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Chapter 417: Where’s His Highness?

“The exit is about to close!” Elder Lian Ning gasped and looked at Situ Xingchen as the two of them immediately rushed to the front. However, they were still late by a step.


Just as the two of them were about to step out, the circular plate slowly but determinedly closed.

All the light was instantly shut away outside.

The two of them plunged into darkness once again.

Situ Xingchen tried hard to push the stone wall and tried to open it, but no matter how much strength she used, the circular plate wouldn’t budge at all.

“This thing is tightly connected to the entire imperial mausoleum. You can’t open it with brute force,” said Elder Lian Ning with a darkened face.

“What should we do then? Are we just stuck here?” Situ Xingchen looked at him anxiously. “Even you don’t have a way?”

Elder Lian Ning stepped up, placed his hands on the surface, and felt it in detail.

After a moment, he slowly shook his head. “Unless we have the key…”

Situ Xingchen’s heart sank. “So only Emperor Jiawen and the rest can open it?”

Elder Lian Ning didn’t say anything, but the silence had confirmed everything.

The surroundings fell into dead silence.

Situ Xingchen harshly hammered the surface and clenched her teeth. “The replicated key I took from the Empress is with Rong Jin, but he didn’t even use it! If I knew earlier, I should’ve just kept it for myself.”

After going through so much trouble, I didn’t expect it to be all for naught. To think that I acted in front of Rong Jin for so long! Now that she recalled everything that happened scene by scene, Situ Xingchen was so disgusted that she almost vomited.

Elder Lian Ning sighed and advised, “No one could’ve expected this. Your Highness, don’t waste your time and effort on these people. It’s not worth being angry at him. Actually, not only you but even His Majesty…”

Situ Xingchen clamped down on her lips. Father has planned this for so long. If he knows that everything was just a farce and that Rong Jin isn’t the so-called Heaven’s Chosen Son, he would be furious.

“It’s clearly someone else that’s Heaven’s Chosen Son. But from what I see, I think Rong Jin only knew about this today. If I didn’t guess wrongly, it should’ve been mistaken on the Empress’s side,” said Elder Lian Ning thoughtfully.

Situ Xingchen was too furious at the start. Now that she calmed down and thought about it, there really was such a possibility.

The Empress had bitterly prepared for so many years because she must’ve treated Rong Jin as the true Heaven’s Chosen Son.

She knew how the Empress looked before she died. The Empress definitely didn’t know about this.

“She had it easy then…” muttered Situ Xingchen indignantly. If the Empress knew that her many years of effort amounted to a joke, I wonder how she would react. It’s a pity that I killed her after I took her replicated key.

“She can reincarnate earlier if she dies earlier. If we had let her live, she would definitely cause even more trouble. Your Highness, your decision was correct,” said Elder Lian Ning.

However, this didn’t make Situ Xingchen feel better.

“But we don’t have any ways of escaping now! If they catch up—” Before she could finish her sentence, a harsh aura suddenly came from the back.

Elder Lian Ning looked solemn as he immediately blocked Situ Xingchen and retaliated at the same time.


A fireball suddenly burned.

Elder Lian Ning’s eyes and nostrils shrunk.

Elder Ye’s previous force hid a fireball, so when the two parties’ forces harshly slammed against each other, it illuminated the place.

The fire sparks flew everywhere and brightened up the area.

Elder Ye and the rest finally saw the duo’s appearances.

That elder’s appearance is very unfamiliar, but the young girl behind him that couldn’t hide in time… Who else can it be other than Situ Xingchen?!

Emperor Jiawen was utterly shocked. “It’s actually you?!”

Elder Ye didn’t look shocked, and he laughed instead. “I guessed correctly.” After much thinking, she was the one most likely to do this.

Rong Jin opened his mouth but did not say anything. Situ Xingchen really lied to me! Not only did she secretly follow me in, but she even brought someone else along! She had clearly planned all of this in advance!

Situ Xingchen looked terrible. The others aren’t that bad, but this Ye Zhiting is very hard to deal with! It’s impossible to lie to him!

The two parties fell into an awkward silence, and the atmosphere was tense.

At this point, something turning sounded.

Situ Xingchen instinctively turned around, and her eyelids twitched.

The exit that previously refused to budge actually started to turn slowly.

A white light shone in from outside.

“Situ Xingchen, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?” hollered Emperor Jiawen as he suppressed the anger in his heart. If he didn’t even understand Situ Xingchen’s intentions at this point, he didn’t need to sit on the throne anymore.

Situ Xingchen’s hands in her sleeves slowly clenched into fists as she almost broke her teeth off.

While Golden Inheritance Peak was in a mess, Chu Liuyue and the other two had already silently left.

Hearing Jian Fengchi’s words, she stopped in her tracks. “You’re saying that Rong… Prince Li is also here?”

Jian Fengchi’s lips curved up into a sinister smile. “Your fiancé is very worried about you. The moment he heard you left with Mu Qinghe, he immediately came over to find you. He came here even earlier than me. Why? Did you not see him?”

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind, but she didn’t show it as she smiled slightly. “Prince Li has always been weak, so it’s normal for him to be a little slow.”

Jian Fengchi suddenly chuckled. “You really think so? I think his body is in superb condition!”

Chu Liuyue looked unaffected. “Prince Li is my fiancé. I know his body the best.”

Jian Fengchi just laughed as he supported his head in a nonchalant manner.

Chu Liuyue suddenly became very anxious, but it wasn’t because she was worried that Rong Xiu’s abilities were exposed.

Jian Fengchi had always been sensitive, so it was no surprise that he could detect something amiss with Rong Xiu.

Instead, she was thinking about something else. According to what Jian Fengchi said, Rong Xiu arrived at Golden Inheritance Peak even earlier than him, but I haven’t seen him at all up till now. This is definitely not normal.

She vaguely felt that something was wrong, but her mind seemed to be in a mess as she could not think straight.

After walking for a while, she suddenly heard some sounds from the front.

The trio looked up in unison.

A horse carriage appeared in front of the three of them.

At one glance, Chu Liuyue saw Yu Mo sitting at the front of the horse carriage.

That was Prince Li Mansion’s horse carriage.

Chu Liuyue’s uneasy heart finally relaxed as she stared at the curtain of the horse carriage.

Yu Mo saw her and immediately jumped down the horse carriage elatedly. “Ms. Liuyue, you’re really here!”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes sparkled as she asked, “Where’s His Highness?”

A white and intricate hand suddenly stretched out from behind the curtain and lifted it slightly.

A distinguished and handsome face suddenly appeared in front of her.

He looked at her with a smile, and his eyes were clear and deep like the night sky, which made one fall deep into them.


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