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Chapter 331: The Ancient Painting Is Damaged – 1

Fu Zhi continued to brainwash the participants for eight minutes straight. Towards the end of her speech, she said, “If you want, China can also step up to the plate and conduct every next international Physics competition. The chairman of the Physics Association in Country M has deceived us, so we can only step up and bring him to justice!”

Yu Sui then chimed in, “That’s right. I just received a message from China. China will definitely protect the rights and interests of the participants, maximize the benefits, and ensure the fairness of the international competition!”

The chairman was so baffled that he did not know what to say.

‘That’s so ridiculous! You want everything, and now you even want to conduct an international Physics competition? Why don’t you just grow a pair of wings and fly into the sky instead?’

However, the chairman did not have a chance to say anything.

He could feel a chill on his back that trickled down his spine. His conversation with Mia, the deal between Mia and Gu Yan… Everything had been discovered by Fu Zhi, and it didn’t seem to be a coincidence to him…

Meanwhile, the mood of the group of participants was high, as Fu Zhi’s speech had aroused their feelings of patriotism and heightened their sense of unity.

Although some of them had previously felt contempt for Fu Zhi’s adventurous approach and had even wanted to see her get defeated like them, at the moment, they could not help but feel some sentiment of admiration and a little bit of gratitude for her from the bottom of their hearts.

Country M used to be an uncrossable mountain. However, not only had Fu Zhi managed to conquer it, but she’d also trampled it to the ground.

They realized things would develop in a better direction if they followed Fu Zhi!

The award ceremony ended with most of the participants getting brainwashed by Fu Zhi. They did not know about the public opinion in Country M, but the public opinion in China had completely changed, just as Chen Ming had expected.

All the netizens had transferred their anger, fury, and resentment from Fu Zhi to Gu Yan.

They even found out where her parents worked. The relevant units overseas could not withstand the pressure of some radical netizens in China, and within two days, Gu Yan’s father was dismissed by the company he worked for.

Gu Yan’s mother suffered less collateral damage. However, their relatives and friends in China avoided them like the plague. After being branded as unpatriotic, everyone thought the family was inhumane.

Thankfully, Gu Yan was in Country M currently, so she was still considered safe for the time being. However, in this era, when the internet could virtually do anything, the netizens had unearthed everything about her, including her dirt and past. Right now, her information was all over the internet, and it would be akin to digging her own grave if she returned to China at the moment.

At midnight, at the Gu Family’s residence…

A loud commotion was coming from the house, and the floor was filled with broken cups and shattered plates.

Gu Yan’s face was swollen on one side, and the slap mark on her cheek was visible. Dragging her suitcase, she walked headlong toward the door.

However, before she could take a step forward, her mother grabbed her by the wrist and growled, “Your reputation has been destroyed. Where are you going now?”

Gu Yan flung her mother’s arm away. She still did not know that Lu Yumo had installed a surveillance camera outside Fu Zhi’s room. She shouted, “Reputation, reputation! All you ever care about is reputation! Do you have any idea how much grief I have suffered? Where am I going? I’m going to the Lu Mansion! I’ll let them choose whether they’ll keep me or kick Fu Zhi out!”

Mrs. Gu staggered and nearly fell to the floor. Mr. Gu raised his finger, pointed at her, and growled apoplectically at the top of his lungs, “How dare you talk like that to your mother, you scoundrel! Do you know how many reporters are waiting for you in China? What will you get if you go back, huh? You must’ve lost your mind. Fu Zhi has never done anything to you, so why must you go cause her trouble? You two are the same age. Why can’t you learn from her? I guess it’s because your mother and I have been too lenient with you. Now, you don’t even know how to behave yourself!”

“She’s a b*tch!” Gu Yan shouted back, gritting her teeth. “She blew the whistle! She just wants to see me fall, yet you still side with her? If you like her so much, then ask her to help you get your job back!”

As Gu Yan was talking, she gripped the handle in her hand tightly and walked toward the door, “After all, I’m not as good as her in your heart anyway. Since she won’t leave me in peace, neither will I!”

“Yanyan, listen to me. No school will accept you if you go back to China now. The college entrance examination is around the corner, so you…”

Mrs. Gu wanted to stop Gu Yan, but her father stopped her midway. “Let her go! She’s nothing to the Lu Family, and unless something is wrong with them, there’s no way they will let her stay in their house! I’m telling you, Gu Yan, if you take so much as one step out of this house, I will never treat you as my daughter anymore!”

The next day…

After the dust settled, the participants from China were ready to go back to their country on Monday.

However, due to the bet between Yuan He and Fu Zhi, as well as the fact that Fu Zhi did not plan to call off the bet, Yuan He was kicked out of the Physics Association by Yu Sui and his men in the morning.

As a result, Yu Sui had to pick up the baton and take the team to the airport.

In the afternoon, at six o’clock, Yu Sui led a team to send off Xia Tian and Zhou Zihuai. Since Fu Zhi had an auction to attend at night, and Jiang Zong and Lu Yubai had some personal matters to attend to, the three of them continued to stay in Country M.

Fu Zhi had heard from Bai Yao before that most of the members of Lu Yubai’s mother’s family were military officers who had served the country well. As for his parents, they stayed in Country M with his younger brother all year round.

Lu Yubai was going to stay with his parents for a short while. By right, he should bring Fu Zhi along. However, considering his younger brother’s erratic behavior, his closeness to Lu Chuwan, as well as the fact that he had just undergone another failed operation, he figured that Fu Zhi’s appearance would only irritate Lu Yu’an.

Thus, while he was talking to Fu Zhi, he seemed a little nervous and worried. “It’s not convenient for you to stay in my house, but I assure you, all of them like you very much. When Yu’an’s condition gets better and we return to China, I will take you to meet them, okay?”

Lu Yubai seemed to be very anxious. Fu Zhi nodded, but before she could ask him about Lu Yu’an’s condition, he had already left the embassy with his belongings.

Time flitted by, and the second day arrived.

At 7:00 p.m, the Ford Family’s auction was about to begin in one of the busiest downtown neighborhoods. The event started promptly at 8:00.

All of the invited guests were either rich or had a high prestige.

Fu Zhi headed to the auction in the Li Family’s car.

The Ford Family and several important people were already there at the auction, but no reporters dared to approach them.

Therefore, they just raised their cameras high and waited with bated breath for Li Nanli’s arrival.

Mia and her group of friends could not help feeling restless when they saw this scene.

Then, a sapphire supercar stopped in front of the venue, and Mr. Ford went to welcome the man personally.

Bathed by the flashlights, Li Nanli emerged from the car. He disregarded Mr. Ford’s greeting, bent over his body, and opened the door of the passenger seat.

A slender figure appeared from the car. Not only Mr. Ford, but even the reporters were stunned. Then, all of them pointed their cameras at the young lady, who was wearing a mask, and took a few pictures of her.

For a moment, the area was filled with the shutters of cameras and the flashes of the flashlights.

“Is she President Li’s plus-one?”

“I don’t think so. Have you ever seen President Li show up in an event with a plus-one before?”

“Why is she wearing a mask? Is she trying to look special?”

“Judging from her chin and figure, she seems pretty to me.”

“That’s not necessarily the case. If she’s pretty, then why won’t she show her face? I’m pretty sure she’s not a socialite. Maybe she’s just a D-list influencer who’s after President Li’s money!”

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