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Chapter 350: Secrets

Chu Liuyue started over, uncertain of what she had just read.

The technicalities in Jingshen Finger were more precise than the other finger techniques she had mastered.

Initially, she didn’t feel it, but that feeling became more intense toward the end.

Chu Liuyue could imagine how formidable the skill was when one mastered it fully.

Her heart pounded, and blood raced through her body. If my guess is correct, Jingshen Finger belongs to the advanced level of the Earth stage. Even in the Tianling Dynasty, one seldom encounters an advanced Earth-stage book.

Chu Liuyue never expected to see such a treasure in the unassuming library of Tai Yan Academy. Alas, her excitement was short-lived as another question occurred to her: If Jingshen Finger is as powerful as advanced Earth-stage warrior techniques, why is it deemed as a lower-level technique? Moreover, people in Tai Yan Academy don’t seem to know its true power; otherwise, they wouldn’t have placed it on the second floor of the library.

With that in mind, Chu Liuyue continued reading.

When there was just one-third of the book left, she finally knew why—the book was incomplete. On the surface, the book seemed intact, with no missing pages. But if one were to read its content carefully, they would notice something amiss.

Since Chu Liuyue had the foundation of many Earth-stage warrior techniques, it didn’t take her long to realize it was incomplete.

Frowning, she continued.

When she was finished reading, she knew why it had been deemed a lower-level technique—parts of the Jingshen Finger’s technicalities were missing.

One could still cultivate according to the instructions and master the skill, but one couldn’t unleash its full potential. Should one recover the missing parts, one could supplement it and increase its power.

Although it was rare to find inferior Earth-stage warrior techniques, it wasn’t comparable to those of the advanced level.

Now that she had the chance to obtain Earth-stage warrior techniques, she wouldn’t give it up just like that.

Chu Liuyue read the whole book again to ensure that she had memorized it to the smallest detail. She then got up and searched for other books in the hope of finding the missing parts of Jingshen Finger.

Meanwhile, outside the library.

The darkness engulfed the entire sky.

Everywhere was quiet when Cheng Han arrived in a hurry. The only light emitting from the library was dazzling.

Cheng Han could feel panic welling inside him. He was walking so fast he was almost running.

The two guards at the library saw him from afar, and they speedily ran out to greet him respectfully. “Good evening, Director!”

Cheng Han ignored them, but the stone plaque caught his attention.

Its usual empty space was dazzling. A large patch of bright stars filled the space, and one of the stars was exceptionally bright.

None of the stars could compare to this one.

Dizziness overwhelmed him, and he staggered for balance.

The two guards knew something was wrong and asked cautiously, “Director, are you alright?”

After a long silence, Cheng Han finally suppressed his emotions and calmed down with a hand on his head.

When he turned around to face the two men, the panic in his eyes was gone. “How many books has Chu Liuyue read?”

“Please don’t worry, Director. Ever since she went in, we have recorded all the books that she read. They’re listed in these two books. Please, have a look.” One man handed him the records.

Cheng Han took the books.

It was obvious that one was used to record the ordinary books, while the other was used specifically for Earth-stage warrior technique books.

He scanned through the contents in both record books. At the moment, he wasn’t interested in the ordinary one.

It didn’t matter that every page was filled with a record. None of those brought the feeling of anxiety like the single record in the second book did.

His expression was rigid. Devoid of all emotions, he almost seemed inhuman—it was nerve-wracking.

“Director, Chu Liuyue’s speed was astonishing when she started. However, she didn’t move on to another book since she found that Earth-stage warrior technique book.” The other man took a quick peek at Cheng Han as he tried to defuse the tense atmosphere.

He was shocked to see the abrupt change in the director’s expression.

“Shut up!” It was the last straw for Cheng Han. He flung the book at the guard who was trying to explain the situation.

The man fell to his knees immediately and apologized. “Director, please forgive me! Please, forgive me!”

Shocked, the other guard also knelt in a hurry.

They had never seen the director so furious before. His wrath was beyond their imagination.

Meanwhile, Elder Mo Cang—who had been following behind the director—finally entered the library. He stopped when he saw the two men kneeling and pleading for forgiveness.

Even though Cheng Han had his back facing the elder, the latter could imagine his expression.

Just as Mo Cang was figuring out what to say, another line of words appeared on the plaque: Wuxiang Sculpture, intermediate Xuan-stage.

Chu Liuyue was at it again.

He ordered immediately, “What are you standing there for? Record this down! Quickly!”

Dumfounded, the two guards looked at the plaque and saw the lines as well.

They turned pale. Chu Liuyue has already found an Earth-stage warrior technique book. She should be reading it. Why is she looking at other books?

Cheng Han saw the plaque and turned to read the title.

When he saw that it was a Xuan-stage warrior technique book, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Elder Mo Cang approached the director to soothe his feathers once he saw the tension vanish from the latter’s face. “The Earth-stage warrior technique book must be too complicated for Chu Liuyue to understand with her current capabilities. She seems to have given it up.”

Cheng Han massaged his temples. “I hope so.”

The next instant, he widened his eyes as if a thought occurred to him and stared at the second floor. Is she giving up?

To confirm his suspicion, another line of words appeared on the plaque. It was another book on Xuan-stage techniques.

And so, the stars continued appearing on the plaque again.

This meant Chu Liuyue was still searching for something.

A wave of panic welled inside Cheng Han. Can it be… Does she know about the secret hidden in our library?

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