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Chapter 385: Imperial Sword

Chu Liuyue suddenly paused in her actions.

Almost at the same time, one green figure and one red figure speedily appeared in front of Chu Liuyue—it was Hong Yao and Tuan Zi!

Tuan Zi quickly went forward and went straight for the wooden sword as its fluffy body lightly landed on it.

The next moment, Tuan Zi opened its mouth and harshly bit it.


Following this crisp sound, Tuan Zi directly bit off a large portion of the wooden sword’s blade.

On the other hand, Hong Yao flapped its wings, and a green fire landed on the wooden sword.


It started to burn.

Tuan Zi felt the commotion and turned around to see that the green fire was close to burning its tail. It bared its fangs toward Hong Yao as it delightedly gave the bird a teasing look.

The next moment, the two little ones respectively moved away as the wooden sword became a ball of dust an arm’s length away from Chu Liuyue.

Tuan Zi jumped onto Chu Liuyue’s shoulders first as it showed its tail to Chu Liuyue pitifully. “Wu-wu!”

That bird is too evil! It almost burned me to death!

Chu Liuyue looked at it coldly. “Mm, three strands of fur were burned off. If you discovered it any later, it would’ve grown back on its own already.”

Tuan Zi was speechless.

Hong Yao chirped twice as it waved its feathers in delight. It deserves it! Who asked it to move so slowly? It’s been so long, but it didn’t improve at all.

Tuan Zi was furious, but it could only angrily turn away when it realized that it was taken advantage of because of its incapabilities. Tuan Zi pointed its butt at Hong Yao to express its anger.

Chu Liuyue actually really wanted to scold Hong Yao for taking revenge for personal reasons during work, but she was still sensible as they were in front of Mu Qinghe.

Besides, Hong Yao only took action to help her.

She slowly put down her arm, and the tense muscles in her entire body relaxed.

Disappointment flashed across Mu Qinghe’s eyes. When he saw Chu Liuyue’s actions previously, he still thought…

“Lieutenant Mu, what are you planning to do?” Chu Liuyue didn’t seem to notice that anything was wrong as she smiled and said, “I think you’ve overestimated me. I can’t withstand your attack now. I really have to thank Tuan Zi and Hong Yao for their help just now.”

Mu Qinghe’s face was quite cold as he shot Hong Yao a warning look.

Hong Yao—who was still over the moon earlier—suddenly froze. I was too anxious just now and actually just rushed out!

Chu Liuyue was also pretty nervous in her heart. Just when she was about to take action, she suddenly realized that there was a very high chance that Mu Qinghe did that to test her.

Humans would be very easily exposed when they were acting according to their instincts.

She had already executed half of her move. If she executed it fully, Mu Qinghe would definitely find something amiss!

Luckily, Tuan Zi and Hong Yao took action in time…

Chu Liuyue gently patted Tuan Zi and felt more assured when she touched the soft and furry body.

“Accompany me out,” said Mu Qinghe coldly.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “Now?”

Mu Qinghe glanced at her. “Why? Do you still have other things to do?”

“Nope.” Chu Liuyue shook her head. Even if I did, I’m afraid Mu Qinghe wouldn’t care. After all, nobody dares to offend him here. Even Emperor Jiawen has to make way for him, let alone the rest.

Mu Qinghe nodded and raised his legs to walk outside.

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a while, but she still followed him. “Lieutenant Mu, can I ask you a question? Where are we going?”

“You will find out when you get there.” Mu Qinghe’s reply was very cold, and it was very decisive. He clearly didn’t want to argue with Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly. Mu Qinghe always did things like this, and I’m not surprised, but… I still feel uncomfortable since I don’t even know where I am going. However, Mu Qinghe clearly doesn’t plan to explain to me.

Jian Fengchi suddenly walked out into the front yard.

“Oh, where are you bringing this girl to?” He laughed and teased.

Mu Qinghe glanced at him coldly. “This isn’t something you should interfere in.”

Jian Fengchi raised his hands. “Pfft, this isn’t you inviting me over already. Mu Qinghe, you’re really smooth at kicking someone to the curb when they’ve outlived their usefulness.”

He was clearly teasing him, but Mu Qinghe’s expression suddenly froze.

Jian Fengchi seemed to notice something as he coughed and looked at Chu Liuyue instead. “Ms. Chu, there’s something I want to ask you about.”

“Young Master Jian, please go ahead.”

“It’s…” Jian Fengchi touched his chin with one hand and looked rather conflicted. “Am I… very ugly?”

“Hm?” Chu Liuyue thought that she had heard him wrongly and widened her eyes. But when she saw Jian Fengchi’s deep-in-thought appearance, she confirmed what she had heard earlier was true.

What is this man high on? Who doesn’t know that Jian Fengchi’s second specialty is refining medicine, while his first is narcissism.

He had naturally flirtatious eyes and a frivolous attitude. Even Chu Liuyue—who couldn’t stand him usually—had to admit that Jian Fengchi’s looks were one of the best. If not, how could he go around freely in the sea of flowers?

“Young Master Jian, you’re handsome and very charismatic. You don’t have anything to do with the word ‘ugly.’”

Jian Fengchi knitted his brows even tighter. “I think so too… But someone said that I was ugly.”

Chu Liuyue asked curiously, “I wonder who…” Has such wise taste?

Jian Fengchi’s eyes became mysterious as he spat out a name. “Mu Hongyu.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Mm… It seems like quite a number of interesting things happened when I wasn’t around…

Jian Fengchi was a very confident person, especially when it came to his looks and behavior. He had lived for so many years, but it was the first time someone called him ‘ugly.’ It was no wonder that he bore a grudge.

It was a pity that Mu Hongyu’s personality didn’t care about such types of people.

Mu Hongyu should’ve said it when she couldn’t bear it any longer, taking into consideration that Jian Fengchi had helped treat her mother’s disease. One can just imagine how much Mu Hongyu hates Jian Fengchi. Chu Liuyue suddenly understood something and advised while smiling, “Hongyu has always been straightforward. Don’t take it to heart.”

Jian Fengchi was speechless. This doesn’t seem like she’s comforting me, right?!

“I heard her say that this Rong Xiu or something is way better looking than me?”

Chu Liuyue’s lips twitched. If I didn’t hear wrongly… Jian Fengchi is referring to… Rong Xiu?

Jian Fengchi stared at Chu Liuyue and said, “Oh, yes. She even said that that person was your fiancé?”

Chu Liuyue then realized that Jian Fengchi didn’t see Rong Xiu at all after coming here.

She coughed. “Yes, Prince Li is indeed my fiancé.”

Jian Fengchi thought for a while and suddenly walked outside. “I want to see what kind of person this Rong Xiu is.”

Chu Liuyue was just about to say something when she felt some movements beside her.

She turned around and saw a longsword suddenly floating in the air.

Mu Qinghe was standing on it, and he looked very solemn and cold. “Come on up.”

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