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Chapter 577: Someone’s Here!

Aggression flashed across Jiang Yucheng’s eyes. He actually came so quickly! This means that Weichi Song definitely knows something, so he purposely came over to verify it! If I go out now and Weichi Song sees my current state… I can’t explain anything!

Not hearing any movements, the subordinate called again, “Eldest Young Master?”

Jiang Yucheng forced himself up. At this point, the terrifying pain had actually already subsided, but because his cultivation level suddenly dropped and that red line…

He looked down and glanced at his wrist.

The opening appeared as the blood line broke. Even though it wasn’t deep, it could be seen clearly.

Since Weichi Song has already come to the Jiang residence, there’s a very high chance he already knows about this blood line… I have to think of a way to hide it!

“Invite Master Weichi to the study first! I’ll go there in a while!” He took a deep breath in and tried hard to make his voice sound calm and normal.


Hearing the hurried departing footsteps outside, Jiang Yucheng held his forehead and thought deeply. Weichi Song came prepared, and it isn’t that easy to lie to him…

Weichi Song was originally following the subordinates into the study, but he coincidentally met with Jiang Lizuo, who had just come back.

Seeing Weichi Song appearing at the Jiang residence, Jiang Lizuo was very surprised. We’ve never had much interaction with Chong Xu Cabinet. Besides, the current Chong Xu Cabinet… Basically nobody in Xi Ling City wants to interact with them willingly.

But Jiang Lizuo still did his perfunctory work and personally entertained Weichi Song.

After the duo sat down in the study, Jiang Lizuo asked Weichi Song his motive for coming to the Jiang residence.

Upon hearing that Weichi Song specifically came to find Jiang Yucheng, he felt even stranger. But seeing that Weichi Song didn’t seem to want to reveal anything further, he sensibly didn’t continue asking and made casual talk.

“I heard that Chong Xu Cabinet recently accepted two outstanding disciples. I haven’t had the chance to congratulate you yet.” Jiang Lizuo smiled politely.

He had heard a little about what happened in the Wan Zheng Competition earlier. Many people didn’t understand why the Chu Liuyue duo chose Chong Xu Cabinet, and he was equally curious.

I wonder if Weichi Song secretly used some method, or…

When he heard about the Chu Liuyue duo, Weichi Song’s smile became much more genuine. “Yeah! It’s really my Chong Xu Cabinet’s luck to be able to have the two of them!” Without them, the Messed Yuan Gravel on Qing Yuan Mountain would still be spreading everywhere!

Jiang Lizuo raised his brows slightly at Weichi Song’s extremely proud and happy manner. Actually, I just casually mentioned it earlier. At the end of the day, it’s just two children. How much can they help? Besides, I heard that the duo’s family background isn’t very good. Even if they are outstanding talents, they might not really become elites in the future.

For more than a year, Weichi Song has always been dejected and hasn’t revealed such an expression in a long time. It seems like he’s really happy? Upon closer thinking, it can actually be understood. Given Chong Xu Cabinet’s current situation, it’s indeed pretty hard for them to accept new disciples. It’s no wonder Weichi Song is like this. Jiang Lizuo kept mocking the other in his heart, but he still showed looks of approval. “I bet they must be amazing people for you to praise them like that! In the future, I must meet them if I have the chance! Haha!”

Weichi Song gave him a deep and meaningful look as he smiled and said, “Definitely!”

He could naturally tell that Jiang Lizuo looked down on their Chong Xu Cabinet and everyone inside. He had already seen too many of such gazes within this year. If it were in the past, I would still feel terrible every time I see this. Thus, I gradually didn’t interact much with the crowd. But things are different now. I’ve already completely disregarded how those outsiders see me and whatever they think of me. When they really see Liuyue and Wanzhou’s abilities in the future… Tsk, I look forward to it for some reason.

The two of them talked for quite some time and played Taichi.

Weichi Song gradually became frustrated because of the waiting and was even more sure of his suspicions. Jiang Yucheng is inside his own residence, yet he has to take such a long time before he can go out to meet people. Nobody would believe it if they say nothing is wrong.

After some time, a voice finally sounded from outside the door. “Greetings, Eldest Young Master!”

Weichi Song looked at the door.

After Chu Liuyue arranged the gifts, she chased Qiang Wanzhou back and quietly cultivated in her room.

After the water droplet in her dantian absorbed the Messed Yuan Gravel, her bodily aura seemed to have been strengthened.

She circulated the force in her body, but she didn’t try to break through.

To other people, her improvement speed was considered normal even though it was fast. After all, she had a Dijing Yuan meridian. But Chu Liuyue clearly knew herself that her ‘pearl of essence’ was different from everybody else’s.

Her breakthrough speed was a little fast.

“Girl, you’re really careful.” The ancestor’s voice suddenly sounded, and his tone had a tinge of admiration.

After this period of interacting with her, he could confirm that Chu Liuyue had even more potential than he thought. The even rarer thing was that she had extreme determination and strong control.

Not many people in the world could withstand the temptation of breaking through, but Chu Liuyue did it very well.

Her vision and ambition for the future were indeed different.

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. The ancestor doesn’t know my situation and can only forcefully feel the ripples of my surrounding strength. But based on this alone, he could guess quite a few things.

He was her ancestor after all, and Chu Liuyue had no intentions of purposely hiding from him. “Thank you, Ancestor!”

Compared to her breaking through, she wanted to try practicing her Jingshen Palm.

But just as she had circulated her aura, she heard Lu Zhiyao’s voice from outside. “Junior Sister, someone is looking for you!”

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