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Chapter 569: He Has Been There Before

“Yan Qing.”

“Yes, Your Highness?”

“Make a trip to Xi Ling and pass this to her.” As Rong Xiu spoke, he took out a silver Cosmic Ring and handed it to Yan Qing.

Yan Qing received it with both hands before asking hesitantly, “…Do you mean… Right away?”

“Yes,” replied Rong Xiu coolly, his answer short and sweet.

Right at that moment, a chilly wind blew over.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Yan Qing hurriedly bowed his head respectfully before turning around to leave.

Yu Mo was dumbfounded. H-he’s leaving just like that? What urgent matter could it be that he has to leave so hurriedly? What am I going to do now?!

“Yu Mo.” Rong Xiu turned his gaze to him.

Feeling tense, Yu Mo responded, “Yes, Your Highness?”

“You can only return once you’re done dealing with Zhang Youfang.”

Yu Mo felt his vision turning black as he made his last attempt of struggle. “Your Highness…”

“Hm?” questioned Rong Xiu nonchalantly.

“I’m on it!” Mustering up his courage, Yu Mo charged straight toward the chaotic battlefield. Things shouldn’t be too difficult since Zhang Youfang is already injured. Besides, there are so many soldiers around—

“Everyone, step back and make way for your Lord Yu,” said Rong Xiu indifferently.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Upon receiving the order, the well-trained soldiers retreated and cleared a path for Yu Mo.

Yu Mo’s eyes twitched hard, and he regretted his actions when a bloodthirsty Zhang Youfang instantly appeared before him. I shouldn’t have read that message! Just what sort of terrible thing has happened in Xi Ling?!

Chong Xu Cabinet.

It was a bright and sunny day, without a single cloud in the sky.

Chu Liuyue—along with Qiang Wanzhou and Weichi Song—came to the old medicinal garden once more. “…Does that mean you have no idea who broke into Chong Xu Cabinet that day?”

While making their way over, she had pried out a lot of information from Weichi Song. Although she had heard some things from Lu Zhiyao, he was ultimately not at Chong Xu Cabinet that day. Plus, it was more convenient and accurate to get the news straight from the horse’s mouth.

Sure enough, after a brief chat, she found out a lot of details that Lu Zhiyao hadn’t mentioned before.

“Those people were very powerful. They came at night while wearing masks and black robes, so we couldn’t see their features clearly…” Even though that incident had happened more than a year ago, the memory of it was still fresh and deeply engraved in his mind. It had become a sore memory that he couldn’t forget at all.

“The other party came prepared and took us by surprise. We couldn’t even protect the elders’ and disciples’ lives, so how could we possibly care about the medicinal garden? By the time we came over when everything was over, the people in charge of guarding the garden had all died as well.” Despite Weichi Song’s seemingly calm exterior, he was actually trembling slightly as he recalled the past.

“We wanted to go and take a look at the herbs when we realized that a number of them were damaged. However, the casualties took priority… Unfortunately, before we knew it, the rest of the herbs withered by the next day. The garden was already a wasteland when we sent people to plant new herbs a month later, and it was only then that we discovered that the land could no longer be used to grow herbs. But it was too late by then.”

While carefully listening to Weichi Song, Chu Liuyue quietly pondered the problem. “Since Messed Yuan Gravel is from Nan Jiang, then only those who have been there would possess this thing. Master, do you know anyone in the Tianling Dynasty who has been to Nan Jiang in recent years?”

Weichi Song searched his memory for a while before finally saying, “Jiang Yucheng has been there before.”

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