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Chapter 383: Gift

Rong Jin frowned. “Erm… I’m not sure either. I’ve never heard Mother mention anything about Heptagon Alley. It was also my first time there that day.”

He had also never heard of that bronze vat with the hundreds of corpses before.

Situ Xingchen was curious. Unrelenting, she asked, “If this is Her Majesty’s doing, she must’ve done it for you, Your Highness.”

“I said I don’t know!” Rong Jin retorted. “Besides, Mother is just another high-born woman in the palace. There’s no way she’s capable of doing something like this.”

He could tell that those bones belonged to cultivators. Some of them even came from highly skilled cultivators.

His mother had stayed in the palace all these years. With her skills alone, it was impossible for her to do anything on her own.

In Rong Jin’s opinion, Rong Jiu and the others must’ve framed her.

Putting other matters aside, she had met with him several times to discuss Rong Zhen’s disappearance. She had been truly worried about the princess’s safety.

If Mother knew Rong Zhen was in Heptagon Alley all this while, why would she bother to put up an act for so long? Wouldn’t it be a waste of her time and effort? Without a doubt, Rong Jin knew his mother trusted him. Since he was a young prince, his mother had placed all her hopes on him.

He shouldered all her burdens, so she would naturally do anything for him.

Mother can hide the truth from everyone, but she is always honest with me. Rong Jin wholeheartedly believed that his mother was innocent.

“Father is blinded to the truth at the moment. I will prove her innocence once I find out what really happened,” Rong Jin said through gritted teeth.

Situ Xingchen was smirking inwardly. Blinded for a moment? Who is Rong Jin trying to fool? The Empress’s reaction that day was proof of her guilt. Other than Rong Zhen’s sudden appearance, everything else was clearly related to the Empress!

Situ Xingchen held the teacup, but she didn’t take a sip. Instead, she watched her own reflection from within. Her eyes were cold, but her voice was as gentle as ever. “You’re right, Your Highness. I also don’t believe what they said; otherwise, my father wouldn’t have lent us a helping hand. You must do something to help Her Majesty, or else I’m afraid she’s going to have a tough time in the palace in the future.”

Rong Jin’s brows were knitted tightly together. “What do you think I should do? Father refuses to see me.”

“Your Highness, do you know that Lord Chu Ning and the Third Prince are investigating what happened in Heptagon Alley? If they find any leads, they can use it to their advantage. In other words, Her Majesty’s future and yours are in their hands now.”

“Of course, I’m aware of this!” Rong Jin ran his hand over his face impatiently.

Dealing with Chu Ning was a piece of cake. However, Rong Jiu bore a huge grudge against his mother and him. Rong Jiu would definitely seize this opportunity to return the favor.

“Your Highness, the most important issue now is Heptagon Alley. I believe Her Majesty’s innocence, but she must know something about it, right?”

Rong Jin was silent.

“If she tells you everything she knows, it would be easier for you to react and handle the situation. So… why don’t you seek her out?”

Rong Jin pondered on her words. It is a viable solution, yet…

“I can’t see her now. How am I supposed to do that?”

A smile appeared on Situ Xingchen’s lips very slowly. “Have you forgotten that I can enter the palace?”

Chu Xianmin happened to arrive at this precise moment. She stopped outside the door; then, she heard the excitement in Rong Jin’s voice.

“Xingchen, you are truly the best woman a man can have. Marrying you is my greatest blessing!”

Those words stabbed Chu Xianmin’s heart like daggers; she was heartbroken.

Chu Xianmin tightly wrung her hands together as a million thoughts raced through her mind. A look of determination flashed in her eyes as she turned around and left.

Chu Liuyue came to Mu Qinghe’s home again.

When she arrived at the doorstep, she heard a crisp chirping that got louder and louder.

She looked up and saw Hong Yao flying to her in exhilaration.

Although the last time they met was two weeks ago, Chu Liuyue had missed the bird. The hearty welcome was what she needed, and she couldn’t resist smiling. “Hong Yao, have you been good lately?”

The fiend flew a circle around her, flapping its wings excitedly.

Chu Liuyue could see a layer of green flames engulfing Hong Yao’s entire body. This must be its reply!

Her smile widened. “Don’t worry. I didn’t forget your gift.”

Hong Yao chirped happily.

Chu Liuyue was about to retrieve something from her Cosmic Bag when she felt someone watching her.

She paused and looked up.

Jian Fengchi was leaning against the door frame with arms folded in front of his chest, watching her curiously. “That’s weird. Hong Yao isn’t your fiend; why do you care so much for it?”

The corners of Chu Liuyue’s eyes twitched. It’s been weeks. Why is he still here?

As though he was reading her mind, Jian Fengchi smiled flippantly. “It’s easy to get me here. The tricky part is getting rid of me.”

Chu Liuyue tried her best to remain calm and polite as she curtsied. “Greetings, Young Master Jian.”

Jian Fengchi suddenly said, “Do you know? Mu Qinghe only allows Hong Yao to accept gifts from one person.”

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