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Chapter 624: She’s Not Afraid of Pain, Even Less Afraid of Death

The lightning bolt’s strength surged everywhere within Chu Liuyue’s body, and it almost tore and ripped apart her organs and tissue.

She clenched her teeth as the intense, bloody scent filled her mouth. Her face was as white as a sheet, and large beads of sweat kept dripping down her forehead.

At this point, she already knew that her palm was rotting without even looking.

The fresh red blood followed her wrist and fell, but she was still holding the hilt tightly and didn’t let go.

Forcefully enduring the terrifying pain, she used her last bit of rationality to circulate her force. The waves of force were exerted out from her limbs as they slowly smoothened out and tidied the ill-disciplined and crazy strength of the lightning bolt.

As this happened, she gathered the lightning bolt’s strength in her hands again. She then inserted that strength within the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

A ray of light flashed across the peacock-blue sword. Following the nourishment of the lightning bolt’s strength, the color of the sword body became even more rich and pure.

A faint light gradually appeared on the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword—it was as if a star had suddenly lit up in the vast and dark night sky.

When Shangguan Jing saw that, eager admiration flashed across his eyes. She did it! Chu Liuyue really did it! She used her body to endure the first lightning bolt!

Hong long!

Another loud sound reverberated between the clouds!

Shangguan Jing was shocked as he hurriedly looked up.

The second lightning bolt already quickly gathered in the dark spiral, and it was quickly going toward Chu Liuyue!

“Why is it so fast?!” Seeing this scene, Shangguan Jing was so stunned that he lost his voice. Normally speaking, when one triggers lightning to refine a sword, one can summon a varying number of lightning bolts according to the creator and the sword. No matter if it’s 9 bolts or 81 bolts, they are all numbers related to nine. One set of 9 is one level.

He originally thought that given Chu Liuyue’s current abilities and the rare Queling Copper found in the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword, she should be able to trigger 18 bolts of lightning.

That was also the second level. However, it definitely didn’t happen at such a fast speed.

Just as the Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor was shocked and confused, the second lightning bolt already struck and landed heavily on Chu Liuyue.

The scorching light overwhelmed the surroundings once again. Within it, a petite figure pridefully stood up straight like a tree.

Shangguan Jing looked at the scene in a daze as he muttered, “T-this is going to be big…”

Square Gully.

The clan competition was going on in an exciting manner. After a few rounds of matches, both Chong Xu Cabinet and Jiu Xing Alliance had wins and losses.

Most of Chong Xu Cabinet’s disciples were heavenly doctors, so in this aspect of the competition, they would win stably. But in regards to warriors, it was obvious that Jiu Xing Alliance was better.

As for Xuan Masters… Both parties’ disciples were of equal standards. So after some comparison, there wasn’t much difference between the two parties’ points.

The competition between these two parties became a tug of war. On the other hand, the matches between the other clans were basically a landslide.

Being able to occupy the position of the four biggest clans for many years was enough to prove Dragon Teeth Mountain and the other clans’ capabilities.

It was indeed very difficult to challenge them.

Looking around, it seemed like only Jiu Xing Alliance had hopes of winning against Chong Xu Cabinet.

In the arena, the competitions went on respectively.

Zhang Hua and the rest stood at the side as they watched the competition coldly.

An elder went close to Zhang Hua and whispered, “Master, it seems like we’re tying with Chong Xu Cabinet. When… do you want to send the few of them up to compete?”

Zhang Hua sneered. “Why are you in a hurry? There are only so many people in Chong Xu Cabinet, and you can just look at them to know how capable they are. They currently look like they can forcefully hold on, but actually… They already gave their all from the start. In the second half, they will lose all their strength. We’ll just act upon it and completely crush them by then!”

The first step was to let Chong Xu Cabinet think that they had a chance of winning before completely crushing them alive. This… would then be a satisfying win!

Upon hearing this, that elder looked excited. “Master, you’re wise!”

The more miserably Chong Xu Cabinet lost in the end, the more difficult it would be for them to make a comeback!

Zhang Hua stood with his hands behind his back as his ice-cold face was filled with mockery. “Hmph. From today onward, Chong Xu Cabinet can no longer have a place in Xi Ling City!”

Yan Lin Peak.

The black clouds covered the entire sun as the gigantic black spiral within gradually turned.

Below the sky, light shone brightly atop of Yan Lin Peak as the exploding strength crazily spread in all directions.

More than half of the forest on the mountain had been destroyed, which frightened people.

In the middle of the light ray, Chu Liuyue was currently enduring all sorts of excruciating pain and torture as she gathered the strength within the lightning bolt and inserted it within the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

With the first successful experience, it was slightly simpler to do it again. However, this didn’t mean that her pain was reduced. On the other hand, every, the torture on every inch of her body was increasing as the lightning bolt dropped down.

The old wounds hadn’t gotten better, yet there were new wounds again.

There wasn’t a single good spot in Chu Liuyue’s entire body. The scorching scars scattered throughout her body.

Let alone talking about the internal injuries caused by the crazy Heavenly Dao energy barging around in her body, there were many pockets of bloody wounds on both her arms and hands, from inside to out.

Those wounds didn’t look big, but they were very deep and tight, which made them look horrifying.

Her clothes had long been drenched in fresh blood, and even the sword hilt was stained with her blood. However, she still tightly held the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword as she kept inserting the lightning bolt’s strength into it.

Another silver light flashed across the sword rapidly, and it was nourished once again.

Gradually, more and more stars appeared on the dull and pure sword body, causing it to become brighter and brighter.

Her surrounding aura kept strengthening non-stop.

Chu Liuyue licked her lips, and the bloody scent overwhelmed her nose, making her inner willpower even stronger.

She looked up!

The third lightning bolt had already gathered within the dark spiral.

“Again!” she yelled loudly. At the same time, she raised the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword in her hands even higher.

Shangguan Jing—who was standing not too far away—felt that his heart had already been scrunched up tightly.. If he had one, that is! This girl… Is this girl crazy? She’s already so severely injured after two lightning bolts, yet not only is she not afraid at all, but she even seems… more excited? Is she not afraid of pain or death?

This scene made his heart jump out of his mouth. However, he was most worried that this was just the beginning.

According to the speed of the lightning bolt landing… Chu Liuyue might have more to suffer in the end!

As if coincidentally hearing her voice, the third lightning bolt rapidly landed at this moment.

Hong long!

Chu Liuyue’s figure was once again swallowed by the boundless strength. If she knew what her ancestor was thinking at this time, she would tell him: I—Chu Liuyue—am not afraid of pain and even less afraid of death!

Today, I’ll definitely finish refining this Cloud-Sky Copper Sword!

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