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Chapter 420: The Beauty of Fulfilling Someone’s Wishes

Chu Liuyue said to Yan Ge, “Thank you, Second Master Yan. When I see Master in the future, I’ll definitely thank him personally.”

Yan Ge laughed out loud. “T-then if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first. I won’t disturb Your Highness and Ms. Liuyue.”

After saying his piece, he quickly left.

Chu Liuyue blinked. Why do I feel that Yan Ge’s footsteps seem to be hurried… It’s like he wants to leave as soon as possible?

Rong Xiu lightly glanced at Yu Mo.

Yu Mo immediately straightened his back and continued steering the horses.

Rong Xiu then put the curtain down and nonchalantly said, “So, you met Zhen Bao Pavilion’s Master in the imperial mausoleum.”

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze. “Your Highness, do you know him?”

Rong Xiu curled his lips into a half-smile. “I can’t say that I know him, but I have heard some rumors about him.”

Chu Liuyue gave him a meaningful look but saw that he looked dazed. She couldn’t discern anything from him. Perhaps… I really thought too much?

“This person has helped me multiple times, and it’s also because of him that I can escape safely. But… Your Highness, how did you find me here?”

Rong Xiu paused in his actions, but he quickly returned to his senses. “Xue Xue knows that you’re here.”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding.

Fiends naturally had very sensitive five senses. As Xue Xue normally looked to spend time with her, it was familiar with her aura. Thus, it was normal for it to find her here.

“I haven’t seen Xue Xue in a long time.”

“Why did Mu Qinghe bring you here?” asked Rong Xiu.

Chu Liuyue paused for a while and shook her head. “I think he’s looking for something.” In actual fact, she really did not know what Mu Qinghe planned to do.

He most likely came for the pyramid, but… What exactly is that thing? Why does he want it? The strange thing is: if it’s such an important and mysterious thing, why must he bring me along? Chu Liuyue felt that her gaze was clouded.

Rong Xiu said, “It caused quite a scene this time, so Father will definitely investigate urgently. The fewer the people who know about you and Mu Qinghe coming here, the better.”

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses and nodded.

When Emperor Jiawen and the rest came out of the imperial mausoleum’s passageway, Elder Ye immediately sent out news.

When Zhong Qi and the rest—who were waiting bitterly at the mountain peak—saw the signal, they immediately rushed over.

When they saw the few people standing behind Emperor Jiawen and Elder Ye, Zhong Qi and the rest were shocked. W-when did these people barge into Golden Inheritance Peak?

He didn’t really recognize the other two people, but he wouldn’t recognize Crown Prince Rong Jin wrongly. However, the usually arrogant Crown Prince looked very dispirited now.

The young lady and elder at the side didn’t look any better.

Elder Ye asked, “During this period, did anyone else come out from the imperial mausoleum other than us?”

Zhong Qi immediately nodded. “We sent more people to guard the outside of Golden Inheritance Peak, but… We didn’t see anyone’s traces.”

Due to the poison, Emperor Jiawen’s face was very pale. But as he was furious, his face turned quite green. “From now on, watch over them closely! If you discover anything amiss, immediately come and report to me!”

I don’t believe that the two of them can stay inside all the way!

Zhong Qi and the rest didn’t dare to ask why Rong Jin and the rest appeared here, and they could only nod readily.

At the side, Elder Ye turned around and shook the fan in his hands. The person inside has heaven-defying abilities. Isn’t it too simple for him to leave this place quietly? But Emperor Jiawen’s blood is boiling at this point, so there is no need to say all of this. Perhaps… the person inside has long left.

Elder Ye helplessly smiled and shook his head. Even though I didn’t see them, such a powerful warrior isn’t someone that a mere Country Yao Chen can afford to offend… I wonder how Situ Xingchen and the rest offended them. The exit didn’t close any earlier or later but precisely when they wanted to escape, trapping them inside. This was clearly done on purpose!

His gaze swept past Situ Xingchen and the rest. Hehe, there’ll be a good show!

Almost overnight, the entire Imperial City changed.

First, the Empress passed away. Then, as Rong Jin was disrespectful to his ancestors, he was removed from his Crown Prince position.

These two incidents happened one after another, overwhelming everyone.

In no time, all sorts of guesses surfaced.

Some said that the Empress and His Majesty had always been loving for the past years and that her body had always been well, so it was strange that she suddenly passed on.

Also, Rong Jin had been the Crown Prince for many years, and he had always been thought of highly. Even if he had made mistakes previously and was scolded in public, His Majesty had never removed him from his position. But at this point, right after the Empress died, Rong Jin was deposed.

This aroused many suspicions.

Some said that even though it looked like the Empress took care of the harem harmoniously, in actual fact, quite a few consorts and princes had died in her hands. His Majesty couldn’t hold it in anymore, so he sentenced her to death. Rong Jin was implicated and was hated by His Majesty as well, so he eventually got his punishment.

However, the rumor that spread the most was that the Empress’s death was related to the Third Prince.

As his mother, Noble Lady Yin, was harmed by the Empress back then, Rong Jiu long hated her and planned to kill her.

As for Rong Jin… He had been scolded and even grounded by His Majesty multiple times in the past months, so his Crown Prince position had long been in name only. It was just a matter of time before he would’ve been officially deposed.

Even though the superiors strictly banned the discussion of this and used all sorts of methods to suppress the news, the arrival of Country Xing Luo’s Emperor Xiankang made the entire incident even more peculiar.

There seemed to be an invisible hand in the dark, which easily controlled everything, causing even more uproars.

At the royal palace.

In the main palace, Situ Yan and Emperor Jiawen were facing each other off.

Situ Yan looked stern. “I’ll repeat it again—hand Xingchen and Lian Ning over and dissolve her marriage agreement with Rong Jin. If not, Country Xing Luo won’t take this lying down!”

Emperor Jiawen seemed to have heard the world’s biggest joke. “Hahaha! Situ Yan, you still have the cheek to say that? Do you need me to personally say what you and that precious daughter of yours did secretly? From start to end, you’ve had ill intentions. Now that your plan failed, you still dare to come and demand her return?”

It’s no wonder Situ Yan kept bringing up the marriage alliance from the start. It’s also no wonder that he thought highly of Rong Jin only and ignored the rest. Previously, I naively thought that Situ Yan was aiming for Rong Jin’s position as the Crown Prince. But thinking about it, why would Country Xing Luo’s emperor care about this? I was really blind back then!

When Situ Yan received the news earlier on, he knew that the matter had been completely exposed. Thus, he completely didn’t care when he heard Emperor Jiawen say all of this. He came here just to bring Situ Xingchen away!

To think that I planned so bitterly for so long. I didn’t expect Rong Jin to be a fake Heaven’s Chosen Son! I don’t even know where to unleash the fury and vengeance in my heart!

“So you refuse to hand her over?”

Emperor Jiawen sneered. “Hand her over? The two of them are a match made in heaven; I must fulfill their wish! After the one-month mourning period for the Empress, I’ll let them hold a grand wedding!”

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