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Chapter 528: Puppet

The duo quickly turned and looked! The Long Yuan Sword is recognizing a new master!

The boundless earth was covered by a sea of fire, and a large, black sword was in the middle of it all!

Along with the sword’s startling ringing was an overwhelming pressure, which seemed like it came from the ancient past. It poured out of the sword and radiated across the land!


A deep crack appeared on the ground—it was like a deep abyss!

The Long Yuan Sword was appearing!

“…The Long Yuan Sword has chosen its master?!” Yang Qin’er dazedly stared at the scene in front of her before she came to her senses! If that weren’t the case, the Long Yuan Sword would never react this way!

Ning Jiaojiao was stunned by these words, and her heart sank after a short pause! “How can it be? Nobody was chosen!”

Only the three of us are here. Qiang Wanzhou is trapped under my Xuan formation, while both Yang Qin’er and myself are standing by the side! Nobody here has become the Long Yuan Sword’s new owner! Unless… Someone else is here!

At this moment, a bright ball of light appeared at the bottom of the Long Yuan Sword!

A person’s figure could be seen within the ball of light!

Yang Qin’er and Ning Jiaojiao fearfully backed away from the terrifying aura, and the two looked up as they did so!

But the ball of light was too blinding, so they couldn’t see who was inside it.

Amidst the blurriness, they could only see the person fly onto the Long Yuan Sword’s hilt!

The person then grabbed the sword with both their hands!

Hong long!

The ground began shaking violently! With the Long Yuan Sword as the center, cracks spread across the area!

“Who is that? Who is that!” Ning Jiaojiao muttered with hatred as she gritted her teeth! To think that we were fighting over it here, but someone else had already beaten us to it! All my efforts were for naught!

Yang Qin’er was upset, but she suddenly spoke when she heard Ning Jiaojiao’s cursing and swearing. “No matter who, we’ve got to stop them!”

Ning Jiaojiao frowned. “Are you crazy? The Long Yuan Sword has already chosen a master; nothing that we do matters anymore. How can we stop it?”

Based on our current abilities, we can’t even get near the Long Yuan Sword!

Yang Qin’er laughed coldly. “You’re really not well-versed in the way of the sword! The Long Yuan Sword is a legendary weapon. Even if it did choose its master, it takes a while! During this process, the chosen person must remain focused. If they’re interrupted…”

“You mean…”

“Since we’ve joined forces, we might as well solve this problem too! If we can’t have the Long Yuan Sword, nobody can!”

Ning Jiaojiao was tempted by Yang Qin’er’s suggestion. She only considered it briefly before she agreed to it. “Sure!”

With that, they looked at one another before running toward the figure in the sky in unison! But just as the two of them moved, a terrible ripple came from the side!

The pair turned and looked. They saw that Qiang Wanzhou had torn the Xuan formation apart and was sprinting toward them!

“H-how did he do that?!” Ning Jiaojiao was stunned! That was a stage-six Xuan formation! Qiang Wanzhou actually managed to break it so quickly?!

However, the two of them had been focused on the Long Yuan Sword earlier, so none of them saw how Qiang Wanzhou did it!

Yang Qin’er said immediately, “You go and stop him!”

“Why me?!” Ning Jiaojiao immediately retorted. Who knows if Yang Qin’er will take the chance to snatch the Long Yuan Sword?

Yang Qin’er scoffed as if she had read Ning Jiaojiao’s thoughts. “You think the Long Yuan Sword will recognize a new master so easily? Stop dreaming! If you want to go there, we can switch!”

Ning Jiaojiao didn’t know how to respond. She glanced at the Long Yuan Sword, but she felt chills run down her spine. As she dashed toward Qiang Wanzhou, she said begrudgingly, “Fine! I’ll go!”

Yang Qin’er charged forward with her sword! The closer she got, the stronger the pressure from the Long Yuan Sword!

She had no choice but to stop!

It’s a pity that I still can’t see who the person in the ball of light is from where I’m standing! She took a deep breath and put her hands together.

A muscular figure appeared before her—it was a copper-skinned man! He looked just like a regular man in terms of appearance and size, but his eyes were a void! There was no sign of life coming from him!

This was Yang Qin’er’s trump card—a puppet made using a special secret technique!

She stared at the puppet’s hollow eyes as she gave orders. “Go kill that person!”

Immediately after, two green bursts of fire appeared in the puppet’s eye sockets! It nodded stiffly before it replied with a raspy voice that sounded like metal rubbing against each other. “Yes, Master!”


It then flew toward the blinding ball of light!

Yang Qin’er narrowed her eyes as she smiled coldly. I went through much effort to get this puppet. I hadn’t intended on using it until I absolutely had to, but I didn’t expect the Wan Zheng Competition to push me this far! But then again, this is for the Long Yuan Sword. Hence, I won’t have any hesitance.

She didn’t want to lose the competition and have someone beat her to the Long Yuan Sword!

Chu Liuyue’s palms were burning as she gripped the Long Yuan Sword’s hilt. Sensing a commotion coming from the side, she took a glance and saw a figure rushing toward her.

She took a closer look, and she frowned as a cold look flashed across her eyes. It’s a puppet?! The process for creating such a puppet is extremely vicious. It requires removing all of a cultivator’s organs while they are still alive and inserting a secret chemical and a seal before refining it for 100 days!

During the entire process, the cultivator has to remain conscious and suffer through the days and nights of pain and agony before their soul will be removed in the final stage! Because this process is extremely vicious, it was banned throughout the entire mainland. I didn’t expect to see it here!

Chu Liuyue looked around and instantly understood everything when she saw Yang Qin’er watching her closely. I didn’t expect it to be her… This Yang Qin’er probably isn’t as simple as she looks…

When the puppet rushed over, a large and black illusory figure suddenly appeared out of Chu Liuyue’s body—it was the legendary three-eyed eagle!

It spread its wings, almost covering the sun! The next instant, it swooped down toward the puppet!

Yang Qin’er’s smile froze. That’s… a legendary three-eyed eagle—a legendary fiend! Who is inside that ball of light to be able to contract with such a legendary fiend?!

“Ahh!” A tragic cry echoed!

She turned and looked to see Ning Jiaojiao covered in specks of blood!

Qiang Wanzhou’s eyes turned cold before he swung his sword down!

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