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Chapter 620: Sword Refinement

Mu Hongyu carefully read the letter a few times, and tears started to well up in her eyes.

Chu Liuyue patted her shoulder gently. “Hongyu, are you okay?”

“I’m fine! I’m fine! When my parents knew that I was still alive and well and even came to Xi Ling to cultivate, they were over the moon. They kept reminding me to cultivate properly.”

In this world, there was nothing happier than gaining something back after losing it.

Mu Hongyu passed the letter to Chu Liuyue. “Liuyue, look. My parents said that they have to thank you!”

Chu Liuyue took it over, and her lips blossomed into a beautiful smiling flower. “Yeah, they can completely rest assured now.”

Jian Fengchi coughed.

Mu Hongyu immediately said, “Oh, yes! Young Master, my parents even thanked you specifically!”

Jian Fengchi leaned against the chair lazily, and his lips slightly curved up as he spoke in a seemingly nonchalant manner. “It’s no big deal. What’s there to thank?”

Chu Liuyue turned and glanced at him. Pfft. If you really didn’t care, why would you cough?

“Hongyu, why do you call Young Master Jian ‘Young Master?’”

Mu Hongyu explained, “Oh, that’s because everyone calls him that in Dragon Teeth Mountain.”

If she alone kept calling him ‘Young Master Jian,’ it felt a little strange somehow. Thus, she just changed her way of calling him.

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment and agreed. Mu Hongyu is already Jian Shuye’s disciple now and has officially entered Dragon Teeth Mountain. She might need to spend a very long time here in the future, so it’s a good thing if she can quickly join in with the rest.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “It seems like you’ve been having a good time at Dragon Teeth Mountain.”

Mu Hongyu smiled brightly, and her almond eyes glistened. “Yeah! Master and the rest treat me very nicely! Besides, my current cultivation speed seems much faster than before… Master said that this is because of the nature of my physique. In a while, I should be able to continue breaking through.”

Previously, she was quite talented in Country Yao Chen. However, she wasn’t an elite, let alone in the rest of the world. Now that she had the Faint Yuan Body, she was worlds apart compared to her previous self.

Even in the entire Tianling Dynasty, she could be considered as one of the most outstanding people.

Chu Liuyue saw that she was elated and was happy for her too. “Since this is so, I feel much better. Now that I’ve already delivered the letter, I should go first.”

Mu Hongyu was very reluctant. “I just came, yet you’re leaving? Let me send you off then!”

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind. “Sure.”

The duo left together, and the nonchalant smile on Jian Fengchi’s face gradually faded away as he knitted his brows and hurriedly returned to his room.

After he went back, he quickly changed out of his clothes. Sparks flashed on his fingertip and immediately burned the clothes.

Even when the clothing was completely burned, he still felt that something was amiss. “Someone! I want to bathe!”

On the other side, Mu Hongyu accompanied Chu Liuyue, and they walked quite a fair distance. On the way, the two of them kept talking about what happened to them recently. Seeing that they were about to reach the foot of the mountain, Chu Liuyue then asked in a seemingly nonchalant manner, “Hongyu, during the days you were at Dragon Teeth Mountain, was Young Master Jian on the mountain the entire time too?”

“Yeah! I need to collect pills from him every day.” Mu Hongyu asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “Nothing much. I just didn’t expect him… to be so patient.”

Speaking of this, Mu Hongyu laughed. “Actually, he didn’t have a choice either. Master said that he was too unrestricted previously, so he had to properly cultivate in Dragon Teeth Mountain during this time. I heard that Master specifically found many medical books for him and that he has been reading all of them these few days.”

“Medical books? There are quite a few people cultivating as heavenly doctors in Dragon Teeth Mountain, so there should be quite a lot of medical books, right? Your master even specifically helped him to find medical books to read?”

Mu Hongyu thought for a moment and said, “Yeah, I think it’s some unique copy of a rare book or something… Anyway, it’s quite awesome!”

Chu Liuyue lowered her eyes. Medical books… Jian Fengchi has always been very talented as a heavenly doctor, and he has been diligently practicing all these years. He has read tons of medical books. Now, he actually read a unique copy of a rare book…

“Liuyue? Liuyue?” Seeing that Chu Liuyue didn’t respond after a long while, Mu Hongyu called her twice. “What are you thinking about?”

Chu Liuyue then recovered from her trance and smiled slightly. “Nothing. I was just thinking that since Young Master Jian is so talented and hardworking, I should work harder. You can go back first and cultivate properly. We’ll meet during the clan competition.”

Mu Hongyu nodded seriously and couldn’t hide the excitement on her face. “Okay!”

When Chu Liuyue returned to Chong Xu Cabinet, the night sky had already arrived.

On the way, she met many senior brothers and senior sisters—who ran over and harshly praised her, saying that she had good taste and reminded her to spend more time with Rong Xiu. They even told her to marry him as early as possible.

Chu Liuyue was first dazed. Then, she later realized that Rong Xiu’s bribery tactics were working. I wonder how much was exactly put within the Cosmic Rings…

Chu Liuyue agreed to them one by one before returning to her room with much difficulty.

Qiang Wanzhou had already cleaned the room as usual, but he wasn’t around.

Chu Liuyue briefly tidied up and went to Yan Lin Peak again.

In the quiet forest, only the sound of the sword body and the star stone grinding against each other was especially clear.

Following her movements, the sparks gradually turned from the initial orange color to a dark-blue color every time she grinded.

When the spark color finally became the same as the sword heart that she had finally grinded out, Chu Liuyue finally chose another side and carried out the same process.

In the later period, Chu Liuyue did what she did before. She cultivated on Qing Yuan Mountain during the day and conveniently tidied up the herbs. At night, she refined the sword at Yan Lin Peak.

Rong Xiu seemed to be very busy too as he only came to see her once in between before quickly leaving.

Chu Liuyue didn’t ask further as her heart was devoted to the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

A month quickly passed. In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the clan competition!

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