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Chapter 867: Meng Jingzhi

A robust voice rang instantly rang across the entire Lang Kun Hall, and everyone in the square turned their heads in the direction of the voice to see two people standing in front of the majestic palace gate hand-in-hand.

On the left was Jiang Yucheng dressed in a red outfit that had dragons embroidered on the collar and cuffs and a jade belt that was one finger thick. At a glance, he looked very handsome indeed. Just his looks alone were top-notch.

“The Prince Consort sure is dashing. It’s no wonder that the Third Princess is so smitten by him that she wants to marry him…”

“Hey, don’t forget that the late Crown Princess used to like Jiang Yucheng too! Ordinary men naturally can’t be compared to him!”

“That’s true. Even across the entire Xi Ling, he ranks top in all aspects among the younger generation.”

Just as everyone was gossiping about Jiang Yucheng, someone suddenly snorted and said, “Hmph! He’s nothing but a scoundrel who’s hungry for fame and fortune! No matter how good-looking he is, he’s ugly on the inside!”

That person didn’t bother to lower his voice, so almost everyone in the square heard what he said loud and clear since everyone present wasn’t weak in cultivation.

The noise instantly died down as everyone turned to see who was so bold to say such things at this time and place. Chu Liuyue also looked up slightly and was mildly surprised by who she saw.

The speaker was a middle-aged man with a huge and sturdy build and tanned skin. He totally looked like a mountain just standing there alone, but what attracted the people’s attention wasn’t his appearance—it was his black armor and longsword.

Clearly, he was a general.

In the Tianling Dynasty, very few people could openly enter the palace while carrying a sword. Of course, the very fact that he was standing in front of the officials showed his noble status.

When everyone saw who the speaker was, some who intended to watch the fun retracted their gazes hurriedly. Tsk, I can’t believe I forgot about this God of Death! He’s Meng Jingzhi, the Black Guard’s Commander-in-Chief!

Almost everyone in the Tianling Dynasty knew about Meng Jingzhi and his great battle achievements. Although he was stationed at western frontiers for decades and rarely returned to Xi Ling, his name alone was enough to strike fear in people.

If it weren’t for the Third Princess’s coronation ceremony, he wouldn’t have bothered to come back either. Given that Jiang Yucheng was currently governing the Tianling Dynasty, the only person who would dare to openly insult him like this was probably Meng Jingzhi, who held military power in his hands.

“Commander Meng, what do you mean by this?” Jiang Lizuo—who was the Grand Tutor as well as one of the three highest-ranking civil officials—was also standing in front of the officials and was only a few steps away from Meng Jingzhi. His face instantly darkened when he heard what the latter said.

Meng Jingzhi snorted and added, “What, did I say anything wrong? If he really had feelings for the late Crown Princess, he wouldn’t have ended up together with the Third Princess of all people. She treated them so well when she was still alive, but they’re so eager to marry each other when it hasn’t even been three years since her demise. How ridiculous! If anyone dares do such a thing in the western frontier, the barbarians will surely behead them!”

As a commander who had fought on battlefields for years, Meng Jingzhi himself exuded a thick and cold murderous aura. When he spoke even more harshly because he felt indignant on Shangguan Yue’s behalf, he appeared even more frightening.

The officials standing right behind him couldn’t help retreating out of fear of being implicated.

Jiang Lizuo didn’t expect Meng Jingzhi to speak so bluntly and crudely. His face turned white out of anger. “Y-you! Meng Jingzhi, you’re being insolent! You’re insulting the Third Princess!”

Standing next to him, Yuwen Wei stepped forward and got between the two while smiling gently. “Alright, alright. The Third Princess and the Prince Consort will be here soon. Things will get ugly if this matter blows up. Let’s just calm down!”

Jiang Lizuo’s hands trembled with anger. Meng Jingzhi started it first! He happily said his piece, yet I can’t refute him? Everyone here heard what he said loud and clear!

Meng Jingzhi gave him a condescending look. “Hah. How can you say that I’m insulting Her Highness when I’m just stating the facts? It seems like… you know how unpleasant this matter sounds too, Jiang Lizuo?”

“Meng Jingzhi, don’t be cocky!” Jiang Lizuo was so angry that he wanted to charge right up and punch Meng Jingzhi. Unfortunately for him, the latter was one of the top elites in the Tianling Dynasty. He would just be seeking his own death if he really did that.

While trying to stop Jiang Lizuo, Yuwen Wei turned to Meng Jingzhi and said, “Commander Meng, today is Her Highness’s big day after all. Please show me some face and keep your comments to yourself.”

Only then did Meng Jingzhi cease talking.

The countless eyes on them made Jiang Lizuo feel embarrassed. He held himself back for a while before saying with much difficulty, “I dare you to say that in front of the Third Princess! Let’s see if you can continue to act arrogantly after that! As a subject, don’t you know how you should behave in front of your ruler?!”

“I’m only loyal to Tianling!” Meng Jingzhi scoffed indifferently. Subject? Ruler? Putting aside the fact that His Majesty is still alive, even if he isn’t, whether or not Shangguan Wan can lift the Tianling Power Staff remains unknown!

Although the farce finally ended, the people around them had different reactions to it. Some were envious and happy, while others felt disdain and mockery. Meng Jingzhi might’ve sounded a little cocky earlier, but what he said wasn’t completely wrong.

Jiang Yucheng was first engaged to Shangguan Yue and would’ve wedded her if not for what happened to her. Everything changed with her demise, however. The fact that he and Shangguan Wan were holding such a grand wedding when it was barely two years since Shangguan Yue’s death made people uncomfortable, but nobody dared to say a word about it.

An awkward atmosphere set in, and the surrounding air seemed to be frozen.

Chu Liuyue looked at Meng Jingzhi with mixed feelings, having never expected him to speak up on her behalf. She had only met him a few times, and her impression of him was that he was a fierce and serious man. Moreover, she had promoted Mu Qinghe to be the Black Guard’s lieutenant, which was as good as dividing up Meng Jingzhi’s power. She had always thought that the latter wasn’t a fan of hers. This is unexpected…

“The newlyweds are here! Please ascend the nine flights of heavenly stairs to pay your bows!”

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