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Chapter 290: Sheng Hua Calls Fu Zhi Teacher – 1

Fu Zhi followed Su Xing’s finger and looked at her phone.

#The friend and teacher of Master Sheng Hua.#

#No.1 High School, Gu Yan.#

These two topics were the hottest topics on Weibo right now, and there were plenty of comments underneath them.

[Regardless of whether she is a genius or not, Gu Yan is so pretty. She’s a keeper!!!]

[Not only is she wearing a watch that costs about a million, but she’s also using the latest phone from the Fu Corporation! If my memory serves me right, that phone costs about 30,000 yuan, not to mention that it’s a limited edition that can only be pre-ordered!]

[She has more than a million fans on her fan page, and she can garner a million likes on Weibo. She’s really the glory of our country…]

[This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only has she become a member of the Physics Association at such a young age, but even Master Sheng Hua expects a lot from her. She’s pretty, she’s rich, and she’s smart! She’s like the quintessential “other people’s child”!]

[Zhizhi!! Ahh, Zhizhi is there! She’s there receiving Master Sheng Hua as well! Oh, how can she be so pretty?!]

[Ahhh!! Zhizhi, mama loves you! Does anyone have her Weibo? Please give it to me if any of you guys have it!]

[??? Hello? This topic is about Ms. Gu Yan and Master Sheng Hua. If you guys want to talk about Fu Zhi, then go away or open a topic of your own. Besides, I don’t get why you guys keep saying she’s pretty. Half of her face is pretty much hidden underneath her mask, so how can you guys see her face? Do you all have X-ray vision?]

[I don’t know what to say. Who the hell is Fu Zhi? Could I be the only one who doesn’t know who she is? And what has she contributed to the country? I don’t understand why you guys are so hyped up about her.]

Perhaps the negative relationship between Fu Zhi and Gu Yan had extended to both of their fans, as whenever someone mentioned Fu Zhi’s name, Gu Yan’s fans would seize this chance to disparage her.

Su Xing then said, “Someone on Weibo said that Master Sheng Hua is here to meet you…”

Then, the result was predictable. Whenever there was a topic about Fu Zhi on Weibo, it would be withdrawn promptly. As a result, not many people knew about her. As for Gu Yan, she had a good family background, she was both rich and capable, not to mention that she was followed by the fans of Jiang Zong and Sheng Hua.

Therefore, the moment Fu Zhi’s fans said something, they would be attacked by the fans of those three people.

After all, most people just knew that Fu Zhi was a girl who came from the countryside. Not only had she not been granted the privilege to participate directly in the international Physics competition, but she was not a member of the Physics Association either. On the other hand, Gu Yan was an excellent young lady favored by the government. The differences between them were as big as those between heaven and earth.

Of course, there was also a group of people who suspected that Sheng Hua’s friend might not be Gu Yan, as he’d already said that he did not want to cause her any trouble. Therefore, there must be some kind of misunderstanding involved.

Very soon, a small group of people was forced to become Fu Zhi’s fans.

Weibo had turned into chaos. The more comments the students in Class 21 read about Fu Zhi, the angrier they felt. In the end, all of them logged into their respective Weibo accounts and joined the fray to defend Fu Zhi.

Zhou Zihuai and Lu Yubai went to look for Gu Yan when they saw the hot topics on Weibo.

As for Su Xing, she sat beside Fu Zhi and suggested, “Why don’t you sign up for a Weibo account as well? According to Director Liu, if you sign up for a Weibo account yourself, then your fans won’t need to go to Gu Yan or Sheng Hua’s Weibo to inquire about you, and this matter will soon be put to rest.”

“I have a Weibo account,” Fu Zhi said. However, since it was inconvenient for her to log into her main Weibo account, which might expose her as the president of the Fu Corporation, she logged into an alternative account under the name “Your Dad”.

Su Xing did not know what to comment when she saw the name.

She took a look at her Weibo, and when she saw the few songs released by RM Corporation Group, she exclaimed, “You’re also a fan of ‘Addiction’? I bought every song that she released! I even downloaded her songs on my phone and listen to them every day!”

“I’m not,” Fu Zhi replied as she stuck her phone back into her pocket. “I need to go somewhere. I will be back soon.”

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