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Chapter 809: What Did You Call Us?

A boy that looked like he was four or five appeared in front of her.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. Did… this kid call me just now? But what did he address me as? Yue’er girlie?

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly and vaguely felt that something was amiss.

During her daze, that boy had already flown down and silently landed near her body.

Chu Liuyue was shocked. This boy’s aura is extremely hidden, and he seems to be very strong!

She carefully and meticulously scrutinized the other party.

He was small and wore blue clothes. His eyes were black, and he looked no more than five years old. He also had a small, adorable, and chubby face, which made one want to reach out and pinch it. However, that gaze didn’t look like it belonged to a child—cold and domineering! As long as she glanced at him once, it seemed like she could feel his extraordinary aura!

Chu Liuyue was surprised. Since when did such a person appear in Dahuang Swamp?

But what made her even more confused was that the boy’s gaze toward her was strange. Even though he was very restrained, the depths of his eyes were filled with unconcealable happiness. This made his ice-cold face look softer and gentler.

Why is he looking at me… like he knows me? Chu Liuyue thought to herself silently.

Dugu Mobao—who was opposite her—stared at Chu Liuyue and carefully sized up her current appearance, feeling very conflicted. It’s a lie that I don’t miss her. It was a lie when I said I wanted to teach her a lesson. All these years, we’ve waited day and night and imagined the scenes of our reunion countless times. We’ve also imagined that she might’ve changed a little after such a long time, but we didn’t expect that even her entire physical body has completely changed! This face is no longer the appearance in our memories, but her gaze and aura are still extremely similar.

“Big Baby, you’re shameless! You—” At this point, a frustrated elderly voice sounded.

Chu Liuyue felt something flash across her eyes, and another person appeared beside the adult-like boy.

It was an elder. He was wearing a white robe, and his hair was white, but he looked very energetic and had the aura of a deity. However, it was a pity that his deity aura instantly disappeared the moment he opened his mouth.

Just as Diwu Zhangze was about to continue scolding, Dugu Mobao was staring at the front.

His mouth twitched, and he stiffly looked up to see that Yue’er was standing near them and that she was looking straight at them.

Haiya! How humiliating! Diwu Zhangze was very regretful. I only cared about scolding Dugu Mobao, but I almost forgot that the girl was right here!

He clenched his fist and put it to his lips before harshly coughing. “Girlie, don’t mind us. We’re just playing around!”

Chu Liuyue blinked. Why… does this elder also seem to know me? Judging from their tone, they even seem to be quite close to me?

Chu Liuyue opened her mouth. “I…”

“What are you fighting about? Can’t you see that girlie is doing serious things!?” A charming voice sounded.

Chu Liuyue looked up once again. She saw a young man floating down from above.

This young man wore a light-green robe with a white jade belt across his waist. His hair was tied up in a crown, and from top to bottom, he looked very clean and elegant. He looked like a fine young master.

Chu Liuyue looked at his face, and her eyes glistened.

It was a pretty and androgynous face. All his features were intricately perfect, and the outline of his entire face was also very smooth, not as distinct as an average man. This made him look younger.

The most charming thing was that his pair of crystal-like eyes were clean and clear, similar to morning dew.

Chu Liuyue had only seen two men that she could use the word ‘pretty’ to describe. One was Qiang Wanzhou, and the other was the man in front.

Both of them had intricate and perfect looks, but they gave others completely different impressions. If one said that Qiang Wanzhou was a pretty rose with thorns, then this man was transparent and fragile glass.

His thin lips curved up slightly, and he walked over with a smile. His every move was extremely high and mighty. It was as if this place wasn’t a dark cave but a dazzling hall.

He walked to the duo and smiled at Chu Liuyue. “Girlie, we haven’t seen each other in a while, but you became much prettier!”

Dugu Mobao coldly glanced at him and heartlessly spat out, “Why are you flirting?!”

Can’t you see what kind of place this is?! It’s not your old traditional palace!

Lan Xiao ignored him. “Why do you care about me? As the appearance of the team, can I count on you if I don’t do better?”

They’re just jealous of me!

Diwu Zhangze rubbed his face. After so many years, I thought that my face was already experienced. However, I didn’t expect Lan Xiao to crush it instantly. How exactly did he do it? How could he humiliate everyone every time he comes out?

Dugu Mobao couldn’t be bothered to deal with him. A stupid pervert will always be a stupid pervert. He won’t change at all!

Chu Liuyue stared at the few people in front of her dazedly. T-these three people are indeed special…

Even though she was looking at a child, a young man, and an elder, they didn’t seem to have any differences in seniority when they talked.

This wasn’t actually particularly strange. There were all sorts of cultivation techniques in this world, and the capabilities of cultivators were also very different.

After cultivating to a certain extent, they would naturally have different appearances. However, it was obvious that these few people didn’t have any ill intentions toward her.

This made Chu Liuyue relax a little. However… She thought for half a day and really couldn’t remember where she had seen these few people.

If I had seen people with such special characteristics before, I definitely wouldn’t forget about them. Chu Liuyue secretly guessed that they might have recognized the wrong person.

At the side, Rong Xiu had stopped his movements from the moment those few people gradually appeared. As he did so, he took a step back and lazily leaned against the wall while he crossed his arms and watched the scene in relaxation.

Although he felt that it was quite inappropriate for them to meet now, this was still Dahuang Swamp—their territory.

He might not be able to stop whatever they wanted to do. Rather than meeting Chu Liuyue at some place suddenly and creating all sorts of trouble, it was better for them to meet directly now.

At least he was here.

Looking at the trio’s quarrels of irritation, Chu Liuyue was quite confused. They… seem to have come for me, but I don’t even know their identities now!

When she thought of this, her red lips curled up as she gave a polite smile. “I’m Chu Liuyue. Greetings… Seniors.”

Even though it was strange, the three of them were indeed very strong, and it was right to address them as seniors.

Chu Liuyue thought in this manner, but the trio suddenly looked over in unison. Their gazes were very weird as if they had seen something incredulous.

Dugu Mobao knitted his brows and asked, “What… did you call us?”

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