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Chapter 166: Kicking Madam Lu

Silence ensued for some time, and a fit of laughter broke out in the room as they flattered each other.

Madam Lu loved the feeling of being the center of attention. She grinned like a Cheshire cat as she boasted. “How much is this jade bracelet worth? Oh, it isn’t expensive at all. I think you could get it for a few million. I already said no, but my second son insisted on buying it for me.

“How are Zhizhi’s grades? Well, all I can say is that they’re not perfect but they’re passable. Even Professor Han Wei, a professor from Tsinghua University, asks her help with some mathematical questions.

“She’s a very nice kid. I already told her she could bring the bracelet to me after she had her breakfast, but she insisted on bringing it to me first. Sigh. She also gave me a back massage and kept me company while I read Buddha scriptures.

“She might not look like it, but she’s actually very close to me.”

Fu Zhi looked at Madam Lu, not knowing what to say.

After exchanging pleasantries, they then took their seats. Madam Ma said, “Hmm? We’re about to start. Don’t you want to go out and do your own thing? It’s going to be very boring, you know.”

This was the first time Madam Lu tried to cheat, so she was nervous. She hummed and hawed as her brain went blank from anxiety. She did not know what to say, but Fu Zhi came forward and saved her from this predicament. “It’s fine. I want to stay with my grandmother.”

Mama Liu brought a chair into the room. Fu Zhi pointed at the spot between Madam Liu and Madam Lu and said, “Put it over there.”

When she took a seat, the game started.

Fu Zhi was not looking at the tiles.

Madam Lu tried to remind Fu Zhi of her job and her reason for staying there by clearing her throat, but to her chagrin, Fu Zhi remained impassive. Thus, she could only rely on herself. She stretched her arm and drew a tile from the pool.

It was a “four-character” tile.

Then, just as she was about to discard the tile, she felt a kick on her leg.

It was Fu Zhi.

She shook her head, signaling for her to keep the tile.

However, Madam Lu was angry with her now. She refused to listen to her and rolled her eyes at her.

As soon as she discarded the tile, Madam Liu shouted happily, “All of the same suits! I win!”

Madam Lu lost 6,000 yuan. As the mahjong tiles were reshuffled, she pitched her voice low and whispered into Fu Zhi’s ear, “Why are you not looking at the tiles?”

Fu Zhi did not reply.

When Madam Lu got a “one-dot” tile, she kicked her again with the same force on the same spot.

Madam Lu found it really painful and shot an angry gaze at Fu Zhi. She refused to listen to her again and discarded the tile in her hand.

As expected, Madam Ma, who was sitting opposite her, shouted, “Oh, great! Double!”

Madam Lu was stunned.

After a few rounds, everyone had won some money except for Madam Lu.

While they were taking a break, she called Fu Zhi over and the two of them went out. When they were outside the room, she asked, “Why didn’t you kick me anymore during the last few rounds?”

Fu Zhi replied, “I thought you didn’t like it.”

Madam Lu gritted her teeth in exasperation upon hearing Fu Zhi’s reply. “Who said I didn’t like it? You have to kick me. Kick as hard as you can.”

“Alright then,” Fu Zhi answered half-heartedly.

When they returned to resume the game, every time it was Madam Lu’s turn to draw a tile, Fu Zhi would kick her.

It was painful, and Madam Lu was certain that her leg was bruised. She had to grit her teeth in order to continue the game.

The tide began to change, and Madam Lu started to win.

After a few rounds, Madam Liu realized something was not right.

She took a glance at Madam Lu and noticed that her eyes were red around the rims. She was seemingly crying tears of joy and she looked like a country bumpkin who had entered the city for the first time.

Even though Madam Liu was skeptical about Madam Lu’s sudden change of luck, she decided to push the doubts away and said, “It seems like you have the Midas touch today, sister.”

Madam Lu sniffled and replied, “You too, sister.”

At the same time, Fu Zhi collected their cheques.

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