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Chapter 168: Dangerous Thinking

By the end of the game, Fu Zhi had won 30,000 yuan, while Lu Yumo had won 2,000 yuan. The former had won by using true skill, while the latter had won by throwing a tantrum.

He had a classmate reunion to attend at night. After he put on his hat, he told Fu Zhi, “It’s at a bar not far away. Do you want to come with me? I’ll teach you some disco moves.”

‘Caught ya! Disco moves, teaching your sister bad habits… Wait and see how I’m going to punish you!’

Before Fu Zhi could say anything, Xu Wei pulled a baseball bat from behind her back.

Lu Yumo hastily threw himself on the floor and pleaded. “Oh my gosh, I have no idea what’s wrong with me or why I would say that! How dangerous my mind is… It made me do something that I didn’t want to do! No way! I have to go teach my classmates a lesson tonight. Their parents spend money on them so that they’ll receive the best education. How could they let their parents down?”

He spoke with extreme righteousness as he waved his fists in the air. “I have to get these lost lambs back on the right track!”

Xu Wei did not know what to say.

She could not control Lu Yumo at all. While she was preparing dinner in the kitchen, Lu Yumo covered himself in the scarf that Mama Zhang usually used and sneaked out of the house.

Fu Zhi was going to take part in a Physics competition this Sunday. Xu Wei knew her eldest son very well, so she knew he would come home when he got tired. Therefore, she was not worried about him at all.

She continued to peel walnuts for Fu Zhi as she said, “Here, eat this, Zhizhi. It’s good for your brain. Will the competition be very hard?”

“It’s pretty simple,” Fu Zhi replied. When she saw that Xu Wei was looking at her in disbelief, she explained. “Well, different quality means a different price. The total reward is 500,000 yuan, and we’ll have to split it between us. Therefore, I’m certain that the questions won’t be too hard and won’t require very sophisticated answers.”

Xu Wei understood. Then, she said, “It’s getting late. You should go to sleep. Just don’t get too stressed out and you’ll be fine.”

The bar Lu Yumo went to was known as The Elysium.

It was the best bar in Yu City and it was well-equipped with all sorts of facilities. As the name suggested, it was the best location to get drunk in luxury and dissipation.

There were two huge jade toads outside the luxurious entrance.

The person in charge led him personally to the booth.

Today was the birthday of Lu Yumo’s classmate. His name was Xu Ge, and he had also been born in the purple.

When he saw Lu Yumo, he tapped his watch and said, “Do you know what time it is, President Lu Jr.? Today is my birthday, so how can you be so late? I don’t care what happened, but you have to drink three bottles of beer. Otherwise, I won’t let you go easily!”

Lu Yumo had a high tolerance for alcohol. Everyone was booing and shouting, so he could only say yes in the end. He stood on the back of a chair on one of his legs as he guzzled down three bottles of beer in one sitting.

Xu Ge then pushed a girl toward him.

Lu Yumo had a pretty face and was a ladies’ man. The girl’s cheeks flushed red, and everyone could see that she was going to confess her love to him. However, Lu Yumo pushed her away. His brows were furrowed as he said, “I’m a good boy, and my parents are strict. Don’t come so close to me. If my parents see you, they’re going to beat the hell out of me.”

The girl did not know how to reply.

Perhaps she had not expected him to be so straightforward, but her eyes went red around the rims and she rushed out of the room.

Xu Ge gave Lu Yumo a nudge. “Seriously? You still haven’t gotten over Zhou Tingting?”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Lu Yumo replied, sounding frustrated.

Xu Ge did not believe him at all and said that he was going to help him win Zhou Tingting’s heart back. He even hollered at a group of friends and drank Lu Yumo under the table.

When it was about 11 o’clock at night, Xu Ge pulled a completely-drunk Lu Yumo out of the booth.

Xu Wei called him, and Xu Ge answered the call. “Yeah, auntie, he’ll be staying over at my house. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.”

The moment he hung up the call, a soft girl’s voice rang out behind his back. “Xu Ge, I need your help.”

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