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Chapter 379: Summon

Situ Xingchen flung Rong Jin’s hand away without even thinking.

“Xingchen?” Rong Jin was shocked. Wasn’t she smiling very happily and gently toward me previously? Why did she suddenly become so cold in the blink of an eye? I could even… see a flash of disgust in her eyes.

Situ Xingchen smiled in disguise and said softly, “Your Highness, don’t misunderstand. It’s not that I don’t want to help, but this matter implicates a lot of people. His Majesty might not be willing to let other people know about it… If I suddenly ask my father to put in a word for you, it might even anger His Majesty even more and make matters worse.”

Upon hearing this, Rong Jin started to hesitate.

Situ Xingchen makes sense. Currently, Father already thinks that Mother did it. He might even pursue the matter in the future, and… even the Si family might not be let off. This isn’t as simple as ‘dirty linen.’ If word gets out, the entire Country Yao Chen royal family’s reputation will be tarnished.

But other than this, he really couldn’t think of another way.

“T-then, what should we do?” Rong Jin had never seen Emperor Jiawen throw such a big tantrum. “Xingchen, you must think of a way to help me! Now that we’re already engaged, if Mother and I get into trouble…”

At this point, Situ Xingchen’s intestines almost turned green. If I knew that things would progress to this state, I would’ve never replied to Rong Jin‘s letter.

She thought for a while before saying, “Your Highness, you mustn’t be anxious. There isn’t a definite conclusion to this yet, so there will be a way to turn things around. Why don’t… I return to Xing Luo first and discuss with my father about how to solve this?”

I must leave this problematic place as soon as possible! Once I go back, I’ll immediately tell Father that I want to dissolve the marriage agreement with Rong Jin!

However, Rong Jin didn’t know what Situ Xingchen was thinking, and he thought that she had agreed to ask her father to help. He was beyond grateful, and the displeasure and doubts—which came about due to her flinging his hand away—had completely disappeared.

“Great! Great! Then, you must hurry up! I’ll wait for your good news!” said Rong Jin as he looked touched. “Xingchen, only you are willing to help me…”

Situ Xingchen suppressed her disgust as she smiled and rushed him. “Your Highness, don’t worry. Her Majesty is still waiting for you; go ahead! Everything that happened today must’ve impacted her greatly. You need to take care of her properly!”

Rong Jin’s heart warmed up as he looked at Situ Xingchen with much gratitude. He had never found her so attractive before.

He couldn’t suppress the urge in his heart, and he suddenly pulled Situ Xingchen into his arms.

Situ Xingchen was shocked by his actions and almost took action.

“Xingchen… I promise you; we’ll hold a grand wedding once this thing ends.” Rong Jin enunciated every word properly.

Situ Xingchen’s entire body froze. If it weren’t for other people watching her, she would’ve long pushed Rong Jin away.

She closed her eyes and suppressed her anger. “Your Highness, it’s not the time to talk about this. We should first settle Her Majesty’s trouble.”

When Rong Jin heard this, he finally let go of her and gave her a meaningful look. “Then… I’m counting on you.”

Rong Jin then turned around to leave.

Situ Xingchen felt that ants were crawling all over her body, and she almost screamed out loud.

After waiting for those people to leave, she hurriedly said to Rong Jiu, “Third Highness, I don’t want to disturb His Majesty anymore since things have ended like this. Therefore, I’ll take my leave first.”

Then, she walked out.

Rong Jiu yelled, “Eldest Princess Situ, this is too rude on our part. Why don’t I send someone to bring you home?”

Situ Xingchen hurriedly left as if she didn’t hear what he said.

Very quickly, only Chu Liuyue and Rong Jiu were left in the yard.

Chu Liuyue bowed toward Rong Jiu. “Thank you, Third Highness.”

If it weren’t for Rong Jiu’s intervention, Chu Ning would definitely be brutally punished, and the Heptagon Alley incident wouldn’t happen.

However, Rong Jiu glanced at Chu Liuyue with deep meaning. “No need to thank me. We’re just achieving our own goals.”

Rong Jiu then turned around to leave.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. I didn’t realize this before, but Rong Jiu is pretty interesting. At the very least, he’s honest enough. But… Seeing his previous reaction, he didn’t seem to know what happened here at first.

Her eyes sparkled. I didn’t hide Rong Zhen here previously, but she mysteriously appeared here and was even discovered by Rong Jiu coincidentally… The key is that Rong Zhen’s memory has clearly been disrupted. She is obviously unable to remember everything that happened in the forest outside the Imperial City. Instead, she remembers that the Empress had sent her over.

As for Si Meng… He clearly died in front of Rong Zhen, but she remembered everything wrongly. If it weren’t for Rong Zhen’s words, Emperor Jiawen wouldn’t have swiftly convicted the Empress of her crime. In the Imperial City, there should only be one person who can do this—Rong Xiu!

Chu Liuyue lightly pouted.

She had stayed at Rong Xiu’s place for a really long time the day before, but Rong Xiu didn’t mention it at all. Who would’ve thought that all of this was controlled by Rong Xiu—who didn’t even show up at all—from start to end?

Even she felt astonished when she thought about the series of developments. Rong Xiu’s thoughts and methods are even more scheming than I had imagined… However, it feels pretty good to have someone cleaning up after me every time and smoothly running everything else.

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up, and she looked back at the copper vat as she fell into deep thought. What exactly did the Empress want to achieve by doing this? Did she really want to help Rong Jin increase his cultivation level? However, there isn’t much of a problem if Rong Jin just used his own abilities. If more than a hundred people died here, it means that the Empress had started doing this a very long time ago.

What exactly did she do this for? Suddenly, a thought flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind. Previously, Rong Zhen mentioned a secret related to Rong Jin… Could it have something to do with that?

Si family.

In the training arena, all the Si family’s youngsters were practicing hard.

Si Ye stood below the arena and pointed out their mistakes from time to time.

The reason why the Si family could become the leader of the top four families was mainly due to the Si family’s younger generation being very passionate.

All the young girls and boys in their teens were very outstanding. Compared to the other families, the Si family greatly exceeded them in this area.

Even though these youths couldn’t be compared to Si Ting, Si Ye was already very satisfied.

Suddenly, a guard rushed over, looking anxious. “Master, His Majesty urgently summons you!”

Si Ye was dazed. Why would His Majesty summon me to the palace at this time?

“May I know what it’s about?”

The guard shook his head, but he looked very nervous. “Eunuch Min is waiting outside! He looks very anxious.”

Si Ye knitted his brows. After seeing the guard’s reaction, it probably isn’t as simple as being anxious.

He boomed, “I got it. I’m going now.”

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