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Chapter 541: Stand Up

The few of them turned around and saw a beautiful woman in red—it was Chu Liuyue.

A smile was plastered on her face as if she was asking casually, but everyone could tell that this quarrel was just the disciples fighting for a seat on the surface. In actual fact, it was the Jiu Xing Alliance challenging Chong Xu Cabinet’s position as one of the four largest clans.

Whoever intervenes at this point will be dragged into this war. Why would Chu Liuyue suddenly start caring about this?

When that young man saw that it was Chu Liuyue, he restrained his anger slightly. Rumors have it that she, Jian Fengchi, and Mu Qinghe have an extraordinary relationship. I can’t offend either of the latter two.

He stiffly changed his fierce expression into a smile. “Ms. Chu, what does this mean?”

With a smile on her face, Chu Liuyue asked, “Ah. Young Master, please don’t misunderstand; I was just curious. If this seat belongs to them, why do you want to fight with them?”

Chu Liuyue’s words were too direct, and she directly made the man cough. “If I don’t remember wrongly… This lady seems to be someone that your Jiu Xing Alliance brought back from outside Heaven’s Canopy. She hasn’t entered your clan yet, so why did you start calling each other Senior Brother and Junior Sister?”

At this moment, the woman in purple’s face turned ugly. Isn’t she outright scolding me?!

Chu Liuyue looked at the woman with a round face as she smiled and asked, “I heard that only the disciples from the four biggest clans could stay here, right?”

The woman with a round face didn’t expect that Chu Liuyue would suddenly help, so she nodded her head dazedly. “That’s right; the four biggest clans are the strongest existences in Xi Ling. They’re Dragon Teeth Mountain, Sky-Soaring Clan, Purple Xiao Sword Sect, and our Chong Xu Cabinet, respectively. When we came in just now, the pageboy had already stated that the position was left for us.”

They were talking about seats, but it was actually about status.

Chu Liuyue nodded and looked at the two people from the Jiu Xing Alliance. “Since this seat is left for the four biggest clans, then may I know whether… Jiu Xing Alliance is one of them?”

The two of them instantly became awkward. Isn’t Chu Liuyue asking the obvious? It’s precisely because we currently aren’t that we purposely did this to replace Chong Xu Cabinet. She just asked so directly. What should we say?

The woman in purple said indignantly, “Chong Xu Cabinet isn’t the previous Chong Xu Cabinet anymore! Just like her—her ranking in the Wan Zheng Competition was behind mine! Just based on this alone, she has no right to sit here!”

Chu Liuyue asked, “What’s your ranking?”

The woman in purple lifted her chin. “Thirty-fifth!”

Chu Liuyue looked at the woman with a round face. “What about you?”

The round-faced woman lowered her head in embarrassment. “Forty-first…”

These two people’s rankings actually weren’t that much different, but the round-faced woman was considered young amongst these people. Hence, it wasn’t bad that she could get such a ranking.

The woman in purple sneered. “Even though I just came to Xi Ling, I know that Xi Ling has one rule—the strong are respected! Since my ranking and capabilities are better than hers, why can’t I sit here?”

The round-faced woman flushed red, and her lips trembled as tears filled her eyes. It’s all because I was useless! If I had performed better in the Wan Zheng Competition, we wouldn’t be humiliated like this. I also wouldn’t implicate the entire clan’s reputation!

“What about me?” said Chu Liuyue.

The woman in purple was suddenly dazed. “What?”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly. “I’m first. Don’t I have more rights to sit here?”

The woman in purple was stumped as she stuttered, “B-but… You’re not even interested in this seat! Why are you purposely making it difficult for us?”

“It’s my business if I’m interested or not. You just have to answer my previous question.” Chu Liuyue looked at her nonchalantly.

“You…” The woman in purple was enraged as her voice became sharp and piercing. “Chu Liuyue, are you determined to stand up for Chong Xu Cabinet today? You need to think this through carefully. You’re going against our entire Jiu Xing Alliance!”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “It’s just a seat. Is there a need to speak so seriously? But if you really want to say this… Whatever you say then.”

Her nonchalant behavior enraged that purple-robed woman.

She was very impulsive and took a step out, but she was immediately stopped by the man beside her. “Junior Sister!”

One Chu Liuyue isn’t terrifying, but she has Jian Fengchi and Mu Qinghe behind her! The entire Xi Ling is spreading the news that the two of them are very devoted to Chu Liuyue. No matter who Chu Liuyue chooses, her future position and power shouldn’t be underestimated. If we go against her, won’t we be digging our own graves?

“Senior Brother!” That woman was furious. When she met with the man’s warning gaze, she finally swallowed her remaining words as she turned away indignantly.

That man said, “Since Ms. Chu wants this seat, we won’t fight with you. Ms. Chu, please—”

He then pulled the woman in purple to the side.

That woman with a round face looked at Chu Liuyue thankfully and with much conflict.

Chu Liuyue glanced at that round-faced woman, and her lips curved up. “You can continue sitting on this seat.”

“But this is your—”

“I’m not very interested in this. I just don’t like them, so you don’t have to take it to heart.” Chu Liuyue patted the round-faced woman’s shoulder gently.

The round-faced woman stared at her dazedly. From start to end, Chu Liuyue did it because she really wanted to help me? Ever since Chong Xu Cabinet met with mishaps, we have met with all sorts of eye rolls and mockery. Many people even kicked us when we were down. This is the first time that someone stood by our side in front of everyone and helped us speak up. This person is also Chu Liuyue, who we don’t even know.

“T-thank you…” The woman with a round face didn’t know what to do. “I… I don’t know how to thank you…”

Chu Liuyue asked, “What’s your name? How old are you?”

The round-faced woman honestly said, “My name is Ye Ranran, and I’ll be 14 in a month.”

Chu Liuyue was a little surprised. This woman looks like she’s 15 or 16. I didn’t expect her to be a few months younger than me.

As if she had guessed Chu Liuyue’s thoughts, the round-faced woman blushed. “I eat too much normally, so… So I look stronger than an average girl…”

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears. She’s clearly still a child. Does Chong Xu Cabinet really not have any people? Why did they send her over?

“It’s fine; you’re very talented. If you cultivate properly, you will be very strong in the future,” said Chu Liuyue seriously.

Ye Ranran’s eyes lit up, and she said in embarrassment, “Master said that too, b-but… I always thought that he was coaxing me…”

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart. “This is true. Also, remember to take revenge if someone bullies you in the future.”

Ye Ranran nodded her head readily. Just as she was about to ask more questions, she heard a voice. “The Purple Xiao Sword Sect’s Master is here!”

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