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Chapter 429: He Will Definitely Regret

The true Heaven’s Chosen Son? Situ Xingchen’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this. “How do you know this?!”

I thought only the Empress and Rong Jin knew about this? Did… Rong Jin tell Chu Liuyue in the past? No, how can Rong Jin tell someone about such an important thing so easily? Even if he liked Chu Liuyue, he wouldn’t do it. Besides… Chu Liuyue already clearly knows that Rong Jin isn’t the true Heaven’s Chosen Son. Other than the few of us at the imperial mausoleum that day, how would other people know about this? Situ Xingchen looked at Chu Liuyue alertly.

Suddenly, her gaze flashed, and she blurted out, “You were at the imperial mausoleum that day?!”

As she was too shocked, her hoarse voice became shrill.

Chu Liuyue shrugged and said nonchalantly, “There are no permanent secrets in this world. I’ll ask you one last time: Will you give me the thing or not?”

Situ Xingchen clutched the cage’s bars, and her eyes sparkled. “I… Since you know about this, there isn’t any reason for me to continue hiding. I took the replicated key for Golden Inheritance Peak from the Empress. Even though the Empress secretly replicated it, it could still open the barrier. Besides, I’ve already passed it to Rong Jin. If not, how do you think he entered Golden Inheritance Peak?”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. She had already guessed it when she saw Rong Jin and the rest following Emperor Jiawen into the imperial mausoleum, but this was not the point.

“You know that I don’t want this,” said Chu Liuyue lightly.

Situ Xingchen purposely acted calm and said without changing her expression, “The Empress only gave me this.”

“Oh?” Chu Liuyue curled her lips into a half-smile. If it were this simple, why would Emperor Jiawen spend so much effort to lock Situ Xingchen up? Even coming here secretly to interrogate her in the middle of the night?

At first, she did not think of all of this. But when she saw Emperor Jiawen and the terrifying defense around the area, she guessed that Situ Xingchen had something that Emperor Jiawen wanted.

Judging from Emperor Jiawen’s attitude toward Heptagon Alley, he must know the hidden secret. Therefore, he doesn’t want to ask something out of Situ Xingchen. Instead… he wants to take something. Chu Liuyue had just randomly bluffed Situ Xingchen previously, but judging from the latter’s reaction, she could almost confirm it.

Situ Xingchen felt guilty because of Chu Liuyue’s stare. How can this be? From start to end, I hid myself really well, and nobody discovered it. If I wasn’t caught red-handed by Emperor Jiawen in the imperial mausoleum, I wouldn’t be stuck here.

She turned her back around as if she didn’t want to continue talking to Chu Liuyue.

“It looks like we have nothing much to talk about.”

When she turned around, she rapidly looked at the jade bracelet on her wrist.

The two lights had already overlapped.

When she left Mingyue Tianshan back then, Elder Zong Ye specifically gave her this. This jade bracelet had Elder Zong Ye’s strength.

With this, he could quickly find her no matter where she was.

When she was locked here, she immediately asked Elder Zong Ye for help.

Now that these two lights overlapped, it meant that Elder Zong Ye was nearby.

But he didn’t come after a long while, yet Chu Liuyue came.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Explosion sounds could be heard outside. This caused the entire space to shake.

Situ Xingchen suddenly raised her head. This… Elder Zong Ye is fighting with people outside?!

She was elated. Elder Zong Ye is very strong, so it won’t be a problem for him to deal with the people in Country Yao Chen. If he can get me out of here…

“Situ Xingchen,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

Situ Xingchen instinctively turned around.


Something flew toward her head.

The alarm in her heart rang loudly, and she immediately wanted to retreat. But she was stuck in the cage, and the space was extremely small.

The moment she took a step back, her body hit the bars.

She waved her sleeves and harshly slammed that thing down.

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows. Situ Xingchen’s force has indeed been suppressed as she can’t even send out a single bit of force. Emperor Jiawen really did all sorts of preparations to teach her a lesson, but this will just benefit me.

“Chu Liuyue, don’t think that I can’t do anything to you just because I’m stuck here!” Situ Xingchen quickly looked at the floor and discovered that there was a jade bottle.

It directly shattered after it landed on the floor, and green liquid slowly flowed out.

Smelling that strange scent, Situ Xingchen sneered. “You want to poison me with just a small bottle of Qingshui Yang?”

Qingshui Yang was very poisonous, but she didn’t touch it at all earlier. Thus, it had no effect.

Chu Liuyue’s lips suddenly curved up. “You’ve misunderstood; I haven’t taken action.”

Situ Xingchen was stunned.

A ray of silver light suddenly flew out of Chu Liuyue’s fingertips and landed on the puddle of Qingshui Yang.


With a light sound, a greenish-purple mist rose up.

Situ Xingchen’s face changed.

The next moment, the greenish-purple mist rapidly rushed toward her.

She anxiously covered her nose.

“Don’t you know that when Qingshui Yang meets with Dadan San, its poisonous effects will instantly increase by ten-fold? Besides, the most convenient thing is that once this touches your skin even a little, it will instantly seep into your organs and limbs.”

A horrifying scorching feeling came from her hands. Situ Xingchen looked down and saw that her originally white and supple skin suddenly became dry. It also had greenish-purple spots, looking very terrifying.

“W-what’s going on?! What did you do to me?” shouted Situ Xingchen in shock.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and glanced at her hand. She smiled and said lightly, “Oh, so you really don’t know that the side-effect of this poison is that you will rapidly grow old from outside to inside. Right now, it’s your hand. Next, it will quickly travel to your face.”

As she said this, Chu Liuyue shook her head in pity. “This was mentioned in the footnote of page 582 in ‘Heavenly Doctor Basics.’ You don’t even know this as a heavenly doctor.”

Situ Xingchen’s blood boiled.

‘Heavenly Doctor Basics’ was a very basic medical book, and it was the entry book for all heavenly doctors. However, there were too many things to remember from it. Who would notice a small footnote?

Now, she was most afraid of her face.

“Chu Liuyue, you’re so scheming and cruel!” Situ Xingchen’s hands trembled. “If Rong Xiu knows that you’re this cold-blooded, he would definitely regret marrying you!”

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