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Chapter 512: Serious?

That circular transparent barrier is indeed a crystal barrier, but why can it stop this terrifying sword aura?

It wasn’t that they had never seen a crystal barrier before, but it was impossible for that thing to have such good defense. After all, the two of them had to join hands in order to resist that sword aura forcefully.

The three of them exchanged glances. Other than Yang Qin’er—who looked slightly better—the other two were disheveled.

The mustached man was injured, and the corner of his mouth had bloodstains. The skinny man was even worse as his entire sword was destroyed.

As Purple Xiao Sword Sect disciples, they were best at using swords. Now that his sword was gone, it undoubtedly had a great impact on him.

“W-what should we do…” The skinny man retracted his gaze and looked at his right hand dazedly.

This was a very good sword, but it was only left with a sword handle now, looking very miserable.

A sword aura has pushed us to this state. If we continue walking…

“No wonder there are so many human bones…” Yang Qin’er looked worried. “It seems like they were all hurt by the sword aura.”

The few of them fell silent, and their previous ambitions fell into nothingness.

Reality was forever the cruelest thing.

“There definitely won’t be only one sword aura. This is the Long Yuan Sword’s territory. This sword aura… is its warning!” The mustached man looked at the Long Yuan Sword, and his previous excitement and hope had completely disappeared, leaving behind a face filled with anxiety, uneasiness, and deeply entrenched horror.

“The further we go, the more dangerous it’ll be. We might even—” Die!

Everyone knew this without saying it.


An explosion sound was heard, but it was the sword aura in front of Chu Liuyue dispersing.

“Why is Chu Liuyue so safe?” asked Yang Qin’er as if she were muttering to herself. “I’ve used crystal barriers before, but… they seem different from hers.”

The two men exchanged glances. Actually, they could see it too.

How can an average crystal barrier be so powerful? Her crystal barrier definitely has something amiss.

Yang Qin’er took out bandages and carefully helped the skinny man wrap his hand as her eyes turned red. “Senior Brothers, all of you got injured because of me… If only I’m as good as Chu Liuyue, that would be great.”

Her words reminded the two men.

“How is she good? Only her crystal barrier is good!” The mustached man felt frustrated and even a little angry. “It’s no wonder she refused to follow us no matter what. It’s because of this.”

“Didn’t they say that Chu Liuyue had an ordinary background? Why does she have such a powerful Yuan instrument?” The skinny man stared closely at Chu Liuyue. Upon seeing her retract her crystal barrier, his expression changed. “Does she have some powerful background?”

Yang Qin’er thought for a while. “I think… I think someone said that she’s related to Dragon Teeth Mountain’s Young Master Jian.”

“Jian Fengchi?” When the two men said this name, they did it with a tinge of contempt and jealousy.

“Jian Fengchi is nothing much; he just has a good background! However, our Purple Xiao Sword Sect isn’t afraid of his Dragon Teeth Mountain!” said the skinny man as he glanced at the mustached man. “Since we’re here, how can we just go back like this?”

The mustached man nodded undetectably. “We must think of a way—”

Chu Liuyue put away her item, and the moment she walked two steps, she noticed some movements from the side.

She instantly turned around and saw the trio walking toward her.

Compared to before, they looked much more disheveled. It was obvious that they had suffered.

“Ms. Chu, we have something to discuss with you,” said Yang Qin’er softly. She looked apprehensive as if talking loudly would scare her.

Chu Liuyue didn’t say anything and just raised her chin.

Yang Qin’er clasped her hands together and nervously asked, “W-we saw you stopping the sword aura earlier, s-so… We want to ask if you can help us?”

Chu Liuyue had already guessed their intentions, but she still asked, “Help you with what?”

Yang Qin’er paused. “Um… Can you bring us along? Don’t worry; we won’t let you help us for free. If you can bring us to avoid all of the sword aura, we’ll definitely repay you properly! When we find any treasures, you can pick first! After we go out, we’ll thank you greatly. W-what do you think of this?”

The skinny man at the side added, “We, from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect, always make good on our words!”

Chu Liuyue almost burst out laughing. What a thick face! I intentionally asked that to see how thick-skinned these people were, but I didn’t actually expect them to say this. They are clearly begging me, but their attitude is so arrogant that it seems as though they are giving me something.

She smiled as usual, but her smiling intent didn’t reach her eyes. “I believe I’ve made myself very clear earlier. It’s inconvenient for me to go with you, so… Forget it.”

The few of them were dazed. They never expected that Chu Liuyue would still refuse to help them after they willingly set such conditions. Besides, they even mentioned the Purple Xiao Sword Sect.

She did not even care about them.

The mustached man’s expression turned ugly. “Ms. Chu, are you sure? We previously took the initiative to help you, so isn’t it inappropriate for you to do this now?”

Chu Liuyue retorted, “But I didn’t beg you to help me just now, right? Besides, I didn’t accept your ‘help,’ so… It’s not like I owe you, right?”

That mustached man suddenly sneered. “The people that Jian Fengchi brings are indeed as selfish as him! If you want to do this the hard way, don’t blame us for being merciless!”

The smile on Chu Liuyue’s gradually fell. Like ice that just froze, her eyes had faint cold intent that was chilling to the bone. “Are you serious?”

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