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Chapter 288: Sleep In My Room

Fu Zhi was sitting in front of Li Nanli. She was wearing a blue-colored school uniform jacket with the zipper unfastened, giving Li Nanli a chance to take a glimpse at her collarbone, which was hidden underneath her clothes.

Her cheeks were pinkish, her lips were rosy-red, and a faint fragrance of cream and sweetness lingered around her nose.

Li Nanli felt a mildly scratchy, tickling sensation in his throat. His nose and throat felt dry as he said shamelessly, “I would be very happy if you gave me a kiss.”

He paused for a while longer before adding, “If you kiss me longer, then I will be very happy for the rest of the month.”

Jiang Jinshu felt as if countless ants were walking on his scalp as he looked at the mass of paperwork on the table. He jerked up from his chair and went upstairs, as he wanted to ask Fu Zhi what she had done at school to make every teacher want to punish her. Just as he was about to push the door open, he saw through the slit that Li Nanli was lying on the bed with Fu Zhi mounting him.

Holding the books in his hand, as he was about to scream, Liu Mi appeared out of thin air and covered his mouth before dragging him away.

When they got downstairs, Jiang Jinshu wriggled himself free from Liu Mi’s clutches and said, his lips quivering uncontrollably and his voice cracking, “HD, uncensored, clear, and smooth! F*ck! I’m not clean anymore!”

Fu Zhi had defiled their Li Nanli!

Liu Mi looked toward the second floor with a wry smile on his face.

Jiang Jinshu had had enough. He did not like dangerous women like Fu Zhi at all, and he despised her from the depths of his heart. Without any hesitation, he went to the garage to pick up his car and left the mansion.

In the room on the second floor…

Clutching at Li Nanli’s collar, Fu Zhi blinked as she looked down on her young nephew, who was half-sitting on the edge of the bed with taut lips.

He did not seem happy to her at all.

“Xiao Li…” This was the fourth time Fu Zhi called his name, and she still sounded very patient.

It was only then that Li Nanli snapped back to reality. He touched the corner of his lips, and a surge of warm emotion burst from his eyes as a smile crossed his face. However, his happiness was short-lived. He suddenly thought of something and gave Fu Zhi a dark look. “Did you do this to other people as well when you were told to do so?”

“I only kissed Ye Jiu once.”

At the time, she had still been a chubby five-year-old girl. She had accidentally fallen on Ye Jiu and broken his arm. Therefore, she had given him a kiss as compensation.

However, Ye Jiu had not been happy even after the kiss. He had said that if he had been able to move his hand, he would have slapped her head until it had broken off from her neck.

The gloom in Li Nanli’s heart dissipated after she told him this story. That said, it seemed like God had a grudge against him and did not want him to feel happy, as his happiness was once again cut short by the next thing she said.

“Well then, I think it’s time for me to go. It’s good that the method works. My second brother has been feeling down lately…”

Li Nanli was stunned.

She zipped her bag and picked it up from the floor. The rain had gotten heavier. She put on the baseball cap that Lu Yubai had given her, and just as she was about to leave, Li Nanli took her cap away and threw it into his closet.

His lips were particularly red tonight, creating a stark contrast against his fair skin.

“Fu Zhi.”


He pulled at his tie as he tried his best to suppress the urge to lock her up in a place only he could see. He took a deep breath and then said, “You can only kiss me. This method won’t work on your brother.”


Fu Zhi found her nephew really annoying. He was the one who had given her the idea, and now he was telling her that it would not work?

He cleared his throat… Well, though he did not know what he was talking about, he had to persuade Fu Zhi to drop the thought of kissing her brother no matter what.

“He is your elder brother, so that means he’s your elder. I’m your nephew, so I’m your junior. Only a junior will feel happy this way.”

“Okay then,” Fu Zhi replied flatly. “I will think of another way.”

‘What kind of way can she think of with that brain of hers?’ Li Nanli could not let her imagination run wild or allow her to search for weird ideas on the internet.

Since he had no idea what to do, he said as he went to pick a glass of juice for Fu Zhi, “I will ask Liu Mi to buy a cake for you later. You can give it to your brother when you’re home.”

“Alright then,” Fu Zhi answered simply.

After Li Nanli gave Liu Mi instructions, Fu Zhi prepared to leave with him.

At that moment, Jiang Jinshu sent a text message to him. “D*mn it. There is a downpour on the west side of the city, and the bridge is flooded. I can’t go home now.

“There are no hotels around here, and I think the rain is not going to stop anytime soon.

“Are you still there, Nanli? Aren’t you going to bring Fu Zhi home tonight? It seems that the rain is moving to the north side. You better watch out for yourself.”

Li Nanli looked at the last message, and his fingertips on the WeChat page quivered.

Liu Mi, who had opened the umbrella, beckoned to Fu Zhi to come with him. Then, before Fu Zhi could do anything, Li Nanli grabbed her by her collar.

“The rain is too heavy. You will get wet.” Li Nanli frowned. He studied Fu Zhi from head to toe and said matter-of-factly, “Let’s wait for the rain to stop.”

Fu Zhi waved her hand. “Don’t worry. I’m very strong.”

Li Nanli replied, “But Liu Mi is weak. I’ve seen him get blown away by the wind before.”

Liu Mi, who had indeed gotten blown away by the wind before, was stumped.

Well, as a professional secretary, it was his job to help his boss solve his problems. Besides, he had to justify his pay as well. Therefore, after receiving a signal from Li Nanli, he dropped to the floor and sobbed. “Please forgive me for my weak body, Ms. Fu.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Initially, Fu Zhi thought it was just a small thunderstorm. Half an hour later, Li Nanli turned on Yu City’s broadcast—

There was a particularly strong rainstorm north and south of the city. The river was swollen with flood water, and the bridge was flooded.

She could not go home anymore.

“I’m sorry, Zhizhi. I shouldn’t have stopped you just now.”

Li Nanli came up to her and said, “Will it be too dangerous to go home now?”

Then, without letting Fu Zhi say anything, he concluded, “You can sleep in my room. I’ll take the guest room.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

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