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Chapter 134: Let’s Get Through This Together

When Fu Zhi fell down, she did not cry. However, Lu Yumo, aka the one who had pushed her, bawled his eyes out as if somebody had died.

Unfortunately, his tears were worthless.

“Honey, Dr. Liang hasn’t arrived yet. Can you go pick him up? When Yumo pushed Zhizhi down the stairs, I’m certain her legs broke. I definitely heard a crack. I’m worried that it will be too late by the time Dr. Liang comes!” Xu Wei said anxiously, her tears streaming down her face like a dam broken loose.

Lu Yushen nodded in assent beside her. After all, he had seen his sister fall down the stairs with his own eyes. She could not get up from the floor even though it had been a while, so she must have broken her legs.

On the other side, Lu Yumo looked at Fu Zhi and lapsed into silence. He had been regarded as an intellectually-challenged kid his whole life, and it was at this moment that his brain decided to elude this claim. After he thought for a while, he said, “It wasn’t a hard push, I swear. I just… I just poked her slightly…”

He spoke as carefully as if he was walking on ice. Upon seeing that nobody was paying him any attention, he decided to speak again. “I don’t think her legs are broken. Do you guys understand?”

“I saw with my own eyes the way you pushed Zhizhi down the stairs and broke her legs, so no matter what you say, I’m not going to believe it! Yumo, mommy is really disappointed in you.”

Lu Yumo, who had always disappointed his mother, relapsed into silence.

Xu Wei wiped the tears off her cheeks and turned away from her eldest son, as she did not wish to talk to him anymore. She looked at Lu Yushen and asked, “Yushen, can you do mommy a favor and carry your sister upstairs? Remember to be gentle.”

The tips of Lu Yushen’s ears turned red, and his pale skin flushed pink in embarrassment.

He bit his lower lip and nodded. He stretched his arm forward and lightly tapped Fu Zhi’s neck with his finger.

He patted her to warn her before lifting her up from the floor.

When she saw that all of them had finally stopped talking, Fu Zhi figured that it was about time she chimed in. She swung her legs and said, “My legs are fine.”

‘See? I can still swing them, though my tailbone hurts.’

“You don’t have to do this, Zhizhi. You don’t have to pretend to be strong,” Xu Wei replied. “Just tell mommy how much it hurts. Mommy will stay here with you, okay?”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. She knew her mother had gotten started again.

Lu Yushen placed Fu Zhi on the couch in the living hall. His eyes were half-closed, and there were tear stains on his cheeks.

Xu Wei asked, “You are not going upstairs?”

Lu Yushen did not reply. He took his blackboard and began writing something on it. When he finished writing, he turned his head away and handed the blackboard to Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi took a look at the blackboard. The following words were written on it: “Her room is too far away. Zhizhi is a little heavy, and I’m scared that my arm will get dislocated. If my arm is dislocated, my hand will let go. If my hand lets go, Zhizhi will fall down again.”

Fu Zhi: “???”

Her tailbone hurt even more.

Xu Wei hurriedly went forward and covered her eyes. Then, she took the blackboard away and said, “You’re just hallucinating, Zhizhi. Everything you saw just now was not real.”

Truth be told, Fu Zhi was not heavy. It was just that Lu Yushen had to get injections and medicine every day, so he was weak physically. There was a colony of needle holes and bruises in different sizes on his right arm. While he’d been carrying Fu Zhi, those needle holes and bruises had hurt him a lot, so he could not carry her for too long.

Fortunately, Lu Jingqing came back with Dr. Liang very soon.

Dr. Liang had brought along with him tons of medical instruments, such as a ventilator, a cardiogram monitor, an automated external defibrillator, and a negative-pressure fracture fixation device. However, he was confused when he saw Fu Zhi.

He was a doctor with high medical ethics. Besides, he’d admired Fu Zhi a lot ever since he had seen her cure Madam Lu last time, so when Xu Wei asked anxiously about her condition, he just went along with it and replied, “She’s in a serious condition. Thank God Mr. Lu brought me here in time, so the wound on your daughter’s palm is going to recover soon!”

Xu Wei was stumped.

“That being said, she indeed injured her tailbone. I’ll prescribe her some cream and painkillers, and if that still doesn’t help—”

Xu Wei interjected. “Will there be any complications?”

Dr. Liang, who could not hold back anymore, replied, “No, no, no, there will not be any complications. This is not a big deal. As the family member of a patient, you shouldn’t make a big fuss over anything! It’ll affect the emotional state of the patient!”

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