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Chapter 268: No One Can Top President Li In Terms of Shamelessness

The next day, Xu Wei took Gu Yan to see Director Liu.

“The national Physics competition is just around the corner. The school authorities have decided to put you in Class 21. If you want to join Fu Zhi’s team and bring glory to our country, you can talk to her at any time,” Director Liu said, offering Gu Yan a smile.

Gu Yan was wearing a white dress today. There was no expression on her face as she handed the envelope and her profile to Director Liu and said, “The government issued a document that specifically gives me the privilege to be a direct finalist and lead the team in the international competition.”

She paused for a moment and added, “Besides, the questions are set by the association, and it’d be unfair for me to take part in the competition.”

Director Liu was stunned. He took the envelope and opened it.

Inside the envelope was a copy of paperwork issued by the official website of the National Education Bureau. Gu Yan was probably the only person in the country who had this kind of privilege, not to mention that she was part of the Physics association.

The fact that she could represent their country at the international level showed that she was more competitive than every student in No.1 High School.

She did not need Fu Zhi’s help at all.

Director Liu began to regret his decision to put Gu Yan in Class 21.

After all, Fu Zhi was not an ordinary kid. She would never swim in the sea of knowledge with other people.

All she did was look at people with her eyes and say in an apathetic voice, “Why do you ask such unnecessary and simple questions?”

After destroying the confidence of the other participants, she would then add, “Do you have money?”

However, Gu Yan was different. She knew a lot of things. She had a better temper than Fu Zhi, and she was aware of the traditional code of conduct. She just seemed a little arrogant.

Director Liu was beyond happy when he heard this news. “That’s great! You go and get settled in immediately in Class 21. Also, if you’re free, can you help Mr. Ma coach Fu Zhi’s team?”

Gu Yan pressed her lips firmly.

She did not have the patience, nor did she want other people to bother her, especially since the level of education in Yu City was much worse than in the country she used to live in.

However, if it was Fu Zhi…

She remembered Lu Yushen’s attitude toward Fu Zhi and the things he’d said to her yesterday night. In the end, she nodded and said, “I have a short period of free time during the evening self-study session, so I can help out. However, please remind them not to bother me at other times.”

She paused for a moment and then turned to Xu Wei. “I think it would be better for me to take a week off. I have to observe Brother Yushen’s condition to come up with a better treatment plan.”

On Friday, after school…

The sky had not gone completely dark yet. The clouds were tinted with crimson and gold, and the west-bound sun looked like an orange egg yolk in the sky. The weather was cold, and the air was damp.

It took about 20 minutes for Fu Zhi to get from her school to Li Nanli’s house.

At around 6:00 p.m, Fu Zhi went to look for her nephew.

She was wearing a lot less today, as she had a sky-blue school uniform and a pair of jeans on. She had not tied her hair up, letting it cascade loosely down her shoulders. Her skin was turning red due to the cold as she entered the password outside the villa.

Liu Mi handed a black jacket to Li Nanli and said, “President Li, this is the jacket prepared for Ms. Fu.”

However, Li Nanli did not take the jacket.

The Li Mansion was pretty big, and it was a short walking distance from where Fu Zhi was standing right now.

Fu Zhi had slept in class during the English language class, so the teacher had punished her by making her stand outside the classroom. Since she had not had enough sleep, she was a little drowsy, and her movements were slow.

Liu Mi noticed and feared that she might catch a cold. He dusted the jacket in his hand and said again, “President Li? This is a great opportunity to show yourself. Are you not going to do it?”

Liu Ni believed this was not how Li Nanli would normally treat Fu Zhi.

Could it be because Jiang Jinshu was in the house? Was he embarrassed to do it?

The wind at night was cold.

Li Nanli took a jacket from the hanger. He put the jacket on his arm, and then raised his head to look at Liu Mi. His pretty eyes were cold but seductive.

“Liu Mi!” he called out in a lazy voice.

Liu Mi answered, “Yes?”

He stared at the jacket on Li Nanli’s arm and at the newly-bought lady’s jacket in his own hands. Then, he seemed to understand something.

Li Nanli threw the jacket on his arm into Liu Mi’s embrace and said, “Go find a place and hide them.”

Liu Mi was stunned.

‘Huh? What do you mean by that?’

That said, Liu Mi still did as Li Nanli told him. He went upstairs, and as he was hiding the two jackets, he suddenly understood something and let out a sigh.

The door to the villa was pushed open, releasing some noise into the air.

Fu Zhi lifted her head.

Li Nanli was wearing a large-sized black casual sweater today. He looked gently at Fu Zhi and asked, “Are you cold, Zhizhi?”

Fu Zhi was stunned for a moment. Then, she made a grunting noise through her nose and nodded.

She tried to walk into the villa but was stopped mid-track by her nephew, who grabbed the collar of her shirt. Li Nanli’s face was expressionless. Without letting go of her hand, he said in a lazy voice, “Liu Mi has taken all the jackets in the house to the dry cleaner’s.”

He was lying, but Fu Zhi did not know it.

As if she sensed the “guilt” in her nephew’s eyes, she stretched her arm out to comfort the living auto-teller machine. However, before her hand could even reach him, Li Nanli grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him.

He rolled his black sweater up from the bottom, and the next thing Fu Zhi knew, she was wrapped into the sweater.

She tried to move her head but could not see anything.

After Li Nanli wrapped her into his sweater, his lips curled up a little.

Then, he pulled the sweater and released the young lady’s head from inside.

Looking at her pair of dewy eyes, he chuckled. “Well, I can’t afford to let my Zhizhi catch a cold.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Liu Mi was standing by the window on the second floor, so he had seen everything.

‘Well, it seems like no one can top my boss in terms of shamelessness.’

Jiang Jingshu’s face was dark when he came down from the second floor.

Since Fu Zhi was wearing Li Nanli’s sweater, he went to his room and got himself a white sweater.

“There will be an auction in Country M at the end of this month. You have an invitation, right? I’ll go with you,” Fu Zhi said as she took a sip of warm water from her cup.

“It’s not convenient,” Jiang Jingshu said, squinting his eyes dangerously. “That auction is held by the Ford Family. Every item that’s going to be auctioned is a cultural relic or an antique of Country M. Besides, Nanli has only three invitations. If you go with him, then Liu Mi will have to stay here.”

Normally, they would not be so strict with a mere auction. However, Jiang Jingshu had been informed that every auction firm in Country M was boycotting the Fu Corporation. Therefore, to prevent the Fu Corporation from attending the auction, only those who had an invitation would be allowed to enter the auction venue, and family members or subordinates were not allowed to tag along.

If Liu Mi could not go, then Li Nanli would be defenseless.

Fu Zhi shot him a glance and asked, “So are you going?

“Of course I’m going!” After all, he still had to find information on his idol in Country M.

Fu Zhi nodded. “Here is my second request. You’ll stay here and help me do my homework.”

Jiang Jinshu was speechless.

‘This son of a b*tch!’

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