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Chapter 517: Old Nest

“What’s that?!”

Ning Jiaojiao and the others were shocked to see the golden flames suddenly gushing out. They hurriedly rushed forward, only to spot the enormous heavenly pit and the flames that had covered a large part of the pit.

They wanted to go nearer and take a closer look at it but were forced to retreat due to the searing heat and vast aura. As such, they could only watch everything happen from the side.

“Where’s Chu Liuyue?” Yang Qin’er scanned her surroundings but couldn’t find Chu Liuyue anywhere in sight. She was here just now. Don’t tell me…

“She went down there?!”

The group of people exchanged looks with one another. It seemed that there was no better explanation than this.

“One will surely die if they fall into this fire! She probably has been transported out of the Tianling God Realm,” surmised the thin man. “Let’s just wait for the sword to wake up completely!”

The others had no objections to his suggestion. After all, no matter what condition Chu Liuyue was in, their priority was the Long Yuan Sword!

Thus, they began waiting in silence.

More people gathered around the pit subsequently. Everyone, however, had come to a tacit understanding and didn’t fight among themselves. Instead, they scattered out and waited for the sword to completely wake up in different spots.

Including Yang Qin’er and her entourage, there were nine people in total. This number might seem insignificant, but it was actually very hard for them to last until now. The other competitors had already been eliminated long ago because they couldn’t withstand the force that constantly flowed into their bodies.

Those who could arrive at the pit either possessed outstanding Dijing Yuan meridians or had some means and treasures with them. In short, they weren’t simple characters.

Qiang Wenzhou was the tenth person to arrive here. Even though he was hurt, his injuries were nothing major. He walked toward the pit and slightly frowned when he peered inside and realized that Chu Liuyue’s aura had disappeared amidst the golden flames. After giving it some deep thought, he started waiting here as well.

The legendary three-eyed eagle charged through the golden flames and carried Chu Liuyue straight down with it.

The overwhelming flames obscured her vision, and all she could feel was that the fire around her was madly gushing out like lava.

All of a sudden, she vaguely saw a door that appeared in the middle of the flames. She hastily asked, “What’s that?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle didn’t respond to her question but flew at even greater speeds.

It was only when they got nearer that Chu Liuyue finally got a clear look.

It was a black door made of an unknown material. It was dark and deep, and it also emanated a compelling chillness. On it was a carved relief of a sword.

Just one glance at it, and she immediately recognized that it was the Long Yuan Sword.

“That’s the sword’s seal on the legendary beast’s skeleton!” stated the legendary three-eyed eagle.

Chu Liuyue understood what it meant at once. “So the skeleton is behind this door?”

“That’s right! As long as we open the door, we’ll be able to enter!”

She fell into deep contemplation as she stared at the door before her. “It’ll be hard… to open this door though…”

Just as she said that, the black pyramid in her body suddenly flew out of her body as if it had been summoned.

Shocked, Chu Liuyue instantly moved to grab it. But when her fingers came into contact with it, she noticed a cold flash coming from the door.

The sword relief was moving.

Her actions ceased as the black pyramid slowly turned in front of the door, and a subtle aura gushed out of it.


The door opened. With great determination, she seized the black pyramid back and charged through the door at once.


The door slammed shut behind her thereafter.

As Chu Liuyue exhaled in relief, she looked up and realized that she was in a glorious and magnificent hall that was made of precious jade stones. It had countless jewels and treasures scattered all over the floor and priceless raw orchid-colored stones in piles. Longan-sized illusionary spectral beads—which could fetch up to 10,000 white crystals for just a pesized bead on the market—could be found in all nooks and crannies as well.

Even Chu Liuyue—who had seen her fair share of treasures—couldn’t help but draw a sharp intake of air at this sight. What a fortune! Unlike pills or martial skills, all these things are real money! This place must’ve been deserted for a long time, which is why everything is covered with a thick layer of dust.

She mumbled to herself, “Could it be a treasure trove left behind by my ancestor…?”

“It’s the great phoenix dragon’s nest!”

The legendary three-eyed eagle’s words sent a jolt running through Chu Liuyue’s body. “What?!”

“The great phoenix dragons are ancient and supreme legendary beasts who love collecting… treasures,” said the eagle with much difficulty after a brief silence.

They had a very high status and were so powerful that almost all the legendary fiends had to bow to them. However, they had a particular obsession with sparkling stones and jades. Thus, they loved collecting them and piling them up in their nests.

Even though this particular hobby of theirs wasn’t anything bad, the thought that the supreme and majestic great phoenix dragons would sleep atop piles of jade stones every day was quite fantasy-shattering.

The legendary three-eyed eagle initially thought that it was just a myth, but reality turned out to be different from expectations…

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding before looking around. “Since this is their old nest, why can’t we find its skele—”

Her voice trailed off right then.

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