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Chapter 414: Mangled Mess

“W-what?” Rong Jin was stunned. I understood every word in Elder Ye’s sentence, but why don’t I understand when they’re joined together?

Upon hearing this, Emperor Jiawen’s gaze darkened. “So you discovered it too…”

Elder Ye helplessly laughed and shook the fan in his hands. “Even if I couldn’t guess it before, I would also know when I saw the scene previously!”

Emperor Jiawen closed his eyes. No wonder… If this is the answer, everything that happened before would have a logical explanation.

Rong Jin heard the duo’s conversation at the side, but he was very confused. The more he heard, the more anxious he became.

“Father? Elder Ye? What does that mean? Am I not… Heaven’s Chosen Son? How can there be another one inside?! That person inside must be fake! I’m the true Heaven’s Chosen Son!”


Emperor Jiawen went forward and harshly slapped Rong Jin.

This slap was very intense, and it directly made Rong Jin fall on the floor.

An intense, bloody taste swarmed up to Rong Jin’s lips. Half of his face was numb, and his ears were ringing.

His lips stiffly moved as he spat out saliva and blood, together with a crushed tooth. Rong Jin’s face was in complete disbelief. Father has always been proud of me, and he has always thought highly of me. Not to mention hitting me, but he also rarely scolds me! Now that one of my teeth has fallen, how can I hold this in?!

The next moment, everything he experienced in the past few months flashed across his eyes.

Being humiliated, being stripped of his authority, being grounded…

I almost lost my Crown Prince position. What exactly happened? Wasn’t it going fine at first? Why did it gradually become like this?

“Rong Jin! You’re crazy!” At this point, Emperor Jiawen had already lost control of his emotions as he pointed at Rong Jin’s nose and furiously reprimanded him. “Who do you think you are?! Heaven’s Chosen Son? How can Heaven’s Chosen Son be so cowardly? You’re just a good-for-nothing. Back then, I was really blind to have chosen you as the Crown Prince!”

Too many things had happened on this day, and Emperor Jiawen had been very tense and stressed. At this point, the last straw was finally pulled when he saw Rong Jin’s unteachable and arrogant attitude.

Rong Jin was scolded so badly that his entire person was stunned. He panicked and didn’t know what to do as he started saying things without thinking about them. “Father, how can you confirm that I’m fake? I know that you just look down on me, but Mother was the one who personally told me about this! Mother definitely won’t lie to me! I am definitely Heaven’s Chosen Son! It can only be me!”

Elder Ye looked at Rong Jin’s close to manic appearance, and he furrowed his brows.

Before he could say anything, Emperor Jiawen suddenly laughed out loud. “Hahahaha! What a joke! Whatever your mother tells you must be true?! Rong Jin, how brainless must you be to say that?!”

Rong Jin clenched his teeth and said, “We can just confront Mother and—”

“Confront?” Emperor Jiawen’s expression suddenly turned sinister. “You probably don’t know that your mother is already dead, right?”

This light sentence was like countless sharp knives that stabbed into Rong Jin’s body.

His entire body trembled, and blood swarmed up his chest. Finally, he couldn’t take it and spat out blood as he collapsed on the floor defeatedly. “I-impossible…”

Mother just told me the secret today. How can she die?!

“It seems like she did spend all her effort to make all sorts of arrangements for you before she died, but it’s a pity. It’s a waste to wash a pig with both water and soap.” Emperor Jiawen finally understood the Empress’s series of actions. From start to end, she was doing it for Rong Jin. “Heaven’s Chosen Son? Hah, I think you still haven’t recognized your current status!”

Like what Elder Ye has said, the true Heaven’s Chosen Son is destined. Rong Jin is still dreaming that he is that person?! Even if he had previously imagined it, he should’ve completely woken up at this point!

“Who is it… If it’s not me… who is Heaven’s Chosen Son?” muttered Rong Jin in a hoarse voice as he looked completely disappointed. Originally, he thought it was prime time for him to make a comeback, but… He didn’t expect it to be only a dream.

Even if it was just the start, it had been mercilessly shattered countless times.

Emperor Jiawen’s face darkened, and he didn’t say anything for a while. In actual fact, he wanted to know this answer even more than Rong Jin. But with their current abilities, how could they enter?

“Your Majesty, we should talk about this after we leave this place. Every single one of our actions here can be seen by that person,” advised Elder Ye softly.

Emperor Jiawen harshly rubbed his face. “Okay! Let’s go out first!”

Elder Ye nodded and looked at the dark corner as he tugged at his lips without smiling intent. “The two people watching, you can come out now, right?”

After walking for a long time, Chu Liuyue finally saw the light in front of her.

She was elated as she knew that it was the exit.

She speedily walked forward, and the flying disc behind her immediately followed. Mu Qinghe was shaken quite a bit, but he hadn’t woken up since the start.

In this manner, the duo finally walked out of the exit and completely escaped from the imperial mausoleum.

The sky was bright in front of them!

Chu Liuyue turned back to look and realized that they had indeed left Golden Inheritance Peak as they arrived at another end of the forest.

The thing that sent us out… is also a transportation formation, but that transportation formation is very ordinary. One wouldn’t be able to tell if they didn’t look at it closely.


The flying disc’s net suddenly expanded, and Mu Qinghe was thrown to the ground again.

Chu Liuyue looked at him from the corner of her eyes and saw that his eyeballs were moving.

Mu Qinghe was about to wake up!

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