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Chapter 160: Remember To Sign Me Up

There were many replies underneath the post.

[??? What the f*ck? Is she a Disney princess? She’s even prettier than Lu Chuwan!]

[Can you stop being such a perfect girl?]

[She’s from our class! Seriously, the person who made this post has to put more effort into his photography skills. This photo doesn’t even show 1% of her beauty!!!]

Lu Yubai retracted his eyes as his lips dropped at the corners. His whole face formed a dark expression, and just as he was about to warn her that she should not fall in love too early or he would break her legs, Director Liu showed up. He shouted, “Fu Zhi, please follow me to the office for a bit!”

Fu Zhi nodded. Before she left, she pulled a small bottle of pills out of her bag and handed it to Lu Yubai. “Take one pill every night. It’ll help you sleep better.”

After saying that, she left with Director Liu, leaving Lu Yubai dumbstruck.

Director Liu had been very busy lately, and his face was drawn.

When he entered his office, he let out a deep sigh and said, “Ms. Fu Zhi, I guess you should already know that the national Physics competition is just around the corner. Every school from each province will send its best team to participate in the competition. Therefore, the school authorities hope that you can join the other students and take part in this competition.”

As he was talking, he pulled the player’s manual from his drawer.

The national Physics competition was a massive extracurricular activity organized by the Chinese National Physics Association under the jurisdiction of the Chinese National Association Of Science and Technology. There was no forced participation, and every school from each province, autonomous region, and federal territory was free to choose whether or not it would participate in this competition.

Every participant had to form a team of 5, and the top 30 teams would be randomly chosen by the Physics Association to take part in the international Physics competition as a team of 5.

It went without saying that Fu Zhi knew about the competition. She glanced at the manual and said, “Well, I know what you guys are planning, but the thing is… I’m not interested.”

If it were an individual competition, then she might have considered participating in the competition at the international level. However, she found it troublesome to enter a competition with a team.

“I won’t accept no as an answer!” Director Liu shouted back. However, when he saw Fu Zhi’s emotionless face, he was stumped and his voice softened. “Our country has been performing pretty badly in the international competition for the last 4 years.”

There were plenty of reasons for this. The first reason was due to the venue of the international competition. The competition was held in Country M, so the participants from their country could not perform well, as they could not adapt to the sudden changes in weather and their surroundings. The second reason was that there was only one Chinese person on the panel. During the final round, which required the participants to deliver a speech, they were often given the lowest score.

After all, they were competing at an international level. This competition was also known as the Junior Physics Nobel Prize, and the people from Country M did not want the Chinese to outshine them.

Director Liu pressed on. “Please, Fu Zhi. You’re our country’s only hope. Besides, the netizens have been closely following our school’s activities lately. They’ve said that if you don’t participate in the competition, they’re going to attack us on the internet. Our school will be the first school to be attacked online…”

‘This is just so sad.’

Fu Zhi replied evenly, “Maybe it’s because other schools emphasize more on the qualities of their students and teachers. In any case, you shouldn’t compare this school to others.”

She then paused for a while before adding, “Anyway, I’ll repeat myself. I’m not going to take part in the competition, so can I go back to my class now?”

They already had Gu Yan and Lu Chuwan. Were it not for the netizens, Director Liu would not have begged Fu Zhi.

He gritted his teeth, and just as he was at his wit’s end, an idea popped up in his head. He then said, “The winner of the competition will be given 500,000 yuan as a prize.”

‘I’m already an adult, and I shouldn’t take money from my father.’

That being said, the temptation of money was too hard to resist. She gave in to her inner demons in the end and said, “Alright, count me in. Make sure you sign me up.”

The registration window was going to end in half a day.

Fu Zhi had changed her mind really fast, and Director Liu did not know what to say. He felt emotionally drained as he said, “Then you go make some preparations first. There’s a meeting this afternoon, and you have to come with me.”

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