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Chapter 459: Execute

Cold and piercing pain was felt in two places.

Situ Xingchen’s face flushed white, and she slowly lowered her head.

Spots of blood gradually seeped out and stained the shirt in front of her chest.

Choo choo!

The two flying blades pierced through her chest and flew out.

Chu Liuyue bent her arm, and her elbows harshly slammed against the other person’s shoulders.

Situ Xingchen suddenly puked out blood, and she flew backward.

Chu Liuyue quickly avoided her and jumped onto Xue Xue’s back, who had come on time.


Situ Xingchen landed on the floor heavily. As the collision was too strong, her body dragged across the floor for a long time before finally stopping.

The ground was left with a long bloodstain that looked terrifying.

There was dead silence. Almost everyone thought that Chu Liuyue was doomed, but they didn’t expect that Situ Xingchen would be the one who lost after an intense battle.

Even though the fiend’s appearance was vital, Chu Liuyue did personally slam Situ Xingchen down earlier.

Elder Zong Ye and Elder Ye had also seen this scene in the middle of their fight, and they both stopped.

However, the duo’s gazes were very different.

Elder Ye’s worry-filled face dissipated, and his wrinkles seemed to form a flower from his wide smile while his eyes were filled with unconcealable delight. “Hah! I long said that Situ Xingchen is no match for Liuyue! Zong Ye, what do you have to say now?!”

Elder Zong Ye’s face was so ugly that it looked as if he had swallowed a fly. Situ Xingchen’s cultivation level is clearly much higher than that of Chu Liuyue. How did she lose?!

He originally thought that Situ Xingchen would definitely win this battle, yet this happened.

His gaze flashed, and he immediately wanted to go forward.

“Hey! Zong Ye, what do you want to do?” Elder Ye’s figure moved, and he blocked Elder Zong Ye’s path with a face filled with smiles.

Zong Ye’s face darkened. “You want to stop me?!”

“Listen to what you’re saying. Didn’t you also stop me just now? I’m just doing the same back to you! Haha!”

Seeing Zong Ye’s ugly expression, Elder Ye felt relieved. I wanted to help Liuyue earlier, but this guy stopped me. How can it be so easy now that he wants to go and help Situ Xingchen?!

Elder Zong Ye knitted his brows tightly. With Ye Zhiting around, I can’t help her!

“Didn’t you previously say that you wanted to see who would be the eventual winner? Then, why don’t we watch together?” Elder Ye had a smile plastered on his face, but his surrounding harsh aura hinted that he definitely wouldn’t allow Elder Zong Ye to go over.

Elder Zong Ye hated him in his heart.

Just as the two people were talking, Xue Xue had already brought Chu Liuyue to the ground.

Chu Liuyue jumped down easily and landed on the floor.

Situ Xingchen struggled to stand up, but her wounds were oozing blood. She felt excruciating pain in her shoulders. Without looking, she knew that her shoulder blade had been pierced through.

“Didn’t you want to fight one-on-one with me?” Chu Liuyue played with the dagger and said slowly, “As you wish.”

It was much more convenient for the two of them to fight on the ground.

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s nonchalant smile, Situ Xingchen couldn’t help but shudder. She felt that the current Chu Liuyue was Shura who walked out from hell alive.

“You! What do you want to do?!” yelled Situ Xingchen harshly. “I-I’m Country Xing Luo’s eldest princess! How dare you touch me?”

Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh. “Eldest Princess Situ, of course, I know your identity. But… didn’t I already make something pierce through you earlier? You don’t have to ask useless questions.”

Situ Xingchen’s heart sank. Chu Liuyue really doesn’t look like she’s afraid.

“You seem to have forgotten what you did previously.” Chu Liuyue raised her chin, and her gaze swept past the other person’s entire body. “Do you think that someone will still stand up for you now?”

Causing such a huge commotion in Country Yao Chen’s palace… Both Emperor Jiawen and Rong Jiu won’t take this lying down. Besides, Situ Xingchen was wrong first. Situ Yan couldn’t save her previously, and it is even more impossible this time around.

Chu Liuyue spoke as she stepped forward.

Panic flashed across Situ Xingchen’s eyes as she instinctively took a step back. The current me isn’t Chu Liuyue’s match at all. Besides, Chu Liuyue still has high-level fiends beside her to help her!

Situ Xingchen panicked even more, and there seemed to be something rumbling in her stomach, wanting to escape. If only… I can become stronger!

It was as if there was a shrill voice that kept reverberating throughout her brain.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and wanted to settle Situ Xingchen once and for all, but she saw that Situ Xingchen suddenly looked up.

Situ Xingchen’s eyes glowed in a bloody manner.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes shrunk, and her instincts told her that there was something wrong with Situ Xingchen. Previously, Situ Xingchen’s eyes were actually bloodshot, but I just thought that it was due to anger and agitation. But now, the redness seems to be even more intense. Also, the most crucial thing is that Situ Xingchen’s irises have become red.

From afar, they looked like two eyeballs overflowing with mania and murderous aura.

Dong dong!

A strange sensation came from the Cosmic Bag.

Dong dong!

This time, the sound was even clearer.

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized something. This is the wooden box moving!

Something inside seemed to have been summoned as it tried hard to escape crazily.

Chu Liuyue lowered her head and was about to restrain it when she suddenly saw a ray of light escaping and going straight for Situ Xingchen.

It was the wooden box!

Situ Xingchen grabbed the wooden box with her hands.

Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched.

Then, Situ Xingchen opened the wooden box.

A goatskin scroll glowed faintly, and it floated in front of Situ Xingchen.

Situ Xingchen threw the wooden box away and gradually bit her fingertip as a red blood pearl emerged. The next moment, she held the goatskin scroll in her hand and used her bleeding finger to draw on it.

Chu Liuyue stared at this scene intensely and felt like she had missed out on something.

After watching for a while, she finally understood. Situ Xingchen seems to be controlled by something! Her pair of eyes no longer show normal emotions, and they are just left with endless mania and murderous intent. Her actions are even stiffer and slower as if there is a pair of invisible hands controlling her every move.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze landed on the goatskin scroll again, and she suddenly focused her gaze. The pattern Situ Xingchen used her blood to draw out is clearly—


Chu Liuyue’s dagger flew out rapidly and went straight for Situ Xingchen. But at this point, the latter had already finished the last stroke.

The complete strange pattern appeared in front of her.


That dagger seemed to have hit something, and it rebounded.

The next moment, the goatskin scroll slowly opened.

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