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Chapter 130: Yubai Protecting Zhizhi – 3

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After dinner, Madam Lu asked Fu Zhi to follow her to her orchid conservatory.

The orchid conservatory was the place where Madam Lu stored the orchids that she collected from every corner of the world. It was warm, and the air was filled with the fragrance of flowers.

Truth be told, the old lady did not know much about orchids. The reason she’d spent a mint and hired people to take care of the orchids was because of the influence of her friends and because she thought it was a symbol of wealth.

She pulled Fu Zhi’s hand and sighed. Looking up into the sky, she said, “You’re a good girl, and grandma knows you know a lot of things. I heard that you were chosen by Professor He to meet up with him, right?”

“Yeah,” Fu Zhi replied flatly. She looked at Madam Lu’s face and noticed that she had gotten skinnier.

Then, before she could say anything, Madam Lu added, “Since you’ve become a member of our family, it means that you and Wanwan are sisters. I know she’s done a lot of terrible things to you, but I hope that you can forgive her. You’re still young, so you might not know this. Trust me, by the time you reach your parents’ age, you will know how great it is to have someone by your side when something happens.”

After Madam Lu finished speaking, she licked her lips, as she felt thirsty. She looked at Fu Zhi, hoping to get some response from her. However, upon seeing the expression on her face, it seemed to her that Fu Zhi was not paying attention to her at all.

Fu Zhi had donned an insouciant expression on her face. Her eyes were half-opened as she opened her mouth and said, drawing out her vowels, “We’re now living in a world governed by law. If anything happens to me, the government will help me. I don’t need to discuss with anybody else the problem I face. In fact, she could not offer me any actual assistance anyway.”

She paused for a while before adding suspiciously, “You called me over here just to tell me this?”

Madam Lu was stumped. However, perhaps she had gotten used to Fu Zhi’s brash attitude, as she soon came back to her senses.

She knew Fu Zhi did not like Lu Chuwan, but she still psyched herself up and said, “What I want to say is that you like studying medicine, while Professor He works on scientific research. You two don’t have anything in common, so you won’t be able to find an appropriate topic to talk to him about. Besides, the college entrance examination is around the corner. Considering your current academic performance, there’s no way you would improve rapidly after meeting up with him.

“Not to mention that the reason Professor He picked you is because of your father. If your father hadn’t donated a building to your school, do you think he would have chosen you? You didn’t get this chance through your own effort, so to prevent your classmates from looking down on you, you should give this chance to Chuwan.”

Madam Lu was old. She appreciated reputation above everything else and wanted nothing more than to see her own family members and company succeed.

Absolute, disconcerting silence reigned in the conservatory. Fu Zhi looked at Madam Lu as the lines on her face became deeper and deeper.

Madam Lu waited for a long while, yet she still did not receive a response from Fu Zhi. She reckoned that this might be a difficult decision to make, so she cocked her head slightly, looked fixedly at Fu Zhi’s face, and said, “You’re part of the Lu Family. When the time comes, I promise I’ll do everything I can to get you into a good university. Or would you like to go overseas? What do you think?”

“I think working too much will do a lot of damage to both your body and mental health. Especially at your age, one would die earlier,” Fu Zhi said solemnly as she looked straight at Madam Lu, whose eyes were filled with dread and whose hand was cold.

Then, Fu Zhi added, “In my opinion, you shouldn’t trouble yourself too much with so many affairs. Even if I don’t participate in the college entrance examination, there are plenty of people who’re willing to help me. Oh yeah, I see that you have a bad complexion, so I’m increasing the intake of medicine to 10 times a day.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to eat your meals, but you must take the medicine.”

Madam Lu was stumped. She had no idea why Fu Zhi would talk about her medicine all of a sudden. She looked at Fu Zhi in disbelief, as there was only one thought in her mind. ’10 times a day? Is she trying to kill me?!’

After listening to what Fu Zhi had said, Madam Lu, who did not want to die, forwent her attempt to persuade Fu Zhi. When Bai Yao brought the matter up, she snarled, “If your family could donate a building to Chuwan’s school in her name, do I have to degrade myself and beg Fu Zhi?!”

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