a straight face, she went into the guardhouse. When she picked her parcel up from the floor, the corners of her eyes registered something that piqued her curiosity. She turned her head in that direction and when she saw the address on the parcel, her heart leaped into her throat.

‘Lu Yumo? The Chu Family? Why would someone like Lu Yumo have a connection with the Chu Family in the capital? Could they have befriended the Chu Family long ago behind my back to help Fu Zhi get back at me? Did they do that so the Chu Family would kick me out when I arrived there? Why can’t they just leave me alone? I’ve lost everything, and the Chu Family is my last opportunity. If it gets ruined by Lu Yumo, then…’

Gu Yan’s heart was getting colder and colder, and countless fears enveloped her whole.

The security guard was sipping a cup of tea and humming a tune. Without turning his head, he asked, “Did you find it?”

“Yeah, I found it. I’ll scan the code later!”

Driven by rage, Gu Yan ripped open Lu Yumo’s parcel to check what he had actually colluded with the Chu Family over before picking up her own parcel.

The place where Li Nanli had asked Fu Zhi to meet up was a coffee shop opened by the Li Corporation.

The young lady was wearing a beige knitted shirt today.

It had just rained, the temperature was low, and the air was slightly humid.

Perhaps she was afraid of the cold, Li Nanli could not be sure either, but she had put on a lot of warm clothes today. She was wearing black slim-fit pants, and her hair was neatly combed and tied into a ponytail behind her. Her skin was as smooth and fair as a peeled egg, and Li Nanli could barely hold the urge to pinch her cheek.

The coffee shop was situated in the downtown area of the capital, and by the time Fu Zhi arrived at the private booth, Li Nanli had already been there for a long time.

He had not put on his usual suit today. Instead, he had put on a white hoodie. He was sitting on a soft cushion and he was making tea right now, his movements fluid and elegant. There was a black watch on his wrist which further accentuated the fairness of his skin.

When he saw Fu Zhi, he waved his hand at her.

Fu Zhi walked up to him and asked, “What’s the thing you want to talk to me about?”

There were very few people in the coffee shop, and the surroundings of the private booth were quiet.

Li Nanli pointed at the cushion next to him and looked at Fu Zhi with his beautiful eyes.

Fu Zhi was stunned for a moment when she saw the strange light that flitted across Li Nanli’s eyes. However, she did not say anything and just took a seat.

“Little girl.” He lowered his head and said in a gentle voice, “I heard that you’ve been going on blind dates recently?”

Then, he paused for a moment before adding, “If you’re looking for a husband, what do you think about me?”

Fu Zhi felt absurd when she heard his first question, but the next sentence that came out of his mouth completely threw her for a loop. “Xiao Li! How can you think like that? I’m your aunt, and you’re my nephew. We’re a family, so it is forbidden for us to marry each other!”

Li Nanli was speechless, and he could feel his heart stop pumping for a moment.

He felt that he should talk about this matter in another way. After all, Fu Zhi’s mindset was different from the ordinary.

After finishing a cup of tea, Fu Zhi asked, “Xiao Li, you didn’t ask me to come out here for such a trivial matter, did you?”

‘Trivial matter? This is a trivial matter to her?’

Li Nanli did not know how to describe his feelings right now, especially after he saw those comments on Fu Zhao’s Weibo. Just like Old Master Li had said, everyone was offering themselves to be Fu Zhao’s son-in-law.

After some time that seemed like an eternity, he took a deep breath and said, “The government has given you a set of genes, so do you want to know what you’re capable of doing in other areas besides your intellectual and physical capabilities?”

“Hmm? What am I capable of?”

Fu Zhi wanted to know, so she nodded.

Li Nanli heaved a long sigh. He pointed at his lips and said, emphasizing every syllable, “Then, you will have to kiss me first.”

Even though he knew Fu Zhi did not really care about this kind of thing, when she came up to him with a straight face and planted a fleeting kiss on his lips, he still could not help getting a little excited.

Fu Zhi asked, “So what now? Do you want me to kiss you again?”

After a few seconds of silence, Li Nanli forced himself not to go overboard. He licked his lips, looked straight into her eyes, and asked in an elated voice, “Did you hate it?”

“Nope,” Fu Zhi answered expressionlessly after she thought for a few seconds. She did not have any feelings about it.

Then, Li Nanli smiled and tapped casually at the corner of her eyes. “If you don’t hate it, that means you like it.

“Zhizhi, you like me, and I like you too.”

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