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Chapter 390: Seen Before

Nobody answered.

Rong Jiu furrowed his brows and stared at that area for quite a while before turning around to walk to the screen.

The Empress had been locked up here alone these few days, and there were many guards on duty to look after her. Thus, it was impossible for other people to enter.



The footsteps reverberated throughout the deadly quiet palace in a suffocating manner.

Just as Rong Jiu was about to walk over, a golden parrot suddenly flew out.

Rong Jiu immediately took action. He turned a wave of his force into a sharp sword, which directly pierced through the golden parrot’s stomach.


Blood splattered everywhere.

Just as the golden parrot was about to land on the ground, its body twitched twice before it became motionless.

Rong Jiu furrowed his brows. He recognized this golden parrot as the pet the Empress kept; he did not expect this thing to be left in the palace.

Suddenly, Rong Jiu’s eyes focused on something that was hidden in the golden parrot’s cut stomach.

He immediately glanced down and took a closer look before picking up the hidden item.

It was actually a round, black ball. This item was the size of a fingernail, and it looked very ordinary.

However, Rong Jiu’s gaze turned increasingly stern. This was because he recognized the round, black ball.

This item was known as an ‘ink pearl.’ It looked like an ordinary round, black ball, but in actual fact, it could be used to send messages.

One just had to use some special methods to open it in order to obtain the information inside.

He had previously used such a method in the military, but as this item was very rare and could only be used once, he didn’t use ink pearls many times.

Rong Jiu didn’t expect such a thing to be hidden in the stomach of the Empress’s golden parrot, but he immediately understood the reason for it.

He looked at the Empress and indeed saw her pale face. It looked as though her entire person was desolate and lost all forms of hope.

“I didn’t expect Her Majesty to have such methods. Don’t worry; I’ll definitely present the ink pearl to Father for a closer look.” Then, Rong Jiu didn’t stay any longer as he quickly left the palace.

After a long while, the Empress slowly covered her face. She had no more tears left, only the excruciating pain throughout her entire body.

After some time, a gentle voice sounded beside her ear. “Her Majesty, I’m willing to help you. If you have any requests, feel free to let me know.”

Prince Li Mansion.

Rong Xiu looked up at the sky and squinted his eyes. Yue’er always comes to Prince Li Mansion around this time in the past few days, but for some reason, she didn’t appear today.

Yu Mo—who was serving him by the side—guessed his thoughts and immediately said, “Master, Ms. Liuyue went over to Lieutenant Mu’s today. I think she must be delayed by something.”

“What can he—” Rong Xiu spoke lightly and suddenly paused. That’s not right!

“Is Mu Qinghe in the residence today?”

Yu Mo was dazed. “I… I don’t know either.”

Mu Qinghe wasn’t an ordinary person, so it was originally very difficult to keep watch of him. Besides, he seemed to be more vigilant the past few days. Yu Mo was worried about alerting Mu Qinghe, so he took away half the people watching him secretly.

Rong Xiu’s gaze darkened, and he suddenly stood up. “Quickly, go and check! Where is Mu Qinghe now?”

“Yes!” When Yu Mo heard this, he immediately reacted. Does Master suspect that Mu Qinghe took Ms. Liuyue away?

“Master, there are also our people at the Imperial City’s gate. If anything happens, they should inform us—”

“If Mu Qinghe doesn’t want to let them know, he naturally has his own ways.” Rong Xiu’s voice was cold, and frost filled his face.

Yu Mo’s heart shuddered. “…I know my mistakes. I’ll—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Rong Xiu—who took two steps—abruptly stopped in his tracks and looked up at the sky.

Yu Mo looked over curiously and saw a huge figure quickly approaching them.

This figure flew through the air, and their motion looked light and composed, but they were very fast.

In the blink of an eye, this figure had already approached the sky above Prince Li Mansion.

Yu Mo was about to go forward, but he saw Rong Xiu pressing his hands down. He then relaxed, but his eyes were glued to the incoming person.

Almost at the same time, the incoming person also stopped.

Jian Fengchi raised his brows slightly and looked below in surprise.

Originally, he thought that this Prince Li Mansion was just an ordinary residence. But after he came here, he realized that the inner and outer defenses were much stronger than he had imagined.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to tell from the outside, but he had good eye power and detected something unusual the moment he went near.

Thus, he swiftly gave up approaching from the main entrance and chose an even more direct way of entering.

When he looked down while in mid-air, he finally confirmed his guess. Other than the tight security system in this large Prince Li Mansion, it also hid a very strong Xuan formation.

He knew very clearly that huge trouble would be waiting for him if he took another step forward.

Jian Fengchi always hated trouble, so he instinctively stopped. Anyway, he came here today to see what the rumored Rong Xiu looked like.

Hence, he stood in mid-air with his hands behind his back and said happily, “I’m Jian Fengchi, and I came here specifically to see you, Prince Li.”

Yu Mo’s entire body tensed up. Jian Fengchi? Isn’t that the heavenly doctor Mu Qinghe invited over from the Tianling Dynasty? He cured Prince Ping Jiang’s wife of her illness a while back, and the news spread all over the Imperial City. Many people tried all sorts of ways to meet him, but this Jian Fengchi was very arrogant and rejected all of them.

This is fine. After all, it’s normal for a heavenly doctor with such a background to be arrogant. However, the more shocking thing is that people said they could only see his face but not his tail. Many people waited day and night, but they couldn’t see his face. Why would such a character suddenly come to Prince Li Mansion today and even want to see Master?

The moment Jian Fengchi finished his sentence, his gaze focused on something.

A youngster decked in white stood in the yard. He looked to be around 17 or 18 years old, and his snow-white clothes looked even whiter than snow.

He was just standing there, but it was as if all the light in the universe had unwittingly congregated on him.

His looks were unparalleled, and his aura was outstanding.

Jian Fengchi admitted that his looks were considered top-notch, but he realized he was not good enough when he saw this pale young man’s appearance.

He immediately understood what Mu Hongyu said. Not to mention Country Yao Chen, but this young man’s looks can’t be compared with even in the Tianling Dynasty. Even that Jiang Yucheng loses out immediately…

Rong Xiu cleared his throat and lightly inquired, “May I know why Young Master Jian is looking for me?”

Jian Fengchi squinted his eyes. “Prince Li, have we met each other before?”

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