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Chapter 524: Want to Leave After Taking My Things?

Tianling God Realm.

Within the sparkling golden palace, Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged and stared at the gigantic Xuan formation not far away.

She had already completely ignored everything in her surroundings, and there was only one thought in her eyes and mind—to solve this Xuan formation!

A rough outline was already formed in her mind. As time passed, the outline gradually became clearer.

Chu Liuyue was copying the Xuan formation in her mind. Of course, this small bit didn’t count for much compared to the real Xuan formation.

However, she didn’t want to replicate it completely.

It was literally impossible for her now. Hence, she was actually just trying her best to trace the tracks of the previous Heavenly Dao and try to find some pattern within it.

At some point, she settled on something, and her eyes dazzled like stars. That’s it!


The water droplet with a Heavenly Dao aura went straight to a certain point on the Xuan formation.


The two tremendous forces smashed against one another and let out a loud sound.

Bingo! Chu Liuyue was elated.

The next moment, with the point of impact as the center, force started rippling in all directions at an observable speed.

The nearing rays of light were immediately crushed, and the structure collapsed.

The gigantic Xuan formation was officially destroyed.

At the same time, a few people were still waiting outside the heavenly pit.

There were only four people left here—Qiang Wanzhou, Ning Jiaojiao, Yang Qin’er, and that burly man named Chou Ding..

Hong long!

Another lightning bolt struck.

The few of them stared closely at the Long Yuan Sword, and their entire faces and bodies were filled with nervousness. This was because… this was already the 80th lightning bolt!

The Long Yuan Sword still hadn’t chosen its owner, so there was only one last chance now.

Ning Jiaojiao couldn’t help but look at the distant Qiang Wanzhou. Not long before this, this golden-haired young man actually broke through and became a stage-six warrior here.

She was envious and angry. She couldn’t understand how Qiang Wanzhou still successfully broke through at such a nerve-wracking moment.

She didn’t know that Qiang Wanzhou’s attention was not on the Long Yuan Sword.

From start to end, he was only thinking of one thing—find Chu Liuyue.

He could feel that she was under the golden fire, so he waited patiently. While he was waiting, he estimated that he had already taken his third pill.

It was precisely because of the third pill’s effects that resolved much of his harsh inner air, giving him the chance to break through.


A ferocious movement could be heard from the heavenly pit. This movement immediately attracted quite a few people’s attention.

Chou Ding jumped up to the sky without hesitation and looked at the heavenly pit. However, this one look stunned him. “H-how is this happening…?”

The golden fire that originally filled the heavenly pit started flowing back in crazily. It was as if there was something crazily absorbing it from below.

But the last lightning bolt of the Long Yuan Sword still didn’t strike.

The entire palace started to shake.

The dust on countless treasures started falling, and the pearls moved in all directions as the mountain of rubies shook.

The water droplet broke silently, and the millions of light rays dissolved at the same time. It was so bright that Chu Liuyue couldn’t even open her eyes.

This was the advantage of the suppression!

Shock flashed across the legendary three-eyed eagle’s eyes. The Heavenly Dao strength within Chu Liuyue’s body is actually this strong?!

Even though it had suggested Chu Liuyue to use her Heavenly Dao to fight this Heavenly Dao, it didn’t harbor much hope. At the end of the day, Chu Liuyue’s current cultivation level hadn’t broken through to the fourth stage.

Even though her current abilities could be compared to that of a stage-five warrior, it was almost impossible for her to solve a ninth-grade Xuan formation.

But at this point, the Heavenly Dao’s strength that she released far exceeded that of the Xuan formation.

Just based on the Heavenly Dao in her body alone, it shouldn’t be able to reach such a stage… It was the water droplet! The water droplet seems to contain immense strength that can fight the Heavenly Dao. The legendary three-eyed eagle was taken aback by this sudden thought.

It looked up again and saw the water droplet split into countless small droplets, landing in all sorts of places on the Xuan formation.

The entire Xuan formation irreversibly broke down as it formed countless stars and faded away.

When the last ray of light was destroyed, a thought immediately popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind.

The transparent karmic fire flew out from the Heavenly Square Cauldron and overwhelmed that half-skeleton.

The large skeleton was immediately enveloped. The next moment, that skeleton was gradually brought up by the transparent fire.

At this moment, the golden fire that flowed in from the surroundings started to enter the skeleton crazily.

Chu Liuyue was shocked.

The legendary three-eyed eagle immediately boomed, “That’s the great phoenix dragon’s strength. Previously, it probably noticed that the Long Yuan Sword was about to awaken, so the strength dispersed and wanted to get rid of this suppression. But now that you want to bring the skeleton away, this strength will naturally return.”

“Is there still a soul in the great phoenix dragon’s skeleton?” asked Chu Liuyue doubtfully.

“Not really. It’s just the great phoenix dragon’s last bit of consciousness.”

If half of the great phoenix dragon’s soul was still around, it wouldn’t be this situation.

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief and also felt emotional in her heart. Ancient legendary fiends are indeed extraordinary. It has died for so long, yet there is still such strong willpower left in the skeleton’s remnants. I wonder how strong a true living great phoenix dragon is…

Following the golden fire pouring back in, the skeleton became increasingly clear and bright.

When the last spark of golden fire disappeared within the skeleton, the Heavenly Square Cauldron finally absorbed it forcefully.

Through the transparent Heavenly Square Cauldron, she could still see the skeleton entering it.

At the same time, the Xuan formation had completely broken. The countless water droplets also reformed into one water droplet, containing that bright light before returning to Chu Liuyue’s body.

Chu Liuyue stood up and waved her palms lightly, wanting to summon the Heavenly Square Cauldron back in.

However, the Heavenly Square Cauldron stopped in midair and did not move.

Chu Liuyue was dazed and tried again.

The Heavenly Square Cauldron still did not move.

Uneasiness overwhelmed her heart.

At this point, a vague figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the palace.

“You want to leave after taking my things?” A low voice sounded.

Every word and sentence was like thunder striking beside Chu Liuyue’s ear, making her heart shudder.

Her organs and limbs seemed to be crushed by this invisible suppression as she felt excruciating pain.

An intense, bloody smell suddenly rose in her throat.

She had no doubts that the other party could take away her life at this very moment if he wanted to.

This person… was the strongest person she had ever met in both her lives!

In one swift move, that man shrank the Heavenly Square Cauldron, and it landed in his palm.

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