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Chapter 49: Eye for Formation

When Chu Liuyue entered the woods, she immediately noticed the slight change in the entire Xuan formation.

It was obvious that the academy’s teachers completely controlled the Xuan formation; they would be the first to know about anything that happened inside.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and paused at her original spot for a while. She then chose to progress in a certain direction after some hesitation.

This Xuan formation was too simple for her. If she thought hard about it, she could use the most accurate and shortest way to get out. However, she roughly understood what kind of standards she should show to be suitable after what she went through before. Hence, she started walking through the woods slowly.

Since she had already entered the academy, the rest did not really matter. As for being the top scholar… Actually, she really wasn’t very interested in that. She only agreed to join the examination since she wanted to let other people know that she was not easily bullied in order to save some trouble in the future.

Her words before were just an act.

Chu Liuyue walked in this manner for more than 25 minutes and reached a three-way path.

The three paths extended into the forest in different directions.

Staring ahead, she could not see anything other than thick greenery.

It was time for her to make a choice.

Chu Liuyue stood at the three-way path and chose the middle one after some silence.

Howling winds could be heard after she stepped on this path. The trees shook intensely while the leaves shook frighteningly as they flew towards Chu Liuyue.

Chuo! Chuo!

The leaves cut through the wind mercilessly.

Cold, murderous intent was enveloping her from all directions. However, Chu Liuyue was still calm and not shocked at all.

The next moment, she went on her tiptoes and flew out rapidly, barely avoiding the leaves’ attack.

At the same time, two middle-aged men and an elder were sitting around at the other end of the forest. The three of them closed their eyes and meditated, looking as if they had fallen asleep.

A silver Xuan formation was shining brightly in the middle of the trio.

The different silver lines intersected and overlapped to form a complicated drawing.

Suddenly, one of the lines vibrated intensely.

One man opened his eyes and shockingly said, “She already made it this far in such a short amount of time. This Chu Liuyue is really a Xuan Master talent.”

The elder also opened his eyes and smiled as he stroked his beard. “Not bad. Out of so many people, only Si Ting and she went the correct way from the very start. Even though her choices weren’t as good as Si Ting’s, they were still quite outstanding.”

The last person hesitated for a while and shook his head. “It’s a pity that the girl isn’t walking with much pattern. I don’t think she learned about Xuan formations. She’s probably just walking based on her instincts. Look, she walked the wrong way.”

The elder squinted his eyes and suddenly asked, “I remember that this Chu Liuyue didn’t have a good time at the Chu family, right? The Chu family wouldn’t have hired a teacher for her.”

“Elder Sun, are you saying…?”

Sun Zhongyan looked down at the Xuan formation and saw that the previously intensely-moving line had calmed down.

He laughed with deep meaning. “Even though that girl walked the wrong way, she’s not injured at all. Hah, the Chu family really destroyed her talent.”

At this time, a star lit up in the Xuan formation.

Both the middle-aged men were shocked.

“Elder Sun, Si Ting actually found the formation eye.”

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