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Chapter 864: Don’t Ask

I haven’t even done anything yet, but these people have begun to fight. Now, they can finally have a taste of the heart-wrenching betrayal I suffered back then.

Chu Liuyue pushed the loose strands of hair by her cheek to the back of her ear, looking like she wanted to watch a good show.

If it were someone else, they would definitely want to leave immediately when they saw this scene. After all, the two people going at each other’s throats were the distinguished Third Princess and the person in power, Jiang Yucheng.

It would be troublesome if one got involved with either party. The more one knew, the more dangerous it would be.

Chu Liuyue was different. These two were her mortal enemies, so she would be more than happy to see them in such a commotion!

What was there to be scared of? These two people should be afraid!

Jiang Yucheng’s slap made Shangguan Wan’s see stars as an intense bloody aura surged into her mouth.

But at this moment, she finally recovered some of her senses. Chu Liuyue is still standing at the side! If I had really exposed everything just now… The consequences would be unimaginable!

Scared, Shangguan Wan held her face as deep regret overwhelmed her.

Jiang Yucheng looked down at her from above and even wanted to kill her! Shangguan Wan has always been impulsive and unreasonable, but her temper has become even worse in the past two years. I have always been tolerating her, but I didn’t expect that she could be so brainless to this extent! If I hadn’t stopped her in time earlier, was she going to loudly tell everyone about what we did?!

Even though Jiang Yucheng liked Chu Liuyue, he had never thought of telling her about these matters!

If more people knew about such secretive matters, they would die if they were careless for a moment! However, Shangguan Wan almost blurted everything out directly!

“Anyone there!?” Jiang Yucheng questioned in a commanding tone.

Two people immediately came out from the dark and went down on one knee. “Greetings, Eldest Young Master!”

“Third Princess isn’t very sane and needs to rest in bed. You two, immediately prepare a horse carriage and follow me to send the Third Princess back to the palace.”

“Yes!” The two guards didn’t dare to speak further as they acted according to Jiang Yucheng’s wishes.

Shangguan Wan originally wanted to say something, but Jiang Yucheng grabbed her wrist and dragged her up from the floor.

She hid behind with lingering fear. Jiang Yucheng’s previous gaze… was indeed too frightening!

Not to mention that she felt like she had swallowed a fly once she thought of Jiang Yucheng liking Shangguan Yue for ten years and that he still couldn’t even forget her at this point. She felt very disgusted.

“Wan’er.” Jiang Yucheng exerted force with his hands and tightly clutched the hand that wanted to break free. He glanced at her with much warning, but his tone was much gentler. “Wan’er, you seem to be sick. I’ll bring you back to the palace for some proper rest.”

Shangguan Wan felt hatred and fear since her wrist was gripped so tightly that it hurt, but she didn’t dare to be unreasonable anymore and didn’t say a word.

Jiang Yucheng was then a little more satisfied as he turned around to glance at Chu Liuyue. “Sorry for letting you see such a joke. Just… Take it as nothing has happened today.”

He didn’t want to kill Chu Liuyue. Besides, the current Chu Liuyue had a legendary fiend and a Dancing Lotus, so her status was different from before. They couldn’t easily touch her.

Chu Liuyue secretly felt that it was a pity, but she nodded in understanding and didn’t say anything else as she directly lifted her leg and left without even casting a side-glance.

Even when she walked far away, she didn’t even turn back to take a look.

When Chu Liuyue’s figure finally disappeared, Jiang Yucheng then looked at Shangguan Wan coldly. “What do you know?”

His voice was ice-cold and heartless as if he were interrogating a criminal.

Shangguan Wan shuddered and tilted her head. “I-I don’t know anything… Ah!”

Jiang Yucheng squeezed her wrist, and her bones cracked. Shangguan Wan was in so much pain that her face turned white!

“Answer me!”

“It hurts! It hurts! I’ll just say it!” Shangguan Wan couldn’t endure it in the end as she mustered up her courage and stiffly yelled, “I went to your study!”

Jiang Yucheng instantly understood, and his expression became extremely dangerous. “You touched my painting?”

Shangguan Wan had never heard him use such a tone to talk to her and felt very aggrieved and enraged, but she felt deep horror as well.

Her tears dropped down. “Yes, I touched it! I saw your painting! So what? Jiang Yucheng, you’ve only loved Shangguan Yue from start to end! You admired her for ten years, and where does that put me?”

Jiang Yucheng looked at her expressionlessly. “There’s no use in saying all of this. Taking tomorrow’s wedding into account, I’ll let you off this time. However, don’t let me know that you’re doing such things. I’ll send you back later, and you should prepare for it properly. Nothing is allowed to go wrong tomorrow! As for everything today… You better not mention it any more!”

Shangguan Wan laughed bitterly. “Jiang Yucheng, what am I in your eyes? If you really treat her so well, why would you ask me to go against her? Don’t forget that you were the one who pushed her to her death!”

Jiang Yucheng suddenly went close, pinched her chin, and said properly, “Yes, I did do all those things. You don’t have to keep reminding me! If you really want an answer, then I’ll tell you this: I have never compared her to you. I can kill her, and I can kill you even more. Do you understand?”

Then, he flung Shangguan Wan’s hand away.

Shangguan Wan looked down, and the hatred in her heart boiled. But in the end, she still said, “I understand. Everything tomorrow will go according to your plan.”

Yuan Zhen Year 41, Sixth of July, Tianling Dynasty.

Third Princess Shangguan Wan was going to marry the eldest son of Grand Tutor Jiang Lizuo—Jiang Yucheng!

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